b'DECORATINGBRUSH CLEANER & RESTORERDECORATINGBRUSH CLEANER & RESTORER BUFFING & POLISHINGBartoline Brush CleanerEverbuild Brush RestorerBUFFING & POLISHING KITS500ml 500mlHilka Polishing Kit 180mmSilverline 153203 Polishing 7pc (for HIL91013007) Kit 6pcBRUSH CLEANER & RESTORER & BUFFING & POLISHINGContains 3 stitched buffing wheels (50, 75 and 100mm), red and green Bartoline Brush Cleaner is a waterA thin solvent based liquid whichpolishing compounds. 6mm (1/4) soluble solvent suitable for cleaningremoves paint from gummed up andMultipurpose polishing kit for usemandrel attachment suitable for most oil based paint from paintold hardened brushes. Works on allwith angle grinders and sandermost power drills.brushes and rollers. Washing inpaint types and is water washable. polishers with a M14 thread.Code Unitwarm water afterwards will normallyContents: 1 x 40, 80 and 120 gritSIL153203 Eachremove most residual traces of paint. Code Unit sanding paper, synthetic bonnet, Code Unit EVEBRUSHREST Each wool bonnet, sponge, polishing discSilverline 245072 Tapered with hook and loop backing. Suitable BAR10954811 Each Rustins Brush Restorerfor Hilka 180mm sander polisherSpindle 12mm300ml (9103007).Bartoline Brush RestorerCode Price* Unit500mlHIL91018007 21.55 Each Tapered spindle for standard bench grinders. Left-hand thread. For use Silverline 107912 Sanding &with polishing mops.Polishing Kit 6pc 125mmCode UnitSIL245072 EachSilverline 918557 Cleaning & Polishing Kit 10pc 6mmRemoves dried paint, varnish and polyurethane from brushes and Bartoline Brush Restorer is a highlyrollers. Pour into a glass or metal efficient liquid that provides a quickcontainer so that the roller or and effective method of removingbristles of the brush are covered. As hardened paint and varnishes fromit may take some time for paint to old and neglected brushes, rollerssoften, cover the container with clingHook and loop polishing kit suitable and other painting tools. film or foil to prevent loss of restorerfor most power drills. For sandingFor use with power drills. Inc. 76mm Code Unit by evaporation. As brush softens,and polishing wood, metal, paintworkbuffing wheel, 75mm rotary wire restorer can penetrate faster. Whenand plastics. Includes plastic backingbrush, 50mm rotary wire cup brush, BAR18458731 Each bristles are softened, rinse in waterpad with 6mm dia arbor, blue25mm wire end brush, 50mm poly to remove all loose material.Paintpolishing sponge, lambswool bonnetabrasive disc, 40mm flap wheel, Everbuild Brush Cleanerbrushes and rollers and 3 sanding discs (180, 240 and6mm quick lock adaptor, spherical 500ml Code Unit 400 grit). Max 3,250rpm. grinding stone, conical grinding RUSBRNF300 Each Code Unit stone and polishing paste.SIL107912 Each Code UnitRustins Brush Cleaner 300ml SIL918557 EachSilverline Sanding & Polishing Kit 8pc PASTE & COMPOUNDSSilverline Polishing Compound 500gA thin solvent based liquid which removes wet paint quickly from brushes, rollers and pads. Works on emulsion spirit based paints, varnish and is water washable. ContainsFor cleaning wet brushes and rollers. conditioner to prolong brush/rollerThis special liquid emulsifies oilFor first stage polishing of copper, life. paints, varnishes and polyurethaneMultipurpose polishing kit for usebrass, steel and stainless steel. For from brushes and rollers which canwith angle grinders and sanderuse with sisal buffing wheels.Code Unit then be rinsed with clean water.Paintpolishers. Includes hook and loop EVEBRUSHCL Each brushes and rollers backing pad, 3 x sanding discsCode Colour Unit(40, 80 and 120 grit), 2 x polishingSIL107862 Black EachCode Unit bonnets (synthetic and wool), rubberSIL107868 Brown EachRUSBRUC300 Each backing pad and polishing sponge.SIL107874 White EachCode Size Unit SIL107879 Blue EachSIL151208 115mm Each SIL107883 Red EachSIL154003 180mm Each SIL107889 Green Each68 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'