b'HAND TOOLSPLIERS & SNIPSPLIERS & SNIPS HAND TOOLSMOLE GRIP & LOCKING PLIERSEclipse Locking Pliers CurvedSilverline 245017 WeldingSilverline 675268 Soft GripStanley Molegrip Wrench10 Clamp Set 3pc Self Locking Plier Set 3pcPLIERS & SNIPSForged and machined jaws for maximum durability. Built in wire Wear resistant serrated andcutter on the curved jaw models for hardened jaws provide a firm gripconvenience.Body and jaws made from highCurved jaw, self-locking, nickel-grade chrome molybdenum steelplated pliers with adjustable jawCode Size Unitto withstand heavy duty workingopening and soft-grip handles withCurved Jawconditions, such as welding andquick-release lever. Sizes: 130, 170STA084809 9 Eachhammer strikes Guarded releaseand 210mm.trigger protects against accidentalCode Unit Vise-Grip 9R Locking Welding release whilst also enabling theSIL675268 Each Clamp 230mmtool to be quickly unlocked when required Screw adjusts to fit theNickel-plated steel welding clamps work piece and exerts a pressureset includes: 240mm sheet metalSilverline 868630 Welding that is maintained even afterclamp, 280mm welding clamp andClamps 250mmrepetitive use 275mm C-clamp pliers. Corrosion-Code Unit resistant with adjustable opening NEIE10CR Each and quick-release lever.Code UnitEclipse Locking Pliers Straight SIL245017 Each U-shaped jaws provide enhanced visibility and more working space.Silverline C-Type WeldingSteel clamps, nickel-plated forCode Size UnitClamp corrosion-resistance, with adjustableNEW25ZR 9 (230mm) Eachopening and quick-release lever.Code Unit Vise-Grip Curved Jaw Locking SIL868630 Each PliersWear resistant serrated andSilverline PL109 Self Locking hardened jaws provide a firm grip Body and jaws made from highPliers Set 3pcgrade chrome molybdenum steelSteel clamps, nickel-plated for to withstand heavy duty workingcorrosion resistance. With adjustable conditions, such as welding andopening and quick-release lever. Curved jaw with built-in wire cutter hammer strikes Guarded releaseCode Size Unit great for a variety of applications trigger protects against accidentaland material shapes.release whilst also enabling theSIL675135 150mm Eachtool to be quickly unlocked whenSIL282465 275mm Each Code Size Unitrequired Screw adjusts to fit theSIL427599 450mm Each NEWT0702EL4 175mm Eachwork piece and exerts a pressure that is maintained even afterNEWT0902EL4 125mm Eachrepetitive use Silverline 633582 Soft Grip Self Locking Pliers Vise-Grip Curved Jaw WrenchCode Size UnitNEIE7R 7 EachHeavy-gauge nickel-plated steel with NEIE10R 10 Each forged, hardened and tempered jaws. Quick-release handle and adjustable Silverline (441030) Flexibleopening. Sizes: 130, 170 and 210mm.Ratchet Hose Clamp PliersSelf-energizing lower jaw provides 610mm Hardened steel jaws, 3-riveted andCode Unit 3X more gripping power than welded construction for strength. SILPL109 Each traditional locking pliers, with no slipping or stripping.Code Size Unit Silverline Soft Grip SelfCode Size UnitSIL633582 165mm Each Locking Pliers NEW23 200mm EachSilverline 633638 SheetVise-Grip Locking C-ClampsMetal Clamps 250mmCarbon steel clamp pliers for the removal and replacement of metal or plastic spring-loaded self-tighteningHardwearing, phosphate coated steel hose clamps. Ideal for working inself-locking pliers. Adjustable, with confined engine bays. Flexible long- quick release levers and serratedWide-opening jaws provide greater reach mechanism allows the pliersSheet metal clamps, nickel-platedjaws for maximum grip. 2-tone soft- versatility in clamping a variety of to release and lock hose clamps insteel for corrosion resistance.grip handles. shapes.the open position. Jaw capacity 18Adjustable opening and quick 54mm. release lever. Code Size Unit Code Size UnitCode Unit Code Unit SIL675297 7 (180mm) Each NEWT17EL4 150mm EachSIL441030 Each SIL633638 Each SIL282605 10 (250mm) Each NEWT19EL4 275mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 265'