b'DECORATINGBUFFING & POLISHINGBUFFING & POLISHING DECORATINGPOLISHING BONNETS POLISHING MOPS SPONGES & WHEELSSilverline Hook & LoopSilverline Dome Polishing Mop Silverline 105864 BevelledSilverline 105898 Felt Buffing Lambswool Bonnet Felt Buffing Wheel 115mm Wheel 150mmBUFFING & POLISHINGHigh quality 100% lambswool withHigh quality 100% soft grade cotton. hook and loop attachment for easyFor final polishing of interior, flat andBevel edge for greater precision in finalFor final polishing of most metals, fitting and removal. Use with hookirregular surfaces. 6mm dia arborpolishing of most metals, stone, glassstone, glass and plastics. Buffing and loop backing pad and sander/ fits most power drills. and plastics. Suitable for all 115mmwheels can be stacked onto tapered polisher. Code Size Unit sander/polishers with M14 thread. spindles for required thickness.Code Size Unit SIL102516 85mm Each Code Unit Code UnitSIL107968 125mm Each SIL102524 110mm Each SIL105864 Each SIL105898 EachSIL107974 180mm Each Silverline Loose Leaf BuffingSilverline Grinding Wheel Silverline Goblet Polishing MopSilverline LambswoolWheel 150mmDrawstring BonnetHeavy duty replacement grinding wheels for sharpening blunt tools. For final polishing of metals and forIncludes 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 bush. High quality cotton mop. For finaluse on complex shapes. FeaturesSize: 150 x 20mm depth. Bore size 1 100% lambswool polishing bonnetpolishing of domes, bowls and concave50 layers of 100% cotton and 6mmor 25.4mm.with drawstring. Ideal for finalsurfaces. 6mm dia arbor suitable forshaft. Suitable for most power drills.buffing and polishing. Use with ABSmost power drills. Tapers to 30mm. Code Unitbacking pad and sander/polisher. Code Size Unit Code Size Unit SIL819719 Fine EachCode Size Unit SIL102529 50mm Each SIL105882 75 x 12mm Each SIL380652 Coarse EachSIL107982 125mm Each SIL675223 100 x 15mm EachSIL107993 180mm Each Silverline Cylinder Polishing Mop Silverline (390392) Aluminium Silverline 105888 SpiralOxide Bench Grinding Wheel Silverline 285024 Hook &Stitched Buffing Wheel 150mm 150 x 20mm MediumLoop Foam Polishing Head Kit 6pc 150 x 50mmHigh quality 100% soft grade cotton.Heavy duty 46 grit aluminium For final polishing of interior flat andSpiral stitched construction with 50oxide. For general grinding and tool irregular surfaces. 6mm dia arborlayers of cotton. For polishing metalssharpening. Suitable for use on High quality polyurethane spongesfits most power drills. to a high finish. Buffing wheels canferrous metals and alloys. 31.75mm in black, yellow, white, red and blue.be stacked onto tapered spindles for(1-1/4) bore with 12.7mm (1/2), For cutting, compounding, polishingCode Size Unit required thickness. 15.88mm (5/8), 19.05mm (3/4) and and final finish. Compatible withSIL102547 50mm Each 25.4mm (1) reducing bushes. For M14 x 2 male connection sanderCode Unit use with all 150mm bench grinders.polishers and grinders. Includes 1SIL102552 63mm EachSIL105888 Each Code Price* Unitx 150mm M14 x 2 hook and loop backing pad. SPONGES & WHEELS Silverline 105894 SisalSIL390392 3.83 EachCode Unit Silverline Hook & LoopBuffing Wheel 150mm Silverline 633782 Double SIL285024 Each Polishing Sponge Stitched Buffing Wheel 150mmSilverline 868845 Polishing Bonnet Set 2pcSuitable for final polishing of metalsSpiral-stitched construction with 5 and glass. Use with hook and loopindividual layers of durable sisal fibre. backing and sander/polisher. WillFor removing grinding marks and first100% cotton, 50 fold double stitched Synthetic buffing and textilealso accept polishing bonnet. stage polishing. Buffing wheels canbuffing wheel. Can be stacked application bonnets for use withbe stacked onto tapered spindle toonto tapered spindles for required Silverline Orbital Car Polisher. Code Size Unit achieve required thickness. thickness.Code Unit SIL105812 125 x 38mm Each Code Unit Code UnitSIL868845 Each SIL105816 180 x 38mm Each SIL105894 Each SIL633782 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 69'