b'HAND TOOLSGUNSHAND TOOLSGUNSMASTIC GUNS POINTING GUNS RESIN APPLICATOR GUNSHilka Heavy Duty CaulkingSilverline 523120 CaulkingConcept Point & Grout Gun Silverline 868515 Resin Gun 11 / 280mm Gun 300ml Applicator Gun 380mlGUNSHeavy-duty applicator gun designed Heavy duty steel skeleton framefor polyester resin fixing systems.with aluminium handle. Solid frameCode Size Unitretains tube firmly with hookFor application of sealants and end. Sturdy plunger and quickadhesives. Pressed steel frame,Complete with two tubes, twoSIL868515 380ml Eachrelease thumb lever suitable forhandle with plunger and release clip.pointing nozzles, two grouting precise application of sealants andMax capacity 300ml. nozzles, mixing paddle and spareSAUSAGE GUNSadhesives. Nozzle cleaning pin builtplunger.into the handle. Takes standardCode Size Unit Code Unit Silverline Sausage Silicone Gun310ml and 400ml cartridges. SIL523120 300ml Each CON210018 EachCode UnitHIL78555011 Each Silverline 895036 StandardEverbuild Pro Point Gun KitCaulking Gun 300mlHilka Professional Caulking Gun 11 / 280mm Applicator gun for use with sausage silicone packs. Also suitable for use with standard sealant cartridges.Code Size UnitSIL868709 450ml EachDesigned to apply mortar deep intoSIL675270 600ml Eachjoints for maximum protection andSIL282529 Nozzles Pk 10Heavy duty for professional andFor the application of sealants andstrength.precise application of sealants andadhesives. Pressed steel frame and adhesive. Takes standard 310mlhandle with plunger and release clip.Code Unit NEWKingfisher Garden Pro and 400ml cartridges. ErgonomicMax capacity 300ml. EVEPROPOINT Each 8 Deluxe Bypass Secateursaluminium handle with swivel action barrel for user comfort. Solid steelCode Size Unit Hilka Mortar & Grouting Gun frame retains tube firmly withSIL895036 300ml Each Setnozzle cleaning pin in handle. Sturdy plunger and quick release thumb lever with high power. Silverline Caulking Gun Code Unit Skeleton-TypeHIL78588011 EachCode UnitProdec MG11 Caulking GunBONRC101 Each400mmDual function mortar or tile groutingNEWKingfisher Garden Pro gun that is easy to use and load.8 Deluxe Anvil SecateursSkeleton-type, with plunger and380mm/15 aluminium body with release clip. For the application ofmetal ratchet handle. Suitable for sealants and adhesives. undertaking jobs in difficult places Code Size Unit such as grouting tiles, filing gaps Trade quality, heavy duty caulkingbetween slabs and re-pointing walls. gun. Suitable for 400ml tubes. SIL523130 400ml Each Contains: Ratchet mechanism, Code Size Unit SIL638694 300ml Each aluminium body, straight nozzle, angled nozzle, grouting nozzle, spare RODMG11 16 (400mm) Each plunger and metal filling scoop.Silverline Rotating Caulking Silverline (536534) ProfessionalGun Code Unit Code UnitCaulking Gun 300ml HIL66855006 Each BONRC102 EachSilverline Pointing Gun KitNEWKingfisher Garden Pro 8 Deluxe Ratchet SecateursImpact-resistant polymer frame, handle and trigger. Handle is over-moulded toFor easy application of sealant or prevent fatigue during prolonged use.adhesives around corners withoutTrigger-action high-thrust pointing Dual-mode operation with drip/non- having to stop or reposition theand grouting gun.drip selector switch. Integral hardenednozzle. Handle combines plunger cartridge nozzle cutter and clogCode Size Unitremoval probe. Use with 300ml sealantand release clip. Gun Kitand adhesive cartridges. Code Size Unit SIL794339 540ml EachCode Unit SIL523110 300ml Each Gun Spares Kit Code UnitSIL536534 Each SIL951458 400ml Each SIL633697 Each BONRC103 Each238 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'