b'IRONMONGERYPAD LOCKSPAD LOCKS IRONMONGERYKEYED ALIKE PADLOCKS LAMINATED PADLOCKSSilverline 663004 KeyedYale 714 Padlock To Pass LongSilverline (536043)Squire 37 Stronglock Padlock Alike Padlocks Pk2 Shackle Aluminium Padlock 30mm Steel 45mmPAD LOCKSThe new rugged range of double Chrome-plated shackle and Zinc body deadlocking and ball-locking protective PVC coating. Keyedpin tumbler laminated steelHardened steel sprung shacklealike - one key opens both locks.Lightweight yet tough high-techpadlocks deliver premium qualitySnaplocking, key to unlockProtects suitcases, bags andaluminium alloy body and hardened,performance and an excellent backpacks, toolboxes and lockers 2 point self locking chrome-plated steel shackle. Solidchoice of standard shackle, longfrom unauthorised access. Includes 2 Non key retaining brass cylinder and corrosion-resistantshackle and closed shackle versions.x 20mm brass padlocks. stainless steel locking mechanismRecommended for sheds, garages, Code Unit with increased pick resistance.lockups, gates, toolboxes, lockers, Code Unit YAL714LSDC800 Each Secure, double-locking shackle resistsvans and storage areas.SIL663004 Each pry attacks. Provides a high level of LAMINATED PADLOCKS protection. Includes 2 keys. Code Desc. UnitSilverline 675152 Keyed AlikeCode Unit SQU37 EachPadlock Hilka Laminated Padlock 30mm SIL536043 Each SQU372431 Key No. 2431 EachSQU374440 Key No. 4440 EachSilverline Laminated Padlock SQU37CS Closed Shackle EachSquire 39 Stronglock Padlock Steel 50mmEach padlock supplied with a set of 3 brass keys. All keys fit any of the 4 padlocks. Ideal for situations where keyholders need access to all of the secured areas. Size (W x H x Th): 40 x 32 x 12mm. Horizontal shackleStrong double locking shackle with clearance: 22mm. Vertical shacklelaminated steel body and protective clearance: 25mm. Shackle dia: 6mm.vinyl bumper. Suitable for indoor useLaminated steel body with protective Weight: 108g. and supplied with 3 keys. bumper. Hardened steel and chrome- The new rugged range of double plated shackle. Double locking.deadlocking and ball-locking Code Unit Code Unit Includes 3 steel keys. Horizontal xpin tumbler laminated steel SIL675152 Each HIL70600030 Each vertical shackle clearance: 224515:padlocks deliver premium quality 20x25mm; 704400: 25x29mm;performance and an excellent Sterling Aluminium Padlock Sterling Laminated Steel Padlock 590587: 30x38mm. Shackle dia:choice of standard shackle, long 224515: 6mm, 704400: 8.5mm,shackle and closed shackle versions. 590587: 11mm. Recommended for sheds, garages, lockups, gates, toolboxes, lockers, Code Size Unit vans and storage areas.SIL224515 40mm EachSIL704400 50mm Each Code Size UnitSQU39 Open Shackle EachSquire 35 Stronglock PadlockSQU391124 To Pass Key No. 1124 EachCorrosion resistant aluminium body.Laminated steel body Steel 38mm SQU39CS Closed Shackle Each Code Size UnitHardened steel chrome plated shackle Brass cylinder Kasp K130 Laminated Steel STEAPL022P 20mm EachStainless steel springs PadlockSTEAPL032P 30mm Each Protective bumper STEAPL042P 40mm EachNickel plated brass keysLarge number of key combinationsYale 714 Padlock To Pass (Key DC800)Standard section keyway All padlocks within a single multi-pack operate on the same key however theThe new rugged range of double keys differ from pack to pack deadlocking and ball-locking Code Size Unit pin tumbler laminated steel padlocks deliver premium quality STELPL132 30mm Each performance and an excellentThe robust design of this classic STELPL142 40mm Each choice of standard shackle, longstyle of padlock ensures that it is still shackle and closed shackle versions.as popular as ever. Zinc body STELPL152 50mm Each Recommended for Sheds, garages, Hardened steel sprung shackle STELPL162 64mm Each lockups, gates, toolboxes, lockers,Code Size UnitSnaplocking, key to unlock Closed Shackle vans and storage areas. KASK13030D 30mm Each2 point self locking STELPL142C 40mm Each Code Size Unit KASK13040D 40mm EachNon key retainingSTELPL152C 50mm Each SQU35 Each KASK13040L40D 40mm EachCode Unit Long Shackle SQU35212 Long Shackle Each KASK13050D 50mm EachYAL714DC800 Each STELPL242 40mm Each SQU355545 To Pass Key 5545 Each KASK13060D 60mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 429'