b'HAND TOOLSHANDLINGHANDLING INSERT SETTINGKNIVES & BLADES HAND TOOLSTOOLSROPE SLINGS BLADESSpear & Jackson 2743 Insert Silverline 795597 NaturalSilverline Cargo Sling 2 Ton Setting Tool Irwin Bi Metal Knife BladesGarden Twine 250mHANDLING, INSERT SETTING TOOLS & KNIVES & BLADESHeavy duty nylon webbing. ReinforcedThis thin sheet setting tool has Shatterproof for ultimate safetylifting eyes. Colour coded to indicate 250g natural jute. Strong,working load limits. Shrink wrapped.been designed to enable threaded Stays sharp 3x longerbiodegradable, for tying most typesConforms to EN1492-1/A1:2008. nut inserts to be set easily by hand. Universal use, suitable for most Invaluable to maintenance engineers of plant. for on-the-spot repairs. Supplied inapplicationsCode Unit Code Size Unit storage wallet complete with 4mm, Fits most knives SIL250361 2 Ton 1m Each 5mm, 6mm and 8mm nose bushes SIL795597 Each SIL245056 2 Ton 2m Each and mandrels. Code UnitSIL457003 2 Ton 3m Each NEW10504240 Pk 5Sisal Twine 2.5kg Ball Code Unit NEW10504241 Pk 10SIL598512 2 Ton 4m Each NEI2743 EachNEW10504243 Pk 100Silverline Cargo Sling 3 Ton KNIVES & BLADESMonument 1024C Knife Blades Pack of 10BLADESHilka 74010000 Blade Code Unit Dispenser 100pcPAI2.5K EachHeavy duty nylon webbing. Reinforced SLINGS lifting eyes. Colour coded to indicate working load limits. Shrink wrapped. Silverline Endless Round Sling Conforms to EN1492-1/A1:2008. Monument trimming knife blades, suitable for the trade trimming knife.Code Size UnitSIL250267 3 Ton 2m Each Code UnitSIL250274 3 Ton 3m Each MON1024C EachSIL250281 3 Ton 4m Each Handy multi-purpose dispenser withRST Site Mate Replacement SIL250288 3 Ton 5m Each heavy duty blades. Blister packaged. BladesSilverline Cargo Sling 4 Ton Code UnitDurable, 100% high-tenacity PESHIL74010000 Eachpolyester. Seamless, close-woven heavy duty tubular polyester sleeve. Ideal forHilka 74900010 Trimming choke-lifting cylindrical objects. Easy to manipulate when lifting awkwardlyKnife Blades 10pcshaped or fragile loads. Conforms to EN 1492-2:2000 including a 7:1 safety factor.Code Size UnitSIL297196 1000kg 1.5m Each Heavy duty nylon webbing. Reinforced SIL307533 3000kg 3m Each lifting eyes. Colour coded to indicateUtility knife blades for use with SIL426730 1000kg 3m Each working load limits. Shrink wrapped.RSX752 knife.SIL437642 2000kg 2m Each Conforms to EN1492-1/A1:2008. Code Size UnitSIL522477 1000kg 2m Each Code Size Unit RSTRSX11B-10 Pack 10 EachSIL672729 2000kg 3m Each SIL250302 4 Ton 3m Each 10 blades in handy dispenser. RSTRSX11N-100 Pack 100 EachSIL933218 3000kg 2m Each SIL250309 4 Ton 4m Each Code UnitSIL250316 4 Ton 5m Each HIL74900010 Each Silverline (556732) SK5 Steel Silverline Cargo Sling 1 Ton Utility Blades 10pkSilverline Cargo Sling 5 Ton Hilka Trimming Knife Blade In Dispenser 50pcHeavy duty nylon webbing. Reinforced lifting eyes. ColourHardened SK5 steel utility blades coded to indicate working loadHeavy duty nylon webbing. Reinforcedprovide a tough, long-lasting limits. Shrink wrapped. Conforms tolifting eyes. Colour coded to indicateperformance. Cuts carpet, vinyl, EN1492-1/A1:2008. working load limits. Shrink wrapped.Heavy duty 0.025 utility bladecardboard, canvas, leather and some Conforms to EN1492-1/A1:2008. for general cutting, trimming andsofter plastics. Compatible with Code Size Unit scraping. Comes with a convenientutility knives, including Silverline SIL633720 1 Ton 1m Each Code Size Unit wall mount dispenser and suitableRetractable Knife. Strong plastic SIL868705 1 Ton 2m Each SIL250330 5 Ton 3m Each for all makes of trimming knife. dispenser.SIL675198 1 Ton 3m Each SIL250337 5 Ton 4m Each Code Unit Code UnitSIL282524 1 Ton 4m Each SIL250347 5 Ton 5m Each HIL74900050 Each SIL556732 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 249'