b'HAND TOOLSTROWELS & ACCESSORIESHAND TOOLSTROWELS & ACCESSORIESBRICK TROWELS BUCKET TROWELS CORNER TROWELSSpear & Jackson Soft GripRagni R6165S Stainless SteelSpear & Jackson BucketMarshalltown M23RD Curved Brick Trowel Bucket Trowel Trowel Soft Grip Handle 6.5 Corner Trowel 4x5 Durasoft HandleTROWELS & ACCESSORIESRounded corners prevents the trowel Fabricated polished and lacqueredfrom digging into the bucket andAn inside corner trowel with rounded carbon steel blade. getting debris into the plaster mix.Soft feel handle with integratedcorners that gives excellent shaping Code Size Unit Premium stainless steel blade is rustfinger guard. results. The trowel has a one piece NEI11610BSF/14 10 Each resistant. Non-slip handle with fingerCode Unit flexible stainless steel blade with guard provides ultimate supportan aluminium mounting, set at an NEI11611BSF/14 11 Each and comfort during use. New bladeNEI10565BSF/14 Each 80 degree angle flexing to form a design prevents digging into cornersperfect 90 degree corner during use. Tyzack 123 Trowel 1/2sq and provides clean finishes. 3 yearSpear & Jackson BucketThe trowel is fitted with a Durasoft guarantee. Trowel Wooden Handle6.5 handle providing a comfortable grip Code Unit and improved tool control.RAGR6165S Each Code UnitMARM23RD EachRST RTR137S Bucket Trowel 7 Soft Grip Handle Marshalltown M24D Drywall Inside Corner Trowel 5 x A flexible narrow bladed tool for3.1/2 Durasoft Handlesmall scale brickwork. F orged blade for strength and6.1/2(165mm) harden and tempered durability carbon steel blade. WeatherproofedPrecision groundwooden handle. Metal Ferrule. Flexible blades for extra controlOne piece metal construction Code Unit NEI10565B-08 EachCode Unit Bucket trowel with carbon steel NEI12312D-08 Each blade, hardened and tempered. Soft-grip handle for user comfort CORNER TROWELS Lightweight tool made from oneWHS 101 Broad Heel BrickCode Size Unit Marshalltown M23D Drywallpiece of flexible stainless steelTrowel RSTRTR137S 7 (180mm) Each Inside Corner Trowel 4 x 5 Resilient DuraSoft handle withDurasoft Handle finger guardSilverline (664458) Bucket Has a 90 degree angle between theTrowel Soft-Grip 180 x 110mm bladesUsed to embed tape and smooth out the final layer of mud to taped cornersCode UnitSolid Forged - for extra strength High lift for extra knuckle clearance MARM24D EachHardened and tempered for the Marshalltown M25D Drywall right balance between rigidity and flexibility Outside Corner Trowel 5 x Hardened and tempered carbon steel Lightweight tool made from one3.3/4 Durasoft Handle Code Size Unit blade. Comfortable, soft-grip handlepiece of flexible stainless steel with NEI10110V-08 10 (250mm) Each for prolonged use. Taper-ground fromaluminum mountingheel to toe for flexibility. Finger guard, Resilient DuraSoft handle with NEI10111N-03 11 (280mm) Eachthumb support and high lift for goodfinger guardNEI10112Q-08 12 (300mm) Each knuckle clearance. Specifically shapedBlade set at a 103 degree angle for removing cement from buckets. that flexes to form a perfect 90 BUCKET TROWELS Code Unit degree corner during use Used to embed tape and smooth SIL664458 EachHilka Bucket Trowel Soft Grip out the final layer of mud to taped cornersSilverline 656606 Bucket Trowel 180mm Code UnitMARM23D EachLightweight tool made from onepiece of flexible stainless steel Resilient DuraSoft handle withfinger guard Blade is set at an 80 degree angle that flexes during use to 90 degree to form a clean square corner on Fully hardened and tempered withthe outsidethe latest designed soft grip handle. With coloured display packaging. Square end bucket trowel withCANNOT FIND Used to embed tape and smoothhardened and tempered steel bladeout the final layer of mud to taped with comfortable wooden handle. WHAT YOU AREcornersCode Size Unit LOOKING FOR? HIL66308006 6 (150mm) Each Code Unit Code UnitCall 0151 647 4255HIL66308007 7 (180mm) Each SIL656606 Each MARM25D Each344 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'