b'GARDENING & OUTDOORRAKESRAKES SECATEURS SHOVELS GARDENING & OUTDOORSOIL RAKE RIDDLES Silverline 229486 PruningCABLE LAYINGShears 200mmKingfisher 12 Tooth RakeApollo Metal Garden Riddle Bulldog Cable Laying ShovelCarbon Steel HandleAluminum bypass pruner. Steel blade with black finish. Aluminum handle with vinyl grips. Blade size 2mm.Forged from one piece of steel to Durable powder coated steel. 1/2Blade Width 25mm.(12mm) Mesh. Ideal for removinggive maximum strength. It has an RAKES, RIDDLES, SECATEURS & SHOVELSCarbon steel 12 tooth garden rake.stones or debris from soil. Can beCode Unit unvarnished hardwood shaft, which is Complete with full colour label. used to sow seeds. Green. SIL229486 Each strong and durable and metal YD grip with a wooden cross dowel for added Code Unit Code Size Unit comfort. Ideal for digging narrow BONCS540 Each APO76463 1/4 Each Silverline GT101 Pruningtrenches in clay and similar materials.APO76464 3/8 Each Shears 220mm Code UnitSilverline 235526 PremiumAPO76465 1/2 Each BUL5CLMYD EachGarden Rake Ash Handle 1320mm Bulldog Metal Riddle Mesh Silverline 196491 Forged Cable Shovel 1000mmBypass secateurs with cast aluminium handles. Hardened, PTFE-coated blades, spring-open design and soft, foam grips.Code UnitHardened and tempered epoxy- The essential tool for bringing soilSILGT101 Each Shovel for digging and bottoming coated carbon steel head andto a suitable condition for plantingnarrow trenchesfor cables. Heavy-weatherproofed premium ash woodand potting. Silverline Secateurs 210mm duty solid forged head with tubular handle. For clearing debris, levellingsteel shaft and MYD handle. 3 (75mm) Deepand firming soil. Tapered handleAll steel fabrication Code Unitriveted to socket for strength. Bladelength x width: 300 x 100mm.Made In Britain SIL196491 Each Diameter 14.25 (360mm) Code Unit Spear & Jackson 2007AP SIL235526 Each Code Mesh Unit Cable Laying Shovel MYDBUL8184 1/4 EachSpear & Jackson 4145NBBUL8186 3/8 Each Secateurs with soft-grip handle. Elements Garden Soil Rake Hardened, PTFE-coated blade SECATEURS and easy-reach thumb lock. Stem crusher between handles enables Bulldog Pruners crushing of thicker stems.Code UnitBypassSIL245027 Each A solid forged heavy duty shovel for extra narrow work such as pipe and SHOVELS cable laying.Code Size Unit CABLE LAYING Code UnitHeat treated (hardened) carbonNEI2007AP Eachsteel head for strength andAnvildurability. Hammer finish epoxyBULBD3152C Standard Each Bulldog 5CLAM Steel Cable coated head for improved resistanceShovel Bulldog PSFG1 Long Handle to rust, scratches, humidity andBypass Plastic Shovelalkalines in the soil. WeatherproofedBULBD3152 Standard Each(clear lacquered) Ash wood shaft for greater durability. Kingfisher SSB100 Bypass Code Unit SecateurNEI4145NB/09 EachELECTRICAL & LIGHTING Forged from one piece of steel to giveSolid polypropylene to assist maximum strength. It has an all metalhygienic control. Manufactured to See pages Bypass pruning secateur withconstruction, featuring a YD gripthe highest specification expected 111-125 rubberised cushion grip and carbonwith a wooden cross dowel for addedby the food industry. Dimensions: steel cutting blades. Individuallycomfort. Ideal for digging narrow355mm x 1100mm. One piece packed on a full colour blister card. trenches in clay and similar materials. construction. Weight: 1.5Kg.Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitBONSSB100 Each BUL5CLAM Each BULPSFG1 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 179'