b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSDRILL BITS POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDUST COLLECTORS FLAT BITSSilverline (319548) DIYDewalt DT4943-QZIrwin Flat Bit RST 1002 Spade Bit Set 10pc1000W Wet & Dry VacuumExtreme Flat Bit 8 Pc Set Cleaner 10Ltr 1000W (12,16,18,20,22,25,28,32mm)Double cutting spurs scribeoutside of the hole, reducing breakout Flat steel for precision cutting. Used DRILL BITS Thicker cutting edge for longerto bore holes in wood. Comes with drilling life extension bar and hex key. Sizes Code UnitBlue-groove point and cutting edgeinclude: 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, DEWDT7943QZ Each for faster chip removal 19mm, 22mm, 25mm and 32mm.Compact and lightweight 1000W workshop, DIY and general vacuum10% larger shank - added durability Code Unitcleaner with blower function. QuadHeller Flat Wood Bit Hex 1/4 quick change shank RSTRST1002 Each castor base for smooth movementShankwhen used with handheld power tools.Code Size UnitLatching power-switch, ideal for useNEW10502803 6mm Each Silverline Flat Bitwith free standing and bench mountedNEW10502804 8mm Eachpower tools with a master control switchbox. 10Ltr tank emits an audibleFor all applications in wood andNEW10502805 10mm Eachwarning when tank fills with liquid towooden materials. Fast and preciseNEW10502806 12mm Eachmaximum capacity. On-hose fingertipcutting thanks to specially hardenedNEW10502807 13mm Eachsuction power control. Large brushpre-cutters. Extremely accurateHigh quality carbon steel with 1/4 with squeegee bar for vacuumingcentring without tear-out at the edgeNEW10502809 16mm Each hex shank, angled cutting head and liquid. On-tool storage for accessories. of the hole. 1/4 hexagonal shaftNEW10502811 18mm Each precision ground locating point. For Includes 2.5m hose, long-life filter,prevents the drill bit from slipping intoNEW10502812 19mm Each fast accurate drilling into hardwoods, floor brush, 3 hose extension tubes,the drill chuck. Extra long dimensionssoftwoods and man-made timber dust bag, large brush with squeegeeand extension available. HellerNEW10502814 22mm Each products. Suitable for most power bar attachment, and combinedQuickBIT? system: perfectly designedNEW10502816 25mm Each drills and hand braces.crevice/small brush attachment. for use with cordless machines.IdealNEW10502818 28mm Each Code Size UnitCode Desc. Unit for cordless drills.Suitable for Beams,NEW10502820 32mm Each SIL128573 13mm EachChipboard, Hardwood, Laminated SIL319548 Vacuum Cleaner Each Chipboard, Plywood, Softwood andNEW10502821 35mm Each SIL129045 20mm EachSIL988943 Dust Bags Pack 5 Veneered Wood. NEW10502822 38mm Each SIL126583 22mm EachCode Size Unit NEW10502823 40mm Each SIL126954 25mm EachSilverline (789651) Dust BagsHEL190534 6mm Each SIL124454 32mm EachPack of 5 Makita FlatbitHEL190541 8mm Each SIL127888 38mm EachHEL190558 10mm EachHEL190565 12mm Each Silverline 245103 SDS Plus HEL217873 13mm Each Wood Drill Adaptor Extension Arm 300mmHEL190572 14mm EachHEL190589 16mm EachHEL190596 18mm EachLarge 575 x 370mm high capacityHEL217897 19mm Eachbags with dry filtration suitableHEL190602 20mm Each Code Size Unitfor fine dust, dirt and debris. EasyHEL190619 22mm Each MAKP-23357 8mm Each Carbon steel. 300mm extension arm fit and optimised air-flow design.MAKP-23363 10mm Each for use with hex ended Flat Wood Compatible with Silverline 1250WHEL190626 24mm Each Drill Adaptor 427697. Includes hex Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 30LtrHEL190633 25mm Each MAKP-30237 12mm Each key.(974451). Not suitable for wet use. HEL190640 28mm Each MAKP-23379 14mm Each Code UnitCode Unit HEL190657 30mm Each MAKP-23385 16mm Each SIL245103 EachSIL789651 Each HEL190664 32mm Each MAKP-23391 18mm EachHEL190671 35mm Each MAKP-30243 20mm Each Silverline 380646 Expansive Silverline 868744 Drill DustHEL190686 38mm Each MAKP-23400 22mm Each Bit 22 - 76mmCollector 4 - 10mm HEL217903 40mm Each MAKP-23416 25mm EachExtra Long MAKP-23422 32mm EachHEL233774 8 x 400mm EachHEL233620 10 x 400mm Each HAND TOOLSHEL233637 12 x 400mm Each See pages 197-371HEL233644 14 x 400mm EachHEL233651 16 x 400mm Each Heavy duty. For boring large clean For use with all types of drill bitsholes into wood, plastic and light 4-10mm. Collects debris and dust.HEL233668 18 x 400mm Each building materials. Includes 2 Twist-off lid for ease of cleaning. HEL233675 20 x 400mm Each cutters, 22-45mm and 45-76mm.Code Unit HEL233781 22 x 400mm Each Code UnitSIL868744 Each HEL233811 25 x 400mm Each SIL380646 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 461'