b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESROOF & GUTTER SEALSEALANTS & ADHESIVESROOF & GUTTER SEAL SEALANT TOOLS SILICONE EATEREverbuild Evercryl One Coat Everbuild Sealant Smooth OutRockler (560929) SiliconeEverbuild Silicone Eater 150mlTool Glue Kit 3pceEvercryl is a resin based, fibreComplete silicone gluing kit ideal for re-enforced roof repair compoundevenly distributing glue over broad ROOF & GUTTER SEAL, SEALANT TOOLS, SECURPAK, SILICONE EATER & SPECIALIST ADHESIVE which is effective on all commonsurfaces, such as when gluing up roofing surfaces, giving instantplinth blocks, corbels or thick table roof repairs even in the wet and onlegs. Flexible silicone tray features aSilicone Eater is a revolutionary wet surfaces. May also be appliedSmooth-Out Tool to create thesaddle-style brush holder that allowsnew chemical that removes all types in frosty conditions down to -5C.perfect seal. Ideal for use withexcess glue to drain back into theof silicone sealant by digesting Evercryl is instantly waterproofEverbuild Silicone Sealants. pan. Includes 178mm (7) glue brush,and breaking up the sealant. when applied, there is no fear of64mm (2-1/2) x 102mm (4) glueSilicone Eater is harmless to most wash off so emergency leaks can beCode Unit spreader, and flexible silicone tray. surrounding surfaces and can be tackled immediately as there is noEVESMOOTHOUT Each Code Unit used to remove sealant from baths, need to wait for the rain to stop. kitchen worktops, basins, showers, Everbuild Sealant Strip OutSIL560929 Each door and window frames.Code Size UnitBlack Tool Silverline (343837) JointCode Size UnitEVEEVCBK02 2.5kg Each Smoothing Kit 5pce EVESILEAT 150ml EachEVEEVCBK5 5kg EachSPECIALIST ADHESIVEGreyEVEEVCGY01 1kg Each Bostik 381513 Leather EVEEVCGY02 2.5kg Each Adhesive 20mlEVEEVCRYL5GY 5kg Each Set of plastic spreaders and spatula for smoothing over silicone joints Everbuild Lead Mate Sealantaround baths, sinks, tiles and Grey C3 worktops. Includes plastic silicone cutter to remove old silicone joint. Ideal for DIYers and tilers.Code UnitThe Strip-Out Tool is a uniqueSIL343837 Eachpatented tool which works on any type of sealant and is the idealVitrex 102283 Flexi Tip partner for use before applying Forever White silicone sealant. TheSealant SmootherStrip-Out Tool is incredibly simple and its design and shape provides a really quick way to strip all types ofA flexible, durable and waterproof Lead Mate Sealant is speciallysealant out of any 90 angle joint. Unique flexible tip for superbleather adhesive. Ideal for shoes, formulated as an alternative to The Strip-Out Tool won the silverresults on any surface handbags, belts, crafts, etc.mortaring lead flashing and sheetaward for the Best New Hand Tool at into brick, stone and concrete,the London DIY show in 2006.Perfect for smoothing mostCode Size Unitproviding a fully waterproof jointhousehold sealants, fillers, grout that will not crack or shrink. Code Unit etc. EVO381513 20ml Card Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, EVESTRIPOUT EachCode Unit showers, window frames etc. Bostik 801103 Blu Tack Handy EVELEAD EachSimple to use and easy to clean Pack Everbuild Strip Out & SmoothPatented DesignEverbuild Roof & GutterOut ToolsSealant C3 Code UnitVIT102283 EachSECURPAKSecurPak PVC Tape 5mRoof & Gutter Sealant is a premium quality butyl based sealant and adhesive that provides instant,Blu Tack is a permanently plastic, permanent weather-proofing to aA Twin pack with Strip-Out Tool forreusable adhesive supplied in the wide variety of roofing applications.easy sealant removal and Smooth- Sold in outer of 10 bags. form of rectangular slabs between Adheres to most common roofingOut Tool to create the perfect seal.sheets of release paper. Packed in materials such as bitumen, asphalt,Ideal for use with Everbuild SiliconeCode Colour Unit individual wallets, Blu Tack is both felt, metals and wood. Sealants. MPSSP10694 Red Bag 1 clean and economical in use.Code Colour Unit Code Unit MPSSP10695 White Bag 1 Code UnitEVEROOF Black Each EVESRSSTWIN Each MPSSP10696 Black Bag 1 EVO801103 Pack552 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'