b'HAND TOOLSSOLDERING TOOLSHAND TOOLSSOLDERING TOOLS SQUARESSilverline 845318 ElectricFisher F41 Engineers TryHilka 75400348 Folding PatioRST Beech Carpenters SquareSoldering Kit 9pc 100W / 30W Square 9 SquareSOLDERING TOOLS & SQUARES A range of beechwood squares for Fisher 9/225mm Engineers Squarethe DIY enthusiast.with English and metric markings.Beechwood constructionCode Unit Brass edgeBlued steel bladeFISF419 EachUK made Fisher F4112M EngineersCode Size UnitSquare 12/300mm RSTRC425 6 (150mm) EachFolding Aluminium square for layingRSTRC427 9 (230mm) Each100W soldering gun for workout patios and flooring.on cables and sheet metal. 30WCode Unit RSTRC428 12 (300mm) Eachsoldering iron with fine-point tipHIL75400348 Eachfor precision work. For electronics,RST Rosewood Carpenters household and automotive wiring.SquareIncludes soldering iron stand,Hilka Aluminium Square 6 / positioning tool, resin flux, solder,Fisher 300mm Engineers Square150mmde-soldering tool, fully adjustablewith metric markings.clamping work stand with magnifying glass and spare tip forCode Unitsoldering gun. All supplied in robustFISF4112M Eachcarry case.A quality range of rosewood Code Wattage Unit Fisher FB22ME E&M Combicarpenters squares.Square 12Rosewood constructionSIL845318 30-1000W Each Brass boundBlued steel bladeSQUARESUK madeDesigned to provide carpenters with a quick and accurate way to markCode Size UnitFisher 1953 Combi Square 12 materials. Square includes 6 rule & degrees graduations for quickRSTRC421 6 (150mm) EachA versatile measuring instrumentmeasurements. Easy to read scaleRSTRC423 9 (230mm) Eachwith matt black die-cast stock, brassallows you to find any angle from 0 -RSTRC424 12 (300mm) Eachlocking screw and polished steel180 degrees. Suitable as a saw guide, blade with markings clearly etchedprotractor, rafter square, tri-square, on both sides, fitted with a separate90 & 45 mitre square. RST Fisher Engineers Squarescriber.Code UnitCode Unit HIL75400306 EachFISFB22ME EachFisher FB285ME E&MHilka Carpenters Square 9Fisher 12/300mm CombinationCombination Square with Square; aluminium rule, cast ironEngineers square with English/with English and metric markings Assorted Heads 12 Metric markings.Code Unit Code Size UnitFISFB1953ME Each FISF413 3 EachFISF414 4 EachFisher F1110 Steel RoofersFISF416 6 EachSquare 16 x 24 Imperial &A versatile measuring instrumentMade from polished hardwood with Metric with matt black die cast stock, brassbrass fittings and high quality steelSilverline (745726) locking screw and stainless steelblade. In blister packaging. Combination Square 150mmblade with markings clearly etchedCode Uniton both sides, fitted with separate scriber. HIL76810900 EachCode Unit Marples TrysquareFISFB285ME EachHilka 76809046 Combi Square 12 (300mm)Heavy duty stock with hardened steel blade for wood and metalwork applications. Knurled adjustment This Empire Level Steel Framingscrew and built-in spirit level with Square has permanently stampedscriber. Clear metric and imperial numbers and 1/8 graduations, with300mm (12) metric and inch rulegraduations. Marks 90 and 45 a durable protective epoxy finish towith die cast stock and spirit levelCode Size Unit with adjustable depth for repetition prevent rust. and scriber. NEWTM22006 6 (150mm) Each marking and scribing.Code Unit Code Size Unit NEWTM22009 9 (230mm) Each Code UnitFISF1110IMR Each HIL76808046 12 (300mm) Each NEWTM220012 12 (300mm) Each SIL745726 Each318 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'