b'HAND TOOLSBLOW TORCHES & REFILLSBLOW TORCHES &BOLSTERS & COLD CHISELS BOLSTERS & COLDHAND TOOLSREFILLS CHISELSBRICK BOLSTERSGAS REFILLS COLD CHISELSEclipse Brick Bolster Silverline (518804) Wrecking Go-Gas 1190 Pierceable RefillChisel 96mm Eclipse Cold Chisel190gBLOW TORCHES & REFILLS & BOLSTERS & COLD CHISELSFor general cutting and chipping ofSharp, stainless steel wrecking metals, and for shaping, facing andchisel with metal striking cap for cutting of stonework. cutting, scraping, mortise-making Added propane for increasedand splitting wood. Can be used heat and power. Stable mixed gas.Code Size Unit as a knife or chisel. Supplied with Effective to -10C. NEICB730K/07 3 (75mm) Each protective sleeve. For general cutting and chipping of Code Unit NEICB740K/07 4 (100mm) Each Code Unit metals, and for shaping, facing and GOG1190 Each SIL518804 Each cutting of stonework.Eclipse Guarded Brick Bolster Code Blade Width UnitGo-Gas 2289 Butane GasSilverline Bolster Chisel withLength: 100mmRefill 277g Guard NEICB24A/07 6mm EachLength: 150mmNEICB28G/07 6mm EachNEICB48E/07 10mm EachNEICB108D/07 19mm EachLength: 180mmNEICB89H/07 16mm EachManufactured to British StandardSolid forged with shock-absorbingLength: 205mmspecifications using the latesthand guard. Hardened cutting edges.production methods and equipment.NEICB70H/07 12mm EachTo resist mushrooming every chiselCode Size Unit NEICB150E/07 25mm EachFitted with threaded self sealingshank head is specially shaped andSILPC42 57 x 220mm Each Length: 450mmsafety valve, complying with EN417,cutting edges are hardened for standard gas. Effective to -3C. durability. SIL968332 75 x 220mm Each NEICB156N/07 25mm EachCode Size Unit Code Size Unit SILPC40 100 x 220mm EachEclipse CB313P Concrete GOG2289 277g Each NEI22-639R/07 3 (75mm) Each Silverline Bolster Chisel Point Chisel 12x3/4NEI22-649R/07 4 (100mm) EachGo-Gas Butane/Propane Mix Refill Hilka 62684225 Electricians Bolster With Grip 2.1/4Solid forged, with hardened cutting edges.Code Size UnitSIL78307 57 x 220mm EachSIL311689 75 x 220mm Each Eclipse Concrete Point Chisel for Butane/ Propane (70:30) Mix Gasbreaking up concrete. manufactured Cartridge. Fitted with standardDrop forged induction hardenedSIL19648 100mm Each from hard wearing chrome type threaded self sealing safetysteel with heavy duty protective grip. vanadium. Even more resistant to valve, complying with EN417. HigherSilverline Bolster Chisel withmushrooming after prolonged use.Propane content for even moreCode Size Unit Guardheat and power and for use at lowerHIL62684225 57mm Each Code Size Unittemperatures. Stable mixed gas.NEICB313P/07 19mm EachEffective to -15C. Hilka Brick Bolster With Grip Code Size Unit 4 (100mm) Hilka Cold Chisel With GripGOG2175 170g EachGOG2250 220g EachGOG2350 350g EachGOGGS2500 445g EachForged, single-piece solid steel. Ground, hardened and tempered cutting edge. Double-injected soft-grip hand guard. Powder coated for corrosion resistance. For demolition,Drop forged induction hardened cutting and shaping of bricks andsteel with heavy duty protective grip.Drop forged induction hardenedblocks. Code Size (mm) UnitA MASSIVE RANGEsteel with heavy duty protective grip. Code Size Unit HIL62683110 16 x 250 EachCode Size Unit SIL781710 70 x 216mm Each HIL62683112 16 x 300 EachTO CHOOSE FROM HIL62685100 4 (100mm) Each SIL624241 100 x 216mm Each HIL62683118 16 x 450 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 221'