b'WORKWEAR & PPEDUST MASKSWORKWEAR & PPEDUST MASKSSilverline 282590 MouldedSilverline 868550 Fold FlatVitrex S40210 Sanding &Vitrex S40810 Paint & Odour Valved Respirator FFP2 NR Respirator FFP2 NR Insulation Moulded RespiratorRespirator P1P1 Protects lungs against fine non-DUST MASKStoxic particles, with breathe-easy Protects lungs against fine non- valve for extra comforttoxic particlesCharcoal filter provides relief from Charcoal filter provides relief fromhousehold odours & irritants household odours & irritants Suitable for brush & roller FFP2 NR face masks. Display Box-10. FFP2 NR face masks. Display Box-50.Suitable for brush & rollerapplication of most domestic paints Code Unit Code Unit application of most domestic paints& varnishes& varnishesErgonomically designed moulded SIL282590 Pk 10 SIL868550 Box 50 Ergonomically designed mouldedmask for an airtight seal Silverline 427698 MouldedSilverline 986012 3-Plymask for an airtight seal Secure & comfortable fitValved Respirator FFP3 NR Disposable Face Masks Pack-50 Secure & comfortable fitColour coded nose clip for simpleColour coded nose clip for simpleidentificationidentificationCode UnitCode Unit VITS40810 Pk 3VITS40210 EachVitrex 331201 Sanding & Vitrex S40510 Power Tool &Insulation Respirator Fold MDF Respirator P2 Flat P13-ply design. Soft, odourless and non-irritating with flexible earloops and full width, pliable nosepiece. Protects against dust. More comfortable than moulded masks, FFP3 NR face masks. Display Box-10. with less condensation. Sold in a pack of 50.Code Unit Code UnitSIL427698 Box 10 SIL986012 EachProtects lungs against fine toxicparticlesProtects lungs against fine non- Silverline 633532 Fold Flat Ideal for working with MDF,toxic particlesVitrex S40110 Cup Masks (x3)Respirator FFP1 NR softwood, hardwood, metal & Charcoal filter provides relief fromconcrete household odours & irritants Suitable for use with most power Suitable for brush & roller tools: drills, saws, grinders,application of most domestic paints sanders, routers, etc & varnishes Ergonomically designed mouldedPocket sized fold-flat design formask for an airtight seal easy and hygenic storage Secure & comfortable fit Secure & comfortable fitColour coded nose clip for simple Colour coded nose clip for simple Comfort mask, provides relief fromidentification identificationcoarse, non-toxic particles Suitable for nuisance dust &Code Unit Code Unitpollens VITS40510 Pk 2 VIT331201 Each Can be worn with glasses or FFP1 NR face masks. Display Box-50. goggles Lightweight & comfortable to wearCode UnitSIL633532 Box 50 Code UnitVITS40110 Pk 3Silverline 633895 Fold Flat Valved Respirator FFP3 NRCOLLECTION AVAILABLE FROM OUR COUNTER **Orders can be collected between 9am & 1.30pm, orders must be placed at least 30 mins before collecting.FFP3 NR face masks. Display Box-25.Code UnitSIL633895 Pk 25564 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'