b'HAND TOOLSTRITONHAND TOOLSTRITON NEWTriton 445270 Turning GougeTriton 728368 Support Arm Jig TWSTGJ Extension TWSSAELED LIGHT BULBSTRITONSupport Arm Extension for use Turning Gouge Jig for use with thewith the Triton Wetstone Sharpener Triton Wetstone Sharpener TWSS10.TWSS10. Attaches to support arm.JCB LED GLS Opal For controlled, accurate sharpeningProvides simultaneous tool supportLight Bulbs BC B22 of woodturning tools. above the grindstone and honing10W (60W) Warm White wheels. 806LM Box of 4Code UnitSIL445270 Each Code UnitSIL728368 EachTriton 454464 Scissors Jig TWSSJ Triton 910740 Carving Tool Jig TWSCTJJCB LED GLS Opal Light Bulbs ES E27 Carving tool jig for use with10W (60W) Warm White Scissor Jig for use with the TritonWetstone Sharpener TWSS10. For806LM Box of 4Wetstone Sharpener TWSS10.accurate sharpening of carving Restores sharp edge to blunttools and other short tools. Clamps scissors. Can be used on gardennarrow and butt chisels firmly. shears. Twin clamps for securingInternal v shape automatically blades. centres the tool. Will also clamp Code Unit power tool carving blades.SIL454464 Each Code UnitSIL910740 EachTriton 469944 Plane Camber Jig TWSPCJ Triton 265253 Workcentre (TWX7) JCB LED Candle Opal Light Bulbs BC B22 6W (40W) Warm White 470LM Box of 4Plane Camber Jig for use with the Triton Wetstone Sharpener TWSS10. Especially good for scrub and jack plane irons. Puts an even, slight radius onto a hand plane iron. Camber for improved shearing action.Versatile woodworking station Code Unit with a multitude of accessoriesJCB LED Candle Opal SIL469944 Each for tackling any woodworkingLight Bulbs SES E14 task. Built-in mains isolated switch6W (40W) Warm White Triton 520538 Side Supportconnector for connecting power470LM Box of 4tools, with knee-off stop button SJASS function. Includes clamping table module with 40 x 20mm dia holes for securing workpieces. Easy-to-fit module inserts quickly transform the workcentre into the tool desired by the operator. Module levelling screws for simple surface level calibration result in a perfectly flat work surface. Positioning wheels improve manoeuvrability, for small positionJCB LED GU10 Light adjustments. Folds down compactlyBulbs 5W (50W) Warm Provides support for longerfor convenient transportation. materials. Robust steel construction.Accessories available include RouterWhite 350LM Box of 4Protective plastic covers decreaseModule, Side Support, Outfeed friction when sliding workpieces overSupport, Rugged Transit Kit, Rugged the support, and prevent them fromTransit Wheels, Protractor Assembly, being scratched. 202 x 48 x 157mm.Rugged Transit Handle and Saw For use with Triton SuperJaws XXL. Table Module.Code Unit Code UnitSIL520538 Each SIL265253 Each Search JCB Light Bulbs on www.newtonhale.co.uk for more info342 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'