b'GARDENING & OUTDOORSHOVELSGARDENING & OUTDOORSHOVELS SNOW & ICESQUARE MOUTH TAPER MOUTH HNH Snow SledgeCarter Wood Handle SquareBulldog 5TM2AM Taper AllSilverline 763547 Forged Mouth Shovel Steel Shovel Taper Mouth Shovel 1040mmTraditional Sledge robust and durable construction. Comes Code Unit Multipurpose, for working withcomplete with rope handle.CAR2SSSETSH Each concrete, tarmac, backfillingCode Unittrenches and digging. HNHSLEDGE EachSHOVELS, SNOW & ICE & SOIL TESTERS Hilka Carbon Steel Shovel Solid forged fom one piece of steelCode Unitto give maximum strength to theSIL763547 Each Silverline 236769 Ice Scraper tool. The tapering of the bladeDual Edgedmakes breaking into aggreate easier every time. This tool is sometimesSpear & Jackson 2000AC preferred to the square mouthTaper All Steel Shovel MYDfor shovelling out or backfilling trenches, concrete mixing and working tarmac.Square shovel with an ergonomic soft grip handle and hardwood shaft.Code Unit Tough flexible scraper with integrated Forward tilt handle giving the idealBUL5TM2AM Each handle. Curved edges for ergonomic digging angle. Heat treated carbongrip. Dual-edged with ridges to steel head for increased strengthBulldog 5TM2T Taper Wooddislodge ice. For scraping ice and and longevity. Powder coatingHandle Shovel A solid forged heavy duty traditionalsnow off vehicle windscreens.provides greater protection againststyle shovel.rust and scratches. Code UnitCode Unit SIL236769 EachCode Unit NEI2000AC EachHIL92065050 Each SOIL TESTERSTRENCHINGSilverline 793741 Forged Square Mouth Shovel 1060mm Bulldog 5TSAM All SteelSilverline 361447 3-in-1 Soil Trench Shovel TesterSolid forged head for maximum strength, fitting with a wooden handle to give it the tradition feel Multipurpose No 2 shovel. Heavy- and look. The tapering of the blade duty solid forged head, tubular steelmakes breaking into aggreate easier shaft and MYD handle. Suitable forevery time. This tool is sometimes shovelling earth, sand, concretepreferred to the square mouth mixing and back-filling trenches. for shovelling out or backfilling Code Unit trenches, concrete mixing andSolid forged head. All metal shaft.working tarmac. Solar-powered soil tester for SIL793741 Each Code UnitCode Unit BUL5TSAM Each checking soil pH (acid/alkaline) levels, Silverline 868875 SquareBUL5TM2T Each moisture content and light intensity. Comprises two 210mm long probes, Mouth Shovel 1080mmSilverline Bolster Chisel 3-way selector switch (moisture/light/Wooden Handle Carter All Steel Taper MouthpH) and easy-to-read dial gauge.ShovelCode Size UnitSIL361447 210mm EachPressed steel head, durable woodenFor digging and bottoming trenches.shaft and T-handle. Suitable forHeavy-duty solid forged head with shovelling earth and sand, backfillingtubular steel shaft and MYD handle.trenches and concrete mixing. Code UnitCode Unit Code Unit SIL783078 EachSIL868875 Each CARSSTP EachSpear & Jackson 2006AP Spear & Jackson 2002ARCarter Wood Handle TaperTrenching Shovel MYDSquare All Steel Shovel MYD Mouth ShovelA solid forged heavy duty shovel A solid forged heavy duty traditionalfor narrow work such as digging style shovel. trenches and cable laying.RAPID DELIVERY Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitNEI2002AR Each CAR2TSSETSH Each NEI2006AP Each www.newtonhale.co.uk182 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'