b'IRONMONGERYPAD LOCKSIRONMONGERYPAD LOCKSHIGH SECURITY PADLOCKS IRON PADLOCKS KEYED ALIKE PADLOCKSSilverline Shrouded Padlock Squire SS65 StrongholdSilverline Iron Padlock Securit B1102 6 Lever Padlock 65mm PadlockTo Pass 63mm Close Shackle SilverPAD LOCKS6 Lever Close Shackle Double Plate Solid steel body with brass lockingPadlock. Finish: Silver. Size: 63mm. cylinder. Protective chrome-plated,Inner Box Qty: 6. Outer/Case Qty: 24brass ring in base and chrome- Iron body with brass cylinder.Code Unitplated, hardened, double-locking,The 65mm range of StrongholdHardened steel shackle. Multi-pin shrouded shackle. Includes 3 steelpadlocks are tested to the highesttumbler mechanism. Includes 3 steelMPSB1102-KA Eachkeys. Horizontal x vertical shackleCEN grades 5 and 6. keys. Horizontal x vertical shackle clearance: 595756: 20x23mm, Improved performance AT NO clearance: MSS03I: 21x20mm;Securit Keyed Alike Egret shackle dia 7mm; 298532: 23x27mm,EXTRA COST. MSS04I: 26x26mm; MSS05I:Padlock Card-4shackle dia 9.5mm; 801285: Available open and closed shackle 31x33mm. Shackle dia: MSS03I:27x33mm, shackle dia 11mm; Rekeyable 6 pin tumbler cylinder -5.5mm, MSS04I: 8.5mm, MSS05I: 260329: 37x36mm, shackle dia 12mm. over 250,000 key differs. 9.5mm.Code Size Unit Code Desc. Unit Code Size UnitSIL595756 40mm Each SQUSS65S Each SILMSS03I 38mm EachSIL298532 50mm Each SQUSS65CS Closed Shackle Each SILMSS04I 50mm EachSIL801285 60mm Each SILMSS05I 63mm EachIRON PADLOCKS Code Size UnitSIL260329 70mm Each Yale 713 PadlockSecurit Tricircle Iron PadlockMPSS1143 25mm CardSilverline Steel Padlock Long Shackle MPSS1144 30mm CardMPSS1145 40mm CardSilverline (307578) Keyed Alike Padlocks 40mm 2pkCode Size UnitMPSS1126 38mm EachSolid steel body with brass locking Zinc bodycylinder. Protective chrome-plated Hardened steel sprung shackleMPSS1127 50mm Eachbrass ring in base and chrome-plated Snaplocking, key to unlock hardened shackle. Includes 3 steel 2 point self lockingkeys. Horizontal x vertical shackleSilverline (407238) IronPadlocks are supplied with a set ofNon key retainingclearance: 447136: 20x23mm;Padlock Keyed Alike 6pk 50mm 3 brass keys. All keys fit any of the 595754: 23x27mm; 327568:Code Size Unit padlocks. Ideal for situations where 27x33mm; 291405: 37x36mm.keyholders need access to all of the Shackle dia: 447136: 7mm; 595754:YAL713 38mm Each secured areas. Includes 3 brass keys. 10mm; 327568: 11mm; 291405: 12mm. YAL713DC800 Each Size (W x H x Th): 40 x 32 x 12mm. Code Size Unit Long Shackle Horizontal shackle clearance: 22mm. YAL713LS 50mm Each Vertical shackle clearance: 25mm. SIL447136 40mm Each Shackle dia: 6mm.SIL595754 50mm Each Code UnitSIL327568 60mm Each KEYED ALIKE PADLOCKSSIL307578 EachSquire SS50 StrongholdEgret Brass Padlock To PassSilverline (984411) Brass Padlock Black 50mm Padlock Keyed to Differ 3pk 40mmHeavy duty iron body with brass cylinder and chrome-plated, hardened steel shackle. Multi-pin Extra high security padlock, 5 wheelstumbler mechanism. Each padlock with 100,000 possible combinations. is supplied with 2 x keys. All keysCode Size Unit Solid brass body with chrome-plated Code Size Unit fit any of the padlocks. Includes 12MPSB1143-KA1 25mm Each steel shackle and multi-pin tumbler x steel keys. Horizontal x verticalMPSB1144-KA1 30mm Each mechanism. Includes 6 keys. Horizontal SQUSS50P5 5-Pin 50mm Each shackle clearance: 26 x 26mm.x vertical shackle clearance: 22.5 x Closed Shackle Shackle dia: 8.5mm. MPSB1145-KA1 40mm Each 24mm. Shackle dia 6mm.SQUSS50CP5 5-Pin 50mm Each Code Unit MPSB1146-KA1 50mm Each Code UnitSQUSS50CS 50mm Each SIL407238 Each MPSB1147-KA1 60mm Each SIL984411 Each428 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'