b'DECORATINGDECORATING DEKTONDekton DT85984 GeneralDekton DT95482 Poly DustDekton Stripping Knife Dekton DT95817 Glass & Tile Purpose Wire Brush Sheet 3.6m X 2.7m Scraper 2pcDECORATINGIdeal for rust removal and generalIdeal for filling cracks scraping cleaning. Curved profile is ideal forwallpaper and repairing holes. High accessing hard to reach places. Highquality stainless steel blade. Hollow density wire. Brass coated crimpedground blade. Hardwood handle. wire brush ideal for removing rust,Full tang.corrosion, paint, primer, bbq andProtects from paint spills, splashes,Ideal for scraping windows, tiles, general cleaning. dirt, and dust. Ideal for painting andCode Size Unit worktops, & removing adhesives. Code Unit decorating, DIY, building work andDEKDT95776 1 1/2" Each Quick and efficiently scraper paint DEKDT85984 Each car maintenance. Light and flexibleDEKDT95777 2" Each from glass, tile and metal floors. for easy draping. Replacement blades store easily DEKDT95778 3" Each inside handle. Ergonomic non-slip Dekton DT85997 Two HandleCode Unit DEKDT95779 4" Each grip. Easy and safe blade storage.Wire Brush Soft Grip DEKDT95482 EachDekton Professional Scraper Code UnitDekton DT95750 CaulkingDEKDT95817 EachGunDekton DT95830 Paint Brush Set 5pcTwo handled operation. Ergonomic design for better fit. Brass coated carbon steel bristles. Soft grip for comfort. Ergonomic rubber grip handle for Code Unit Ideal for the application of sealantscomfort. Heavy duty stainless steel and adhesives. Handle with plungerblade.DEKDT85997 Eachand release lever. Hexagon rod withCode Size UnitDekton DT95152 10\'\' Scissors hooked end. Metal frame. DEKDT95790 1" EachCode Unit DEKDT95791 2" EachDEKDT95750 Each DEKDT95792 3" Each The 5pc paint brush set is fantastic DEKDT95793 4" Each for use at home or as part of a Dekton Filling Knife professional trade person\'s tool DEKDT95794 6" Each box. The brushes can be used for emulsion, undercoat or gloss Dekton DT95795paintwork and can easily be cleaned Multifuctional Scraper 2.5" and stored. Eco friendly. Durable plastic brush head makes it ideal for all paint types. Sizes 12mm (1/2",) Precision stainless steel for accurate25mm (1"), 37mm (1.5")cutting. Non slip ergonomic sure-gripCode Unithandles for comfort. Angled handlesIdeal for filling cracks scraping for easy cutting of large flat sheets.wallpaper and repairing holes. HighDEKDT95830 EachIdeal for wallpaper, fabric and crafts. quality stainless steel blade. Hollow Code Unit ground blade. Hardwood handle.Dekton DT95840 Foam Brush Full tang. Set 10pcDEKDT95152 EachCode Size Unit Wallpaper scraper, crevice scraper, Dekton DT95480 AbsorbentDEKDT95770 1 1/2" Each paint roller cleaner and nail remover. Dust Sheet 1m x 3m DEKDT95771 2" Each Ergonomic rubber grip handle for DEKDT95772 3" Each comfort. Heavy duty stainless steel DEKDT95773 4" Each blade.Code UnitDekton DT95774 Putty Knife DEKDT95795 EachDekton DT95798 DekomateProtective fleece dust sheet idealLow density foam suitable for for decorating. Light and flexible forpaints, stains, varnishes & water easy draping. Ultra absorbent fleece.Ideal for filling cracks scrapingbased glues. 10 piece set contains Ideal protection against spillages.wallpaper and repairing holes. Highthe following brushes: 4 x 1", 3 x 2", Water resistant non-slip laminatedquality stainless steel blade. Hollow2 x 3", 1 x 4". Easy to use and easy backing. For indoor and outdoor use.ground blade. Hardwood handle.to clean. Smooth finish. No brush 1 metre x 3 metre. Full tang. The ultimate decorator\'s tool kit. marks. Use on all surfaces.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitDEKDT95480 Each DEKDT95774 Each DEKDT95798 Each DEKDT95840 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 27'