b'DECORATINGPAINTSDECORATINGPAINTSSPRAY PAINTSRustoleum Rust ReformerRustoleum Direct To VinylRustoleum High Glow MattRustoleum Textured Spray Spray 400ml Gloss 400ml Spray 400ml Paint 400mlPAINTSRestores color and gloss. Ideal for A layer of this flat-black coatingvinyl or fabric car and boat seats,Adds vibrant color to crafts, toys,Whatever look youre afterfrom bonds with rusty metal and instantlydashboards, upholstery, luggage,rugged to elegant to earthyyoull transforms it into a non-rustingfurniture, sports equipment andsporting goods and more. Apply tofind a colour combination to fit your surface. No need to sand down tomore. Contains actual vinyl forany surface. Creates high visibilityvision. Create a weather-resistant bare metal, simply spray directlymaximum flexibility. when stenciled or sprayed directlylook that lasts and lasts.onto rust. Code Colour Unit to objects.TORSPDIRECTVBK Black Each Code Colour Unit Code Colour UnitCode Colour Unit TORTEXTDB Desert Bisque EachTORRUSTMTBK Matt Black Each TORSPGLOWYEL Yellow EachRustoleum Frosted GlassTORSPGLOWRO Red Each TORTEXTAGIR Aged Iron EachRustoleum Appliance EnamelSpray 400ml TORTEXTAUBN Brown EachGloss 400ml Rustoleum Radiator EnamelTORTEXTDF Deep Forest EachSpray 400mlRustoleum Universal Spray Paint 400mlAdds a semi-transparent coating for decoration or privacy. Apply to glass or mirrors. Creates the look of custom Ultra-hard, moisture resistanceetched glass when applied with stencils.enamel that is specificallyAn ultra-tough, heat-resistant formulated for indoor metalCode Unitsurfaces. It provides a smooth,TORSPFROSTED Each enamel that is specifically formulated for finishing / refinishing washable surface for refinishingthe exterior of radiators. ForRust-Oleum Universal is a paint the exterior of appliances such asRustoleum Chalkboard Paintrefinishing the exterior of radiators. and primer in one that provides refrigerators, dishwashers, laundry400ml superior coverage and durability machines, and other indoor metalCode Colour Unit over any surfaceit also features applications. Do not use on objectsGloss a patented comfort trigger that exposed to heat. eliminates finger fatigue and sprays TORSPRADGWH White EachCode Colour Unit Metallic from any angle.TORSPAPPGLSS Steel Each TORSPRADMETCH Chrome Each Code Colour UnitTORSPAPPGLWH White Each TORSPRADMETSL Silver Each GlossSatin TORUNIVGLBK Black EachRustoleum Direct To PlasticTORSPRADSWH White Each TORUNIVGLCR Red EachSpray 400ml Chalkboard Spray Paint converts surfaces into a usable chalkboard.TORUNIVGLESP Brown EachApply to metal, wood, plastic,Rustoleum Stone SprayTORUNIVGLRG Green Eachhardboard, glass or paperboard.400ml TORUNIVGLSG Grey EachErases cleanly.TORUNIVGLWH White EachCode Colour Unit HammeredTORSPCHALKBOARD Black Each TORUNIVHAMBK Black EachRustoleum PolyurethaneTORUNIVHAMSL Silver EachFinish Gloss Spray 400ml MattTORUNIVMTBK Black EachRenews and restores in one step.MetallicApply directly to plastic mailboxes, lawn chairs, storage lockers andTORUNIVMETPG Gold Eachmore. Provides superior adhesionBring the look and feel of naturalTORUNIVMETSL Silver Eachand long-lasting durability. stone to any surface. This uniqueSatinCode Colour Unit formulas textured, multi-toned finishTORUNIVSTBK Black EachTORSPDIRECTPWH White Each will transform ordinary objects intoTORUNIVSTWH White Eachbeautiful stonework.TORSPDIRECTPBK Black Each Provides a clear protective finish that protects from scuff marks, abrasions,Code Colour Unitwater and chemicals. Apply to wood orTORSTTEXTBKGR Granite Eachmetal. Lasts twice as long as varnish. TORSTTEXTBLST Stone EachCode Colour Unit TORSTTEXTMINBN Brown EachTORSPPOLYGLCL Clear Each TORSTTEXTPEB Pebble Each90 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'