b'POWER TOOLSSANDERS & POLISHERSPOWER TOOLSSANDERS &SAWSPOLISHERSBAND SAWS CIRCULAR SAWSPOLISHERS Silverline 441563 BandsawHilka PTCS1200 Circular SawMakita HS0600 Circular Saw Silverline 129659 Sander190mm 350W 185mm 1200W 270mmPolisher 180mm 1200WSANDERS & POLISHERS & SAWSPolishing and buffing vehicleModel HS0600 is a 270mm Circular bodywork, also for sanding tasks.Saw and has been developed for Speed control maintains even rpmenabling single pass-cutting of a rate. Soft-start trigger and largeVersatile and powerful bandsaw withErgonomic soft grip handle Dust3-1/2(89mm) 4x wood.handle for control. extraction facility Adjustable base 350W induction motor. Max cuttingplate with scale Adjustable andCode Power UnitCode Unit depth 80mm. Max cutting widthremovable riving knife Copper coiled SIL129659 Each 190mm. Table size 290 x 290mm.motor for lasting performance No- MAKHS0600-1 110V EachTable tilts to 45. Supplied with 6tpiload speed:4500RPM Max. cuttingMAKHS0600-2 240V Eachblade and converter plug. height: 90 60mm 45:40mm Blade Silverline 261362 Orbital CarCode Unit size:185mm x 20mm x 24 TeethMakita HS6601 Circular Saw Polisher 110W Supplied with 1 185 T.C.T blade,16.5 (165mm)SIL441563 Each wrench.CIRCULAR SAWS Code UnitHILPTCS1200 Each1250W Wet Stone Cutter 110mmMakita 5604R Circular Saw 165mm 950WUses an orbital motion to prevent swirling and burning marks on carA 165mm compact circular saw that bodywork. Includes applicationis great when a larger unit is far and polishing bonnets for fittingbigger than the job in hand requires, to 240mm dia twin density foammaking it less tiring to operate for polishing pad. long periods of time. Comes with Code Unit Heavy duty, hand-held circularComes with Dust nozzle, guide rule, SIL261362 Each saw with powerful 1250W motor,TCT blade and hex wrench.for cutting mineral materials such as marble, granite, natural stoneCode UnitSilverline 264569 Sanderand ceramic. Liquid-cooled cuttingThis compact and lightweightMAKHS6601-2 EachPolisher 180mm 1200W with water feed, coolant valve andcircular saw with its 165mm blade mains water hose connector. Sturdy,is very popular with tradesmen. ItMakita HS7601J Circular Saw corrosion-resistant, all-metal baseis extremly versatile and ideal for190mm 110Vplate with adjustable depth of cutcutting sheet material or access and bevel angles from 0 - 45. Maxholes.depth of cut 30mm. Includes water hose connector. 20mm dia. bladeCode Voltage Unitbore. Blade not included. MAK5604R-1 110V EachCode UnitSIL263288 Each Makita 5903RK Circular Saw 235mm 1550WFor sanding, polishing and buffing.DeWalt DCS391N 18v XR Li-Variable speed control. Large loop handle for operator control. Outpution 165mm Circular Saw Bare shaft M14 male. Pad size 180mm. NoUnitload speed 600-3000rpm. Code Voltage UnitCode Unit MAKHS7601J-1 110V EachSIL264569 EachMakita HS7601J Circular Saw Triton 806025 Metal Polish190mm 240VTWSMPThe DeWalt DSC391N Circular saw is supplied body only. A 165mm blade combined with 3700rpm powerful motor means this 18v cordless For use with the Whetstonecircular saw will make light work of Sharpener TWSS10. For dressing theany cutting job. Code Voltage Unitleather honing wheel. MAK5903RK-1 110V EachCode Unit Code Unit MAK5903RK-2 240V Each Code Voltage UnitDEWDCS391N EachSIL806025 Each MAKHS7601J-2 240V Each526 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'