b'DECORATINGSANDINGDECORATINGSANDINGSANDING BLOCKS & PADS SANDING DISCSHilka 68100725 SpongeSilverline 222804 RubberRockler (688805) ContourQuick Change Sanding Disc Sanding Block 3pc Sanding Block 115 x 65mm Sanding Grips Pack of 6 Set 75mmSANDINGHeavy rubber block. For use with any abrasive paper cut to size. Sharp metal spikes hold paper in place.Code UnitSIL222804 EachDouble-ended contour sanding 100mm x 70mm x 25mm medium,blocks for easy sanding of concaveCode Grit Unitcoarse, fine. Can be used wet or dry.Silverline Foam Sanding Blockand convex shapes without Suitable for sanding most materials. 70 x 100 x 25mm distorting or diminishing profile.SIL100105 80 Pk 5Code Unit Ends are connected by a narrow flexible section for comfortableSilverline Fibre Discs 100 x HIL68100725 Each grip. Made from flexible rubber16mmthat adapts to minor variations in Makita 196684-1 Sandingdiameter. Grippy texture prevents Pad 150mm Soft (Was Codedsandpaper from slipping and hand MAKA-87812) fatigue. Set includes six blocks with inside/outside diameters of 6, 10, Can be used wet or dry for sanding13, 16, 19 and 22mm (1/4, 3/8, 1/2, almost any type of material, flat or5/8, 3/4 and 7/8). Diameters are contoured. moulded into the rubber for easy selection.Code Type Unit Code UnitSIL675085 Fine/Med Each SIL688805 EachSIL868564 Med/Coarse EachSilverline 282641 Cork SandingSANDING DISCS Aluminium oxide. For use with rubber backing discs.Block 110 x 60 x 30mm Dronco Fibre Disc 115mm x 22mm Code Grit UnitMakita A-87812 / 196684-1 BackingSIL228547 60 Pk 10Pad 150mm. For mid general sanding. Suitable for Makita BO6030 & BO6040. Silverline Hook & Loop Discs Pack of 10Code UnitMAK196684-1 EachFor use with abrasive paper for Silverline 100002 Sandingsanding by hand.Block Code UnitSIL282641 Each Code Grit UnitDRO6011031 24 Pk 25Silverline 387918 150mmDRO6011033 36 Pk 25Hook & Loop Backing Pad M15 DRO6011036 60 Pk 25DRO6011037 80 Pk 25DRO6011039 120 Pk 25Aluminium oxide. For use with Hilka Hook & Loop Sanding Discsander polishers. Hook and loop 125mm Assorted Grade 15pc backing for quick fitting.Ergonomic foam block adapts toCode Grit Unitcurved work surfaces for a smoothCode Unit 125mmfinish. For use with 150mm dia hookSIL387918 Each SIL745189 80 Pk 10and loop sanding discs. Includes 3SIL745891 120 Pk 10discs 40, 120 and 240 grit. 150 xSilverline 514851 Hook & LoopSIL689244 Assorted Pk 1085mm.Backing Pad 5/16UNF 180mmCode Grit UnitSIL100002 Assorted Pk 3 SIL427660 120 Pk 10SIL282541 240 Pk 10250mmSIL224522 80 Pk 10Aluminium oxide suitable for mostSIL819726 120 Pk 10materials. Hook and loop for quick fitting. Contains: 5 coarse, 5 medium300mmA MASSIVE RANGECode Unit and 5 fine sheets. SIL298538 60 Pk 10SIL432202 125mm Each Code Unit SIL934116 80 Pk 10TO CHOOSE FROM SIL514851 150mm Each HIL68808015 Each SIL436756 120 Pk 10100 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'