b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSWALL PLUGSWALL PLUGS WASHERS FIXINGS & FASTENERSUniversal Fixing Plug DOG TOOTH WASHERS SCREW CUP WASHERS SQUARE PLATE WASHERSDog Tooth Washer 50mm Galv. Screw Cup Socket Brass Washer Square Plate Zinc PlatedCode Size UnitFOR25UFP638 M6 x 38 25FOR25UFP851 M8 x 51 25FOR25UFP1061 M10 x 61 25Wide range of sizes and types to50 x 50mmExpansion Wall Plug suit many applications Bright zinc plated for increasedCode Size Unit Code Size Unit WALL PLUGS, WASHERS & WIRE ROPE & ACCESSORIESresistance to corrosion FOR100SCS8B Size 8 Bag 100 FOR10SQPL5010 10mm Bag 10Code Size Unit FOR10SQPL5012 12mm Bag 10FORDTW50 50mm Box 100 Screw Cup Washer Brass FOR10SQPL5016 16mm Bag 10Code Size UnitFOREXP2 4 to 6 Box 1000 MUDGUARD WASHERS Fixman (542862) Square FOREXP3 6 to 8 Box 1000 Plate Washers 50mm x M12 FOREXP4 8 to 10 Box 1000 Flat Mudguard Washer Pack of 10FOREXP5 12 to 14 Box 1000WIRE ROPE & ACCESSORIES Code Size UnitBrassFixman Wire Rope Clips 10pk FOR200SCW6B 6 Bag 20050mm diameter. FOR200SCW8B 7-8 Bag 200FOR200SCW10B 9-10 Bag 200Code Size Unit Nickel PlatedFOR10MUDWASH650 M6 10 Zinc-plated square plate washers FOR200SCW6N 6 Bag 200 made from 3mm thick galvanised FOR10MUDWASH850 M8 10 FOR200SCW8N 7-8 Bag 200 steel for corrosion resistance. FOR10MUDWASH1050 M10 10 Suitable for use as washers or FOR200SCW10N 9-10 Bag 200 packers. 50mm x 50mm x M12 fixing FOR10MUDWASH1250 M12 10 hole.Zinc-plated and corrosion-resistant.Timco Surface Screw CupsStrong, reliable eye termination. PENNY WASHERS Code UnitCode Size Unit SIL542862 EachWasher Penny Zinc PlatedSIL595051 M6 EachSIL784641 M8 Each STANDARD WASHERSSIL281870 M10 EachWasher Zinc PlatedFixman Turn Buckle Pack of 5A surface screw cup designed to allow the head of the screw to sit 25mm diameter. proud giving a decorative finish.Zinc-plated and corrosion-resistant.Code Size Unit Code Desc. UnitTensions all types of wire rope. HookFOR10PENY5 M5 10 TIM10BCUPP Brass 10mm Bag 50and eye design for secure fixing. FOR10PENY6 M6 10TIM6NCUPP Nickel 6mm Bag 60Code Size Unit FOR10PENY8 M8 10TIM8BCUPP Brass 8mm Bag 55SIL288650 M6 Each FOR10PENY10 M10 10 Code Size UnitSIL654490 M8 Each FOR10PENY12 M12 10 Form ASIL624906 M10 Each SPRING WASHERSFOR100HDWASH4 M4 100SIL906053 M12 Each REPAIR WASHERS FOR100HDWASH5 M5 100Spring Washers Bright Zinc Fixman Galvanised Wire Rope Repair Washer Zinc Plated Plated FOR100HDWASH6 M6 100FOR100HDWASH8 M8 100FOR100HDWASH10 M10 100FOR100HDWASH12 M12 100FOR10HDWASH16 M16 10Form BFOR100WASH3 M3 100FOR100WASH4 M4 100Zinc-plated, corrosion-resistant andCode Size Unit FOR100WASH5 M5 100weatherproof. For use with fencing,40mm diameter. FOR100SW5 M5 Bag 100 FOR100WASH6 M6 100garage doors and general security. Can be cut to length. Use withCode Size Unit FOR100SW6 M6 Bag 100 FOR100WASH8 M8 100Silverline Wire Cutters (427640). FOR10REPWASH640 M6 10 FOR100SW8 M8 Bag 100 FOR100WASH10 M10 100Code Size Unit FOR10REPWASH840 M8 10 FOR100SW10 M10 Bag 100 FOR100WASH12 M12 100SIL858237 6mm x 10m Each FOR10REPWASH1040 M10 10 FOR100SW12 M12 Bag 100 FOR10WASH16 M16 10SIL876416 4mm x 10m Each FOR10REPWASH1240 M12 10 FORSW12 M12 Box 1000 FOR10WASH20 M20 10Open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 153'