b'HAND TOOLSCLAMPS & VICESCLAMPS & VICES HAND TOOLSHAND CLAMPSRockler (370961) Mini Sure- Rockler (421309) Band ClampRockler Bandy Clamps 2pk Rockler (715803) Box Joint Foot Conversion Kit 4pceAccessory Kit 5pce Cauls 4pk 12.7mm (1/2)7-WayCLAMPS & VICESProprietary rubber band made from Provides stable footing to preventa tough, tear-resistant material, with Clamp-It Bar Clamps falling during3 extra-strength splines. Large, ultra-glue-up. Attachments snap securelygrip clamp pads hold tight without onto both ends of clamps (soldslipping. Pivoting jaws accommodateCreates a tight fit quickly and easily separately). Mounting holes meanDurable plastic and rubberangled pieces and allow full padand features evenly-spaced pressure clamps can be screwed in position.construction. The plastic boot slipscontact regardless of stock thickness.points that only apply pressure Raises clamp height to give moreover the ratcheting mechanism toTension is adjusted by stretchingon the right fingers. Slots on the knuckle clearance when tightening.help align the nylon band when rolledthe clamp further into the material.outside of the cauls are made to hold Includes two sliding spacerup. Rubber retainer strap holds theWood glue flakes off the rubber bandpennies in place to firmly support attachments, which slip onto bar toband in a neat, folded position whenmaterial for easy clean up. band clamps at varying heights. centre thinner stock between jaws,in storage. Foam pad protects theMakes clamping box joint fast, keeping it flat and properly alignedworkpiece from the metal parts on theCode Size Unit accurate, and secure. Compatible when pressure is applied. Ideal aidclamp mechanism. Stores excess bandSIL662680 Small Each with Rockler 25mm (1) x 4.5m (15) when building smaller projects.to eliminate mess. Includes 1 x rubberSIL509070 Medium Each Band Clamp (sold separately).Integral storage hook for hangingband retainer/no-mar pad and 4 x 90SIL950697 Large Each Code Unitclamps when not in use. corner clamping cauls. Can be usedSIL715803 Eachwith the Rockler 25mm (1) x 4.5m (15) Code Unit Band Clamp (sold separately). Rockler (679127) Universal SIL370961 Each T-Track Set 17pce 1219mm (4) Rockler (754728) Hold Down Code Unit Clamp 140 x 29mm (5-1/2 x Rockler (515239) Clamp-ItSIL421309 Each 1-1/8)Assembly Square 203mm x 38mm (8 - 1-1/2) Rockler (433225) Universal Fence Clamps 2pkAluminium jig track with uniqueUniversal clamp made from solid Strong, plastic assembly squarestacked-slot design. For building clamps on either the inside oranodised aluminium for maximum matching jigs, repetitive cut set-upsclamping of workpieces while outside of a corner. Ideal forand adjustable stops. Includes basic assembling drawers with lippedmachining. Rubber tips grip items fronts. Holds deck balusters at aRigid aluminium body with steelcomponents to create shop-built jigssecurely and prevent marring. perfect 90 angle while fastening.threaded components. Range offor joinery and repetitive machining.Ideal for use with drill press tables, Size 203mm (8) x 38mm (1-1/2). travel 12.4mm - 146mm (1/2 - 5-3/4).Allows attachment of any accessorybenches, cut-off tables and CNC Clamp arms fit into 9.5mm (3/8)with 6mm (1/4) T-bolts, 8mm (5/16)tables. For working with soft woods, Code Unit holes in the top of the auxiliary fence.T-bolts, or 6mm (1/4) hex bolts).pre-finished panels and many other SIL515239 Each Secures shop-made auxiliary fencesAdds versatility to any workbench.prep-sanded workpieces. Features to existing fences without having theIncludes 1219mm (4) length ofergonomic 5-star knob and T- bolt clamp interfere with the workpiece.Universal T-Track, 88 x 8mm (3-1/2 xsuitable for worksurface and tool Rockler (386247) Band ClampCompact and lightweight. 5/16) T-bolts, 25 x 8mm (1 x 5/16)table T-tracks. Size 29 - 140mm (1-1/8 25mm x 4.58m (1 x 15) T-bolts, 38 x 8mm, (1-1/2 x 5/16)x 5-1/2).Code Unit T-bolts, and 64 x 8mm (2-1/2 x 5/16) SIL433225 Each T-bolts, T-knobs and 5-star knobs. Code UnitCode Unit SIL754728 EachRockler (594092) Clamp-ItSIL679127 EachCorner Clamping Jig 19mmRockler (798763) Clamp-It (3/4) clearance Silverline Stall Clips 4pk Bar Clamp 203mm (8)Reinforced webbing with herringbone weave for strength and durability.Premium-grade clamping system, Nylon material does not stretchcompatible with and automatically under tension. Ratcheting handle iscentring pressure on edge of permanently attached to prevent loss.Clamp-It Assembly Square (sold Strap is stitched to ratchet post andPolycarbonate with thick cushionedseparately). Featuring a fixed improved clamp mechanism furtherpads to prevent marring. Extra-widehead with ergonomic handle and cuts chance of slippage. For use whenbase, high walls and strong Acme- Versatile spring clamps for securingmoveable tailpiece, and throat depth inward pressure must be exerted tothreaded clamp screw hold panelscanvas, tarpaulin and general covers.3/4 to centre of jaw. Maximum prevent joining surfaces from slidingsecurely. Mounting holes allow forRobust steel frame fitted with aopening capacity7-1/2 (191mm). against each other. Band dimensionsattachment to work surface forheavy duty spring. Available sizes 5, 8 and 12 (127, 203 W x L: 25mm x 4.58m (1 x 15). creating assembly jigs. Code Size Unit and 305mm).Code Unit Code Unit SIL630014 50mm Each Code UnitSIL386247 Each SIL594092 Each SIL878971 70mm Each SIL798763 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 229'