b'HAND TOOLSTRITONHAND TOOLSTRITONTriton (983099) TRATriton (716168) TWX7Triton 950638 Track SawTriton 332891 Work Clamps Accessory Kit 5pce 910W Project Saw 127mm1400W TTS1401 320mm TTSWCTWX7PS001TRITONMachined and plated brass guide bushes in 5 popular sizes. Enables routing of letters and custom910W sliding or fixed 127mm (5) dia templates. Ventilated to optimisecircular saw that functions as a bench dust extraction. Alignment bushingtool or TWX7 Workcentre module. doubles as adaptor and acceptsCast aluminium base with both metricEasily accessible shaftlock aids fast, traditional brass bushings. Includes 2and imperial graduations plus steelconvenient blade-change. Plunge lock x M4 screws, 1 x base plate, 1 x 30mmdouble-bar saw head mounting.for safety enhancement. Soft-grip bushing, and 1 x alignment bush/ Fine-toothed blade leaves a clean,handles. Fits to guide track systemPair of Work Clamps to secure the adaptor. smooth edge. Saw locks in place forfor smooth, precise straight andtrack on the workpiece. For use with table saw mode or free moving forbevel cutting. On-board tool storage.the Triton TTS1400 1400W Plunge Code Unit a wider range of mitre and crossVariable speed with soft start andTrack Saw. Each clamp needs 25mm SIL983099 Each cuts when used with the suppliedconstant speed. Bevel range of 0-48. (1) of track length.protractor fence with built-in quickCode Unitrelease clamp. Up to 22mm cuttingCode Wattage UnitTriton (454098) Pre-Dresseddepth. Perfect for accurate, fastSIL950638 1400W Each SIL332891 EachGrindstone TWSDW cutting of many materials including laminates, flooring, decorative woodTriton 149250 Angle GuideTriton 372474 Saw Blade 60T and skirting board. Includes blade,TTSAG TTS60Tprotractor fence, quick clamp,dust bag, blade key, push stick and TWX7 module fittings.Code UnitSIL716168 EachPre-dressed grindstone for useTriton (534156) 1400W TrackAllows quick, accurate set-up for with Triton Whetstone SharpenerSaw Kit 185mm 4pce angled cuts. Sets angles up to +/- TWSS10. 220 grit. 55 for precision cutting. For use with the Triton Track Saw TTS1400. Code Unit Please note mitre needs more thanTungsten carbide blade for Triton SIL454098 Each 140mm (5-1/2) of track length withPlunge Track Saw TTS1400.or without work clamp.Code UnitTriton 316176 Stone GraderCode Unit SIL372474 EachTWSSG SIL149250 EachTriton 585422 Plunge Track Triton 232818 Cut Strip 3mSaw Bag TTSSBTTSCS3001Powerful 1400W track saw kit complete with 1400mm track for smooth, precise, straight and bevel cutting of Stone Grader for use with the Tritonlarger workpieces. Easily accessible Wetstone Sharpener TWSS10. Forspindle lock aids fast, convenientDurable rubber strips with peel-off dressing the grinding stone. blade-change. Integral anti-kickbackadhesive backing. Replacements for device. Plunge-lock safety feature.the Triton Plunge Track Saw tracks. Code Unit Large 185mm blade for deeper plungeProtects the edge of the track when SIL316176 Each capacity. Vibration reducing soft-gripcutting, and prevents the workpiece handles. Variable speed with softsurface from splintering. Cut to size start and constant speed under load.22 x 3000mm. For 1400W Plunge Includes 1400W Track Saw with 185mmTrack Saw SIL950638.blade, Track Pack and connectors, dust extraction adaptor and work clamps. Code UnitSIL232818 Each Plunge Track Saw Bag for use with Code Unit the Plunge Track Saw TTS1400.SIL534156 Each Triton 270327 Track Pack &Code UnitConnectors 700mm Pack-2SIL585422 EachTriton 402187 Track 1500mm(TTSTP)TTST1501 Triton 982877 Track Connectors 390mm TTSTCTrack length 1500mm / 59. For use with the Triton Tracksaw TTS1400.Pair of 700mm track lengths withPair of Track Connectors to extend Also compatible with Festool &a pair of track connectors. For useoverall track length. For use with the Makita plunge saws. with the Triton Track Saw TTS1400. Triton Track Saw TTS1400.RAPID DELIVERY Code Unit Code Unit Code Unitwww.newtonhale.co.uk SIL402187 Each SIL270327 Each SIL982877 Each340 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'