b'HAND TOOLSKNIVES & BLADESHAND TOOLSKNIVES & BLADESKNIVESSilverline CT109 Pocket KnifeStanley 0-10-150 Snap KnifeStanley 0-10-481 FatmaxStanley 0-10-789 Fatmax Twin 60mm 9mm Snap Off Knife 18mm Blade KnifeKNIVES & BLADES60mm long stainless steel bladeBlade wiper removes excess debrisTwin blade knife accepts all standard and wipe-clean plastic handle.Two part moulded body that allowsto prolong the life of the knife.blades. Safety interlock - when one Automatically locks when opened. rapid blade changing. Multi-positionRemovable blade snapper ensuresblade is in use, the other slider is push button for quick, easy use. faster and safer removal of a wornlockedCode Unit segment. Cartridge holds up to 6 SILCT109 Each Code Size Unit blades. Code UnitSTA010150 9mm Each STA010789 EachSilverline CT11 AutoCode Size UnitRetractable Safety KnifeStanley 0-10-151 Snap KnifeSTA010481 18mm Each Stanley 0-10-810 Quickslide 140mm 18mm Pocket KnifeStanley 0-10-590 Interlock Craft KnifeLightweight knife with extra-safe,Two part moulded body that allows automatically retracting blade.rapid blade changing. Multi-positionTapered metal body for long life.All metal constructionsolid, Interlock nose for blade security. push button for quick, easy use.Interlock system that allows efficientreliable and long lasting. No tools Code Unit Blade snapper included in handlelateral blade locking. required to change blade.for safety. Code UnitSILCT11 Each Code UnitCode Size Unit STA010590 Each STA010810 EachStanley 0-10-018 InterlockSTA010151 18mm EachSnap-Off Knife Stanley 0-10-598 FoldingStanley 0-10-813 Quickslide Stanley 0-10-254 Liner LockPocket Knife 110mm Sports KnifeKnife CarabinerSolvent resistant, metal body for strength. Quick and easy bladePocket craft knife with a retractable3 / 75mm serrated blade for change through notched wheel noblade supplied with 2 x 5901 blades.garden, hobby, and outdoor use tools required. 440C stainless steel- rust free andMetal body for strength. Comes with holster and blades for Code Unit durable. Titanium coated blade edgeCode Size Unit better value.for long lasting sharpness. Interlock mechanism for safetySTA010018 Each STA010598 110mm EachCode Unit Thumb slider - for easy operation Stanley 0-10-088 RetractableSTA010254 Each Stanley 0-10-601 Knives Bagof utility bladeKnife Of 3 Code UnitStanley 0-10-299 Fixed Blade Utility Knife STA010813 EachStanley 0-10-825 Fatmax Retractable Folding KnifeRapid blade changing. AntishockDisposable craft knife for precision resistant ABS body both lightweightwork. Supplied with 5901 blade.and extremely strong. FineMetal knife lacquered and groovedCode Unitadjustment allows 5 blade positions.for improved holding. InterlockSTA010601 Bag 3No tools required to change thepatented blade locking system blade for quicker blade change. for greater safety during cutting.Folding lockback design fits easily in Supplied with 3 spare blades. Stanley 0-10-778 Fatmaxthe pocket and Instant blade change.Code Unit Retractable Utility KnifeSTA010088 Each Code Unit Code UnitSTA010299 Each STA010825 EachStanley 0-10-095 Interlock Knife 9mm Stanley 0-10-409 MPO SnapStanley 1-10-189 Springback Knife 9mm KnifeComes supplied with 5 FatMax blades in handle Instant change button for fastblade changesSolvent resistant, metal body for Interlock nose locking system forstrength. Quick and easy bladeBlade carrier and blade guide ingreater safety during cuttingchange through notched wheel nostainless steel for smooth operation,Soft touch panels for moreSafety knife with self retracting tools required. strength and longlife. comfortable grip blade.Code Size Unit Code Size Unit Code Unit Code UnitSTA010095 9mm Each STA010409 9mm Each STA010778 Each STA110189 Each254 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'