b'HAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLS HAND TOOLSDRAIN & PIPE CLEANERSSilverline (987173) Drill- Silverline 595740 ChimneySilverline 675209 PlungerSilverline 367970 Pipe Powered Drain-Cleaner AugerBrush400mm Head 100mm Cleaner & Deburrer 15 & 6m 22mmPLUMBERS TOOLS100mm dia rubber plunger. Ideal toCleans and deburs 15mm and 22mm force through obstructions. Alwayscopper pipes on both internal and 400mm diameter brush attaches toturn clockwise. external diameters.High-impact polypropylene drumdrain rods for cleaning chimneys.with extendable steel wire forCode Unit Code Unitbreaking and removing stubbornCode Unit SIL675209 Each SIL367970 Eachblockages in domestic drains.SIL595740 EachExtendable 6m x 6mm spiral rod fitted with straight 14mm dia augerSilverline 868723 DoubleSilverline 386272 Lock Rod and can be hand-fed or drill-fed.Silverline 630077 Flue BrushWorm Screw 50mm Drop Scraper Head 100mmManually feeds into drains withoutHead 250mmsoiling clean basins and surfaces. Compatible with all drills featuring a 6mm hex fitting.Code UnitSIL987173 EachSilverline 273193 Drain Rod &50mm double worm screw. Will break upobstructions. Always turn Fittings Set 12pc clockwise. Metal drop scraper with hinge and Lock Rod connector. Locks into Code Unit position over obstructive material SIL868723 Each and drags it back towards the user. Interlocking fittings enable rods Ideal for removing debris from flueto be rotated in either direction. walls. Compatible with all SilverlineSilverline 278373 Lock RodCompatible with Silverline Lock Rod drain rods. Drain Rod Set 920mm Drain Rod system (278373).For general purpose domesticCode Unitdrain cleaning. Universal joints andCode Unitcrimped riveted rods. Double wormSIL630077 Each SIL386272 Eachscrew end breaks up obstructions and plunger creates a build-up ofSilverline 633759 Drain BrushSilverline 395010 Drain pressure forcing obstructions toHead 100mm The Lock Rod Drain Rod SystemUnblocker 6mm x 6mclear. Always rotate in a clockwise direction. Compatible with Drain Rod(patent pending) comprises robust, Sets 868720 and 633826. durable and flexible polypropylene rods with superior interlocking Code Unit fittings. Double worm screw breaks SIL273193 Each up obstructions and the plunger creates pressure build-up and forces Silverline 273195 Guide Wheelobstructions to clear. The rods can be rotated in either direction and will Head 55mm remain securely attached. Knurled screw connectors provide an enhanced grip and tool-free connection. Includes 100mm diameter coarse bristled10 x 920mm interlocking rods, 1 xFlexible rod for clearing drains. drain rod brush. Ideal to remove100mm rubber plunger, and 1 x 50mmRotating handle removes stubborn debris from drain walls. Also usedouble worm screw. blockages. Ergonomic pistol grip.for chimney sweeping. Always turnCode Unit Code UnitGuides rods around tight or difficultclockwise. SIL278373 Each SIL395010 Eachbends pushing obstruction clear.Code Unit55mm. SIL633759 Each Silverline 326522 Lock RodSilverline 633481 Wastepipe Code Unit Rubber Plunger 100mm Cleaner 6mm x 1.8mSIL273195 Each Silverline 633826 Drain Rod Set 4pcSilverline 447122 Drop Scraper Head 100mm100mm dia rubber plunger with Universal zinc-plated joints, crimpedmetal Lock Rod connector. Builds and pinned to the rods for addedup pressure and forces through strength. Compatible with drain rodobstructions in drain pipes. set 273193. Always rotate clockwise.Interlocking fittings enable rods Locks into position over obstructive4 x 920mm polypropylene rodsto be rotated in either direction.For clearing blocked waste pipes. material, allowing it to be draggedsupplied in waterproof drawstringCompatible with Silverline Lock Rod1800mm x 6mm dia. Corkscrew end back towards the user. storage bag. Drain Rod System (278373). and integrated handle.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL447122 Each SIL633826 Each SIL326522 Each SIL633481 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 273'