b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESCONTACT ADHESIVESSEALANTS & ADHESIVESCONTACT ADHESIVESEverbuild Stick2 ContactEvo-Stik 528 Contact Adhesive Evo-Stik Impact Adhesive Evo-Stik Time BondAdhesive Non-drip contact adhesive that The UKs No.1 contact adhesive is ideal for use on vertical and Multi-purpose adhesive which High strength adhesive that bondsoverhead surfacesStick 2 All Purpose Contact Adhesivebonds immediately on contact on contactGives you time to adjust positionis a premium grade rubber based High shear strengthNo need for clamping or specialbefore bonding permanentlyCONTACT ADHESIVES & EXPANDING FOAMcontact adhesive suitable for use with Good temperature resistance support while the adhesive setsHigh strength permanent bond a wide variety of materials for both Excellent final bond strengthMulti-purpose - the ideal adhesive No need for clamps or specialprofessional and DIY use. The productfor emergency repairs support while adhesive driesmay be used internally and externallyBonds: Decorative laminates, rigid (apart from the 5L size which isPVC, wood, chipboard, hardboard,Bonds most materials even non-Easy to spreadfor internal use only) for bondingcork, leather, rubber, stone, metal,porous e.g metals Bonds most materials even non-decorative laminates, all types ofdense film fabrics, ceramics, glass. Bonds: wood, ceramics, rubber, paper,porous e.g metalwood, rigid PVC, ABS, leather, cork,(Not suitable for use on polystyrenemetals, decorative laminates, card, Wood, ceramics, rubber, paper, or cellulose painted surfaces) cork, stone, leather, fabrics, rigid PVClinoleum, rubber, stone, metals andmetals, decorative laminates, card, dense fabrics. All tins are fully printed. Code Size Unit Code Size Unit cork, stone, leather, fabrics, rigid PVCCode Size Unit EVO528500 500ml Each EVOST 32g Each Code Size UnitEVECON125 125ml Each EVO5281 1L Each EVOLT 67g Each EVO627901 250ml EachEVECON250 250ml Each EVO52825 2.5L Each EVO250 250ml Each EVO628090 500ml EachEVECONA5 5L Each EVO5285 5L Each EVO500 500ml Each EVO628199 1L EachEXPANDING FOAMEverbuild Fire Foam B2 GunEverbuild Dual Purpose FoamEverbuild Firefoam B1 HandNEWEverbuild EB25 Grade 750ml Cleaner 500ml Held 750ml Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive C3Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner is used to remove wet/uncured foam. Attaches to Gun Foam Applicator for purging Firefoam B2 Gun Grade is athrough; also includes spray nozzle for use without applicator to removeFirefoam B1 Handheld is a quick setting fire rated, one partwet foam from outside of the gun andquick-setting fire rated, one part polyurethane foam designed forfrom most building substrates. polyurethane foam. It expands on application by any standard foamapplication to yield up to 50 times applicator gun. Fire resistantCode Unit the can contents and meets the for up to 2 hours in certain jointEVEGFSC5 Each extremely stringent requirements ofEB25 is the ultimate sealant configurations. It expands onthe test criteria BS476 Part 20; Classand adhesive, using a unique application to up to 50 timesB1. Fire rated up to 4 hours in certain the can contents and meets theEverbuild Fire Foam B2 Handpolymer blend and cutting-edge requirements of the test criteriaHeld 750ml joint configurations. Once cured, thetechnology to bring superior foam can be cut, sawn or plasteredflexibility and an incredible bond for BS476 Part 20. For professionalover after approximately one hour. strength in a product that you use only. can rely on in any situation. Code Unit Code Unit Suitable for use both indoors EVEB2FIREGUN Each EVEEVFIRE Each and outdoors, EB25 can be used on virtually any material in most Soudal Firefoam Gun Gradeweather conditions and can even Everbuild Dryfix Foam Gun be used underwater. EB25 also 750ml has the added benefit of being certified for use in sanitary and food preparation areas and once cured is resistant to mould, temperature extremes, chemicals Firefoam B2 Hand Held is aand more. Not only does this quick setting fire rated, one partproduct cater to a multitude of polyurethane foam in a ready to useapplication needs, but it also hand held canister. Fire resistantcarries the EC1Plus badge for very for up to 2 hours in certain jointlow emissions meaning it is also configurations. It expands onenvironmentally friendly.PINKGRIP DRY FIX Applicator Gun -application to up to 50 times the can for use with PINKGRIP DRY FIX Fastcontents and meets the requirementsCode Colour UnitCure Dry Wall Adhesive. of the test criteria for BS 476 Part 20. EVEEB25BK Black EachCode Unit Code Size Unit EVEEB25WE White EachCode Unit EVEEB25CL Clear EachEVEDRYGUN Each EVEB2FIREHAND 750ml Each SOU750B2FIREGUN Each542 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'