b'HAND TOOLSPRECISION TOOLSPRECISION TOOLS HAND TOOLSEclipse Pin Vice Silverline 196600 DepthSilverline 244994 MagneticSilverline 282378 External Gauge 150mm V-Block 70 x 60 x 70mm Micrometer 25mm Hand held tools designed forPRECISION TOOLSholding round materials Hollow handle enables materialHardened stainless steel head withgreater than the overall length oflocking nut. Metric and imperial the pin chuck to be used graduations. Precision-ground magnetic V-blockEnamelled frame and satin chrome Code Size Unit Code Unit with 3 magnetic surfaces. Forthimble and sleeve. Supplied in a holding round, square or rectangularstrong plastic box. Range 0-25mm. NEI121 0-1.0mm Each SIL196600 Each workpieces. Use when grinding,Resolution 0.01mm.NEI122 0.75-1.5mm Each marking, measuring etc.Silverline 209144 TweezerCode Unit Code UnitHilka Feeler Gauge 32pcSet 7pc SIL282378 EachImperial & Metric SIL244994 EachSilverline 245110 Screw PitchSilverline 282420 Screw Gauge Combination 0.25-6mmPitch Gauge Metric 0.4 - 6mm/ 4-62BSW32 leaf dual marked feeler gaugeCarbon steel. Ideal for model for measuring narrow gaps orbuilding, clock repairs and otherAccurately measures internal and clearances. Dual marked feelerdelicate work. Includes straightexternal threads. 52 leaves: 4-62Used to determine internal and gauge in metric and thousandspoint, straight jaw, straight jaw withBSW and 0.25mm-6mm. external thread forms. Blades clearly of an inch. Blades are individuallycushioned grip, angled jaw, angledmarked with thread sizes from 0.4-marked. Contains: 32 blade 0.04 -jaw with cushioned grip, duck billCode Unit 6mm. 20 leaves.0.88 (metric) and 0.0015 - 0.035and bent cross with cushioned grip. SIL245110 Each(imperial), Brass blade (0.010 -Code Unit0.254). Code Unit SIL282420 EachSIL209144 Each Angular Torque Gauge 1/2 Code Unit DriveHIL12700132 Each Silverline 282637 Repairmans Silverline 228566 UniversalTaper Reamer 3 - 12mmGrinding Gauge (55, 60, 90 & Silverline 155026 Spring120 degree)Calipers Set 180mm 3pcChrome-vanadium steel and robust plastic dial. Tightens fasteners toHigh quality carbon steel. Use to angle torque values. Clear, easy-to- ream and deburr panel holes. Six read angle gauge and accurate 2flutes for cleaning and smoothing High grade carbon steel. For markingStainless steel gauge marked withgraduations. Dual-length locking armholes. Removable handle.out and measuring internal and55, 60, 90 and 120 angles.holds body in place. Compatible withCode Unitexternal features. Accurately groundEtched, metric graduations. non-impact 1/2 drive tools.points and quick split nut adjustment.SIL282637 EachFor engineers and machinists. Code Unit Code UnitSIL228566 Each SIL254617 Each Silverline 380687 Centre Code Unit Finder 200mmSIL155026 Each Silverline 237431 Spring HookSilverline 273894 Digital Set 185mm 4pc Depth Gauge 0-25mmSilverline 196521 Metric Dial Indicator 0-10mmHardened steel tools for separatingDigital depth gauge ideal for wire and for setting and adjustingchecking tyres, brake shoes and hole High precision shockproof 60mmsprings. Also can be used as pickdepths. Clear LCD display, 0.01mm dial indicator with low measuringfor careful removal of O-rings. Redresolution.Metric and imperialQuick, simple method of determining force and 10mm travel. Rotatinginsulated non-slip grip. Ideal formodes. Measuring range 0-25mm.the centre of round or square stock bezel with lock for zero setting.model-makers and jewellery makers.Zero button for quick re-calibration.up to 200mm (8) dia and hexagonal Range 0-10mm, graduation 0.01mm. Length 185mm. Includes 1 x CR2032 battery. stock up to 146mm (5 3/4) dia.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL196521 Each SIL237431 Each SIL273894 Each SIL380687 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 283'