b'IRONMONGERYDOOR FITTINGSDOOR FITTINGS IRONMONGERYDOOR CHAIN DOOR CLOSERS DOOR HANDLESSecurit Narrow Door ChainYale P1037 Door Chain Brass Securit Door Closer Silver Securit Aluminium Door 44mm HandlesDOOR FITTINGSCode For Doors UnitStandard security. 2 year guarantee. MPSSMTDC003 Up to 65kg Each Helps identify a caller before theMPSSMTDC024 Up to 45kg Each door is fully releasedCode Finish Unit Surface fitted security accessory Securit Concealed Door Closer MPSS1642 Polished Brass EachSuitable for wooden doors 140mmMPSS1643 Polished Chrome EachVisi-Pack Packaging Securit Aluminium lock furnitureCode Unit brightSecurit Security Door Guard 110mm YALP1037PB Each Code Size UnitLatchDOOR CLOSERS MPSS3105 100mm EachBriton 1110-SES Fire DoorLockCloser 2 Hour 1/2 hour fire door. MPSS3104 150mm EachCode Finish UnitMPSS5112 Brass Each Securit Aluminium HandlesMPSS5113 Nickel EachCode Finish Unit Securit Hercules Door CloserMPSS1628 Electro Brass EachMPSS1629 Chrome Plated EachSecurit Steel Door Chain 80mmSuitable for both right handed and left handed doorsCertifire approvedCode Width UnitBRI1110SES 1100mm Each Code Size UnitBathroomBriton 121CE Fire Door Closer 100 x 150mm surface fix door closer. MPSS3073 150mm EachCode Finish Unit LatchMPSS5114 Brass Each MPSS3072 100mm EachMPSS5115 White Each LockCode Finish UnitMPSS5116 St/Steel Each MPSS3071 150mm EachMPSS1624 Electro Brass EachMPSS1625 Nickel Plated Each Sterling Surface MountedSecurit Aluminium HandlesMax Door Weight: 60kg Door CloserSterling Door ChainCode UnitBRINT121 EachBriton 2000 Series Door Closer Spring loaded Adjustable tension Closes doors up to 68kgCode Size Unit Helps reduce heat loss anddraughts Bathroom Heavy duty door chain in brass orWidth: 950mmF or indoor use MPSS3079 150mm Each chrome plated Code Size UnitSimple to install - includes fixings Euro LockAllows for safe caller identificationBrass1/2 hour fire door tested to BS ENMPSS3080 150mm Each Easy to fit BRI2003PL Size 3: 60kg Each 1634-1 LatchCode Finish Unit Silver Code Finish Unit MPSS3078 100mm EachSTEDCB200 Brass Each BRI2003SE Size 3: 60kg Each STEDCW207 White Each LockSTEDCC200 Chrome Each BRI2004 Size 4: 80kg Each STEDCBK271 Black Each MPSS3077 150mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 385'