b'IRONMONGERYPAD LOCKSPAD LOCKS IRONMONGERYBRASS PADLOCKSSecurit Egret Brass Padlock Securit Resettable Code Lock Silverline Brass Padlock Sterling Brass PadlockPAD LOCKSCode Size UnitMPSS1132 20mm Each Solid brass body & cylinderMPSS1133 25mm Each Code Size Unit Solid brass body with chrome-plated, Hardened steel chrome platedMPSS1134 30mm Each Black hardened steel shackle and multi-pinshackleMPSS1191 34mm Each tumbler mechanism. Includes 3 brass Anti-pick mushroom pinsMPSS1135 40mm EachMPSS1136 50mm Each Brass keys. Horizontal x vertical shackle Stainless steel springsMPSS1192 20mm Each clearance: MSS01: 10x15mm; MSS02: Nickel plated brass keysMPSS1137 60mm Each 15x18mm; MSS03: 23x24mm; MSS04: Loose Zinc Plated 28x31mm. MSS05: 32x38mm.Large number of key combinationsMPSS1193 40mm Each Shackle dia: MSS01: 3.5mm; MSS02: Standard section keywayMPSB1134BULK 30mm Each 5mm; MSS03: 6mm; MSS04: 8mm; MPSB1135BULK 40mm Each MSS05: 9.5mm. Code Size UnitSilverline (735177) LockSTEBPL122 20mm EachMPSB1136BULK 50mm Each Picking Set 11pce Code Size UnitMPSB1137BULK 60mm Each STEBPL123 25mm EachSILMSS01 20mm Each STEBPL132 30mm EachSecurit Egret Padlock LongSILMSS02 30mm Each STEBPL142 40mm EachShackle Brass SILMSS03 40mm Each STEBPL152 50mm EachSILMSS04 50mm Each STEBPL162 60mm EachSILMSS05 60mm Each Twin PackTough yet flexible stainless steel withSTEBPL222 20mm Eachpolymer handles. Lightweight andSilverline Brass Padlock Long handy locksmith set for picking locksShackle STEBPL432 30mm Eachwhen keys have been mislaid. IncludesSTEBPL442 40mm Each9 x hook/rake lock picks, 2 x tensioningQuad Packtools and slim faux leather pouch.STEBPL444 40mm EachCode Unit Long ShackleSIL735177 Each STEBPL242 40x63mm EachCode Size UnitMPSS1139 30mm Each Silverline 282715 Hi Viz BrassSTEBPL252 50x80mm EachMPSS1140 40mm Each Padlock Set 23mm 4pc Sterling Combination PadlockSecurit Laminated Padlock Brass Cylinder Solid brass body and multi-pin tumbler mechanism. Hardened extra-long steel shackle. Includes 3 brass keys. Horizontal shackle clearance: MSS03L 22mm, MSS04L 26mm. Each set includes 23mm brass padlockVertical shackle clearance: MSS03L and 2 brass keys covered in Hi-Vis56mm, MSS04L 75mm. Shackle dia: PVC. Chrome-plated steel shackles.MSS03L 6.5mm, MSS04L 8mm.Green, blue, pink and fuchsia. Code Size UnitCode Unit SILMSS03L 38mm EachCode Size Unit SIL282715 Each SILMSS04L 50mm EachMPSS1114 30mm Each Solid brassMPSS1115 40mm Each Silverline CombinationSquire Brass Padlock Corrosion resistantMPSS1116 50mm Each Padlock BrassSteel shackleResettable combinationMPSS1117 64mm EachEasy to operate No keys to loseSecurit Tricircle Iron Padlock Brass Cylinder20mm Ideal for luggage 3 dial combination Code Size UnitAluminiumSTECPL131 30mm EachSolid brass body and steel shackle.Solid brass padlocks premium grade. STECPL141 40mm EachSize (W x H x Th): 744867: 28 x 41Code Size Unit Brassx 12mm; 360848: 29 x 49 x 12mm.SQULN2 25mm Each STECPL120 20mm EachHorizontal shackle clearance: 13mm. Code Size Unit Vertical shackle clearance: 26mm.SQULN3 30mm Each STECPL130 30mm EachMPSS1120 32mm Each Shackle dia: 5mm. SQULN4 40mm Each STECPL140 40mm EachMPSS1121 38mm Each Code Size Unit SQULN4T 40mm Each STECPL151 50mm EachMPSS1122 50mm Each SIL744867 3-Digit Each SQULN4212 40mm Each Laminated SteelMPSS1123 63mm Each SIL360848 4-Digit Each SQULN5 50mm Each STECPL146 40mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 423'