b'HAND TOOLSGLASS CUTTERSGLASS CUTTERS GUNS HAND TOOLSSilverline 101210 LubricatedFOAM GUNS MASTIC GUNSAlloy Steel Glass Cutter 175mmConcept Metal Pu Foam Gun Silverline 763589 PU FoamEverbuild Power Pro Sealant Applicator Gun 200ml Gun C4GLASS CUTTERS & GUNSHardened alloy steel cutting wheel. Durable plastic body with internal oil reservoir.Knurled brass finger grip. Spring-loaded block controls flow ofProbably the most reliable foamPlastic bodied PU foam gun with lubricant. Filling pipette included. gun available in the UK. A qualitystainless steel nozzle for precise gun with teflon coated needleapplication of gun grade expandingCode Unit foam.and adaptor which keeps the gunThe ultimate heavy duty sealant SIL101210 Each clean and unequalled air tightnessCode Size Unit gun, extra pull trigger, hook end and essential to ensure the gun doesSIL763589 200ml Each swivel action barrel for both 310ml Silverline 282636 Lubricatednot let you down. Full instructionsand 400ml cartridges.TCT Glass Cutter 175mm included. 210003.Soudal Gun Foam CleanerCode Size UnitCode Unit 500ml Trade VersionCON210003 Each EVESGNEWPOWER C4 EachEverbuild P45 Metal FoamEverbuild Professional Sealant Tungsten carbide cutting wheel.Gun GunSturdy metal handle with internal oil reservoir. Filling pipette included.Code UnitSIL282636 EachSilverline CT30 6-Wheel GlassSOLVENT BASED aerosol spray Cutter 125mm applied, polyurethane foam cleaner.Code Unit Sturdy skeleton gun with hexagonal P45 Foam Gun gives the user morerod and re-enforced ring and hook control to apply the foam preciselySOU116924 Each end.in hard to reach places, saving unnecessary wastage. For bothMASTIC GUNS Code Size UnitCuts all types of glass. 6 cuttingprofessional and DIY use. EVESG310 C3 Eachwheels on a turret with a snap offCode Size Unit Concept C4 Caulking Gun EVESG400 C4 Eachvice. Overall length 125mm.EVEGFAPP35 P45 EachCode Unit Everbuild Superflow Sealant SILCT30 Each Everbuild P65 Heavy DutyGun C3Foam GunVitrex 700335 Single Wheel Glass CutterA basic reliable skeleton gun at a good price. 210001Code Size UnitCON210001 C4 EachP65 Foam Gun gives the userCox Top Quality Mastic GunThe Superflow Sealant Gun is more control to apply the foam400ml engineered to be what we believeDie cast metal body precisely in hard to reach places,is the best gun ever with a rotating saving unnecessary wastage. For Tungsten steel wheel, 7mm professional use. barrel, smooth action trigger withIntegral notches for breaking out 33% higher pull ratio*, soft grip Ball end for tapping glass Code Size Unit handle and a non-drip device all EVEGFAPP65 P65 Each wrapped up in a robust, sturdy gun Code Unit that will handle the toughest of VIT700335 Each conditions.Silverline 719812 Heavy Duty PU Foam Applicator GunCode Size Unit Code UnitVitrex 701380 Six Wheel200ml IDE10 400ml Each EVESGSUPERF EachGlass CutterEverbuild Jumbo Sealant GunGlobemaster 3030 Mastic Gun900ml Durable nylon body Heavy-duty aluminium bodied PU foam gun with stainless steel nozzleWith swivel action and extra heavySix Tungsten steel wheels, 4mmand PTFE coating for easy cleaning.duty push rod mechanism to copeIntegral notches for breaking out Allows gun grade expanding foam towith stiff acoustic sealants. For allGlobemaster professional caulkingBall end for tapping glass be applied cleanly and precisely. 900ml cartridges. gun 11 / 279mm.Code Unit Code Size Unit Code Size Unit Code UnitVIT701380 Each SIL719812 200ml Each EVESG9 900ml Each WOR3030 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 237'