b'HAND TOOLSTAPES & MEASURESTAPES & MEASURES HAND TOOLSPOCKET TAPESFisco Uni-matic E&M Tape Hultafors / Fisco BM8MRST Hi-Viz Power TapesSilverline Auto Blade Lock Brickmate Tape 8m Display Box Tape Display BoxTAPES & MEASURESDisplay box containing an assortment of high viz yellow, green and orange tapes. The tape is printed on one side and is non-glare matt coated.The bricklayers tape. The innovativeCode Size Unit Compact and lightweight, Uni-TapesBrick-Mate has a unique blade designRSTDIS50 5m Box-12are easy to hold and operate andfor measuring and calculating brick comfortable to carry in a pocket.and block quantities and measuringRSTDIS75 7.5m Box-6They are popular with bothcourse heights. Scratch-resistant, nylon-coated professional and DIY users RST PRO5 SitePro Pocketblade. Clear metric and imperialThe Uni-Matic is an ergonomicallyCode Unit Tape Measure 5m/16ft graduations with highlighted joist designed power return tape with aFISBM8M Each marks every 16. Automatic lock positive side lock when extended, retraction button, up Spear & Jackson Tapeto 2.2m stand-out, triple-riveted end Width: 16mm Measure Soft Feel Rubber hook and belt clip. Measures internal and external lengths.Code Length UnitFISUM3ME 3m Each Code Length UnitFISUM5ME 5m Each SIL633848 3m x 16mm Box 30The RST Site-Pro Pocket tape is aSIL868787 5m x 19mm Box 30Hilka Auto Stop Tape Measureheavy duty, imperial and metric tape.SIL675251 8m x 25mm Box 245m Its rubberized case makes it hard wearing and ideal for every workman.Silverline Hi-Viz Contour TapeIt is designed with a heavy duty lock 22mm wide Class ll blade with bothto hold the tape in position and a belt metric and imperial graduations.clip on the back on the tape.Auto lock blade system with push release button. Impact absorbingCode Unitsoft feel rubber casing providesRSTPRO5 Eachbetter grip and greater comfort. Magnetic metal end hook plusRST SiteMate Pocket Tape integrated belt clip and wrist strap. MeasureCode Size UnitNEI30430 3m (10ft) Each Comfortable contoured shape. NEI30435 5m (16ft) Each Secure triple-riveted wraparound Self locking tape with push buttonNEI30440 8m (26ft) Each tips. Clear metric and imperial retrieval. Wide 19mm blade and beltgraduations with joist centre marks clip with soft grip case and easy toevery 16. Includes belt clip and hand read inch metric blade. Silverline Hi-Viz Contour Tapestrap.Display BoxCode Unit RSTs pocket tapes are a heavyCode Length UnitHIL75850050 Each duty, imperial and metric tape.SILMT03 3m x 16mm EachIts rubberized case makes it hardSILMT05 5m x 19mm Eachwearing and ideal for every workman. Hilka Tape Measure It is designed with a heavy duty lock to hold the tape in position and a beltSilverline Measure Mate Tapeclip on the back on the tape.Code Size UnitRSTRJ5 5m/16ft EachRSTRJ8 8m/26ft EachSilverline Chunky TapeComfortable contoured shape. Secure triple-riveted wraparoundRugged rubber-grip case, blade-tips. Clear metric and imperiallock, brake and auto return. graduations with joist centre marksDouble-riveted tip with wraparound every 16. Includes belt clip and handreinforcement. Durable, coated strap. blade. Measures both internal and Shock-proof rubber housing, double- external lengths. Easy to read Wide 18mm blade, metal belt clip,Code Length Unit riveted blade tip and clear metricgraduation marks with highlighted fully locking with quick stop buttons.24pc and imperial graduations. Belt clip.joist marks every 16. Wrist strap & Non-slip rubber case for easy grip. Class II accuracy. belt clip.SIL447133 3m x 16mm DisplayCode Length Unit 21pc Code Size Unit Code Size UnitHIL75950003 3m Each SIL595750 5m x 19mm Display SIL387755 3m x 16mm Each SIL633818 3m x 16mm EachHIL75950005 5m Each 18pc SIL250192 5m x 25mm Each SIL868770 5m x 19mm EachHIL75950008 8m Each SIL273210 8m x 25mm Display SIL757971 8m x 25mm Each SIL675242 8m x 25mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 327'