b'HAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSHAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSDEBURRERS & END CLEANERS DRAIN & PIPE CLEANERSDickie Dyer (351919) HeavyMonument 3024O AbrasiveSilverline 282388 DeburringBailey 1740 Brass Clearing Duty Pipe Reamer 6 - 40mmClean Up Strips Tool 240mm Wheel- 18.043PLUMBERS TOOLSDurable plastic body with pocket clip. Rotating cutting blade for use Heavy duty zinc alloy body with rust- on steel, copper, brass and plastic resistant rippled powder coating andpipes. Length 240mm.high-speed steel reamer. For internalCode Unit Guides rods around difficult bends and external tube ends. Pipe sizesSIL282388 Each and removes minor blockages by 6-40mm. 180 grit silicone carbide strips ofpushing material clear.Code Unit abrasive waterproof open meshSilverline 322211 Boiler & FlueCode UnitSIL351919 Each material for tough cleaning jobs. ForBrush Set 3pcroughing up plastic pipe, cleaningBAI1740 Eachinside fittings (can be cut into small Dickie Dyer (416827) Pipestrips), deburring metal and woodBailey 1741 Drop Scraper 4Cleaner & Deburrer 4-in-1 15 &surfaces. Display Pack (10 per pack).22mm - 11.06 Code UnitMON3024O EachCleans flues and other boiler parts Monument 365F De-Burrerwithout scratching or damaging the For Copper Pipe material. Easily removes stubborn dirt and deposits, and helps extend Galvanised steel wire brushes withthe service life of any boiler. Also strong, injection-moulded plasticuseful for miscellaneous cleaning body. Cleans and deburrs coppertasks around the home, garage and pipes. For pipes 15 and 22mm dia. workshop. Sizes 15mm dia, 50mm dia and 50 x 16mm dia. Glides over small obstructions and Code Unit drops into vertical scraping position Code Unit to allow offending material to be SIL416827 Each SIL322211 Each dragged back towards the operator.Dickie Dyer (876281)Code Size UnitDeburring Tool 150mm Internal and external copper pipeSilverline 633944 UniversalBAI1741 4 (100mm) Eachend deburrer. Deburrs up to 36 mmPipe Reamer 15 & 22mmcopper pipe. Bailey 1749 Universal Double Code Unit Worm Screw2MON365F EachInjection-moulded polypropyleneS/L 248844 Deburring Tool handle with high quality rotating148mmblade. Bayonet fitting for easy blade replacement. For removing burr from copper, aluminium and light duty steelDouble ended plastic pipe reamer. pipes. Spare blade storage in handle.3 blades for efficient cutting of Compatible with Silverline Deburringinternal and external chamfers on Tool Blades. Length 150mm. pipes. Maximum cutting capacity 40mm. Includes 15 and 22mm dia. Pierces blockages such as paper or Code Unit Robust tool with hexagonal,rags and the obstruction is drawn SIL876281 Each anodised aluminium handle andCode Unit back to clear the pipe.bayonet fitting. Blade rotates 36.SIL633944 EachMonument 2951Y MopitupFor removing burr from steel,Code UnitSheets copper, brass and plastic pipes.DRAIN & PIPE CLEANERS BAI1749 EachIncludes M2 HSS blade.Code Unit Bailey 1600 Drain Rod 3 xBailey 1846 Drain Brush 4SIL248844 Each 3/4S/L 252763 Deburring Tool Blades 2pcSuper absorbent sheet and a quick and easy way to clean up waterReplacement blades for use withDrain and sweeps brushes with based spillages in the home or248844 and 282388 DeburringFor general purpose use, smallbristles in wooden stock. Use for workplace. Will ONLY absorb waterTools. Use on steel, copper, brass anddiameter drains or flues, and septicbrick chimneys and coal burning based fluids. Sold in a pack of 3. plastic pipes. tanks. applications.Code Unit Code Unit Code Size Unit Code Size UnitMON2951Y Each SIL252763 Each BAI1600 19mm Each BAI1846 4 (100mm) Each270 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'