b'IRONMONGERYKEY RINGSKEY RINGS LOCKING BARS LOCKS IRONMONGERYSecurit S6886 Steel SplitPerry HS147 Heavy SwivelCABLE & BIKE LOCKSRing Nickel Plated Locking BarsHilka Combination Cable LockCable Lock with Bracket12mm x 1200mmCode Size UnitKEY RINGS, LOCK SPINDLES, LOCKING BARS & LOCKSCode Size Unit BlackMPSS6886 30mm Card PERHS147-0250BK 250mm EachPERHS147-0300BK 300mm EachSilverline (431620) ColouredPERHS147-0350BK 350mm Each 1000 x 6mmPlastic Key Covers Pack of 50 Code UnitGalvanisedPERHS147-0400GV 400mm Each SIL554412 EachPerry HS247 Extra HeavyThick 12mm diameter for increasedSecurit S1220 Spiral Cable Swivel Locking Bars Black security and large 1200mm lengthLock 1500mmsuitable for most tasks. Steel cable with 4 number combination lock. Durable coloured plastic key coversVinyl coated cover to protect items in ring design for easy fittingwith re-settable combination for around key heads. Provides quickpersonalisation.identification of important keys.Code UnitIncludes a range of colours. Code Size UnitCode Unit PERHS247-0600BK 600mm Each HIL89502005 EachSIL431620 Each Hilka Keyed Cable Lock 12mm Securit S1422 Verticalx 1200mm Code Size UnitSilverline 844160 Master KeyLocking Bar BlackRings Pack-12 MPSS1220 1500mm EachSecurit S1222 Spiral Double Loop Security CableFor effective key management. Markable tab for identification. SetCode Size Unitof 12 supplied in a range of colours.MPSS1422 150mm EachCode UnitSIL844160 Each Securit S1426 Swivel Locking Bar Black Thick 12mm diameter for increased security and large 1200mm lengthCode Size UnitLOCK SPINDLES suitable for most tasks. Steel cable with keyed lock and vinyl coatedMPSS1222 2000mm EachSecurit B8000 Spindle forcover to protect items.Door Furniture Securit S1224 Cable Lock Code Unit 15mm 2 KeysHIL89502008 EachHilka Security Cable & Lock 4mm x 3m3.1/2Code Size UnitMPSB8000BULK 3.1/2 Each Code Size UnitSecurit S8000 Spindle ForMPSS1426 250mm EachDoor Handles Length 90mmCode Size UnitDepth 8mm. Pack-2 MPSS1224 600mm EachSecurit S1226 Cable Lock 2 KeysUltra strong steel security cable with a vinyl coating to protect from marking/scratching. Includes brass padlock with protective cover and three keys. Perfect for home or FIRST FORoffice. Size: 3m x 4mm.SERVICE, QUALITYCode UnitAND COMPETITIVEHIL70103300 Each Code Size UnitCode UnitMPSS8000 Card PRICES MPSS1226 500mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 411'