b'SAFETYSAFETY DEKTONDekton DT70810 Hard CapDekton DT70820 Gel Knee Pads Dekton DT70828 Ear PlugDekton DT70830 Ear Knee Pads Set 2pc DefendersAUTOMOTIVE & SAFETYPerfect for carpenters, construction Heavy duty caps for durability.workers, mechanics and gardeners. Grooved cap design helps preventHeavy duty gel padding with hardAnti-allergenic silicon. HighReduce harmful noise. Ideal for thread wear. Easy to put on andcap protects knees from rough andperformance protection. Secure fitworkshops, tradesman and DIY. cold surfaces. Sewn cap preventsfor added comfort.remove. Secure fitting double elasticdirt and debris getting underneath.Large ear cup opening for optimum straps. Thick foam cushioning forStrap fastens below knee for secureCode Unit fit. Soft cushion for comfort. ultimate comfort. fit. One size fits all. DEKDT70828 Each Adjustable head strap.Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitDEKDT70810 Each DEKDT70820 Each DEKDT70830 EachAUTOMOTIVEDekton DT60710 MagneticDekton DT60716 RoundDekton DT60725B MagneticDekton DT65233 Ratchet Telescopic LED Flexi Flashlight Telescopic Inspection Mirror Pick Up Tool 16lb Wrench, Socket & Bit Set 22pcFlexible neck with 360 degreesErgonomic anti slip handle. rotation. Telescopic to 560mm. 3Ergonomic anti-slip handle.Telescopic to over 770mm. MagneticIncludes: 11 x 25mm bits: Phillips: bright LEDs. Ideal for working inTelescopic to over 700mm. 360head. Heavy duty. PH1, PH2, PH3, Pozi: PZ1, PZ2, PZ3. and around engines or dark spaces.degrees full rotation. Perfect forCode Unit Torx: T15, T20, T25. Hex: H4, H5, Knurled handle for extra grip.inspecting inaccessible areas. IdealDEKDT60725B Each Adaptor, 60mm magnetic holder, 9 Packaged in a \'Try Me\' blister. for working in and around engines. x sockets: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. Code Unit Dekton DT60730 MagneticErgonomic anti slip handle. 2 way Code Unit Tool Set 3pc ratchet. Ultra strong CR-V.DEKDT60710 Each DEKDT60716 EachCode UnitDekton DT60715B InspectionDekton DT60720B MagneticDEKDT65233 EachMirror 2.5" Pick Up Tool 5lbDekton DT65421 12pc Socket & Bit SetStainless steel magnetic tray: 64mm x 93mm x 13.8mm. Telescopic magnetic pick-up with pocket clip: extends from 125mm to 490mm. Telescopic adjustable inspection mirror with pocket clip: extends from 170mm to 485mm, mirror Ultra powerful 2 LED light.diameter 31mm. For hobbies, home, Ergonomic anti-slip handle.Ergonomic anti-slip handle.office, garage and workshop. Ideal Telescopic to 880mm. 360 degreesTelescopic to over 620mm. Magneticfor inspection and maintenance of12pc socket and bit set with adapter. full rotation. head. Heavy Duty. equipment and machinery. Ideal for workshop, garage and DIY.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitDEKDT60715B Each DEKDT60720B Each DEKDT60730 Each DEKDT65421 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 29'