b'HAND TOOLSHAMMER HANDLES HAMMER WEDGES HAMMERS HAND TOOLSClaw/Adze Handle Hickory 14 Silverline 273200 HammerBALL PEIN HAMMERS BRICK HAMMERSWedge Set 10pcSilverline Ball Pein Hammer Estwing Bricklayer Hammer Vinyl HandleHAMMER HANDLES, HAMMER WEDGES & HAMMERSCode Size UnitHNH510H14 14 (350mm) EachForged steel head with polished Club Hammer Handle Hickory striking face and hardwood shaft.For securing replacement handles to hammer heads. Contains 2 x No 1, 2,Code Size Unit3, 4 and 5 wedges. SIL719794 8oz Each Brick/Masons HammerSIL282490 16oz EachCode Unit Full polishedSIL273200 Card SIL456982 32oz Each24oz (672g)Code Size Unit HAMMERS Silverline Fibreglass Ball PeinLength 11/279mmHNH515H10 10 (250mm) Each Hammer Code Size UnitHNH515H12 12 (300mm) Each BALL PEIN HAMMERS RSTE324BLC 24oz EachEngineers Handle Hickory Ball Pein Hammer Estwing E320BLC Bricklayer Hammer Vinyl Handle 20ozForged steel polished head, shock absorbing fibreglass shaft with nylon surround and hi-grip rubber handle.Code Size Unit Code Size UnitHNH500H12 12 (300mm) Each SIL793789 8oz EachHNH500H15 15 (380mm) Each Code Size Unit SILHA34 16oz EachHNH500H16 16 (400mm) Each HNHBP1 1lb Each SILHA35 32oz EachHNHBP15 1.1/2lb EachF ull polishedHNH500H18 18 (457mm) EachPatented End CapHNHBP2 2lb Each Silverline Hickory Ball Pein Silverline (689516) ClubHNHBP25 2.1/2lb Each Hammer Shock-Reduction Nylon-Vinyl GripHammer Handle 255mm (10) HNHBP3 3lb Each Code UnitESTE3/20BLC EachHilka 54201704 Cross Pein Hammer 4oz Hickory Shaft Hilka 60500600 Steel Brick Hammer 600gPremium knot-free beech withHardened forged steel head and turned and sanded traditionalhickory shaft. For striking punches. pattern handle. Tapered oval endBall end for sheet metalwork.approx 30 x 19mm. Use wedges andCode Size Unitrings for secure fitting. Replacement handle for 2lb and 4lb lumpSILHA14B 4oz Eachhammers. SILHA15B 8oz EachCode Unit With polished faces and hickorySILHA20B 16oz EachSIL689516 Each shafts. SILHA24B 24oz Each High quality drop forged hammer forged in one piece and polished. Code Size Unit SILHA28B 32oz Each Fitted with comfortable two Sledge Handle Hickory HIL54201704 4oz Each SILHA30B 40oz Each component handle.Hilka Ball Pein HammerStanley Graphite Ball PeinCode Size UnitFibreglass Shaft Hammer HIL60500600 600g EachSilverline 675165 Solid Forged Code Size Unit Brick Hammer 20ozHNH525H24 24 (600mm) EachHNH525H30 30 (750mm) EachHNH525H36 36 (900mm) Each Rim tempered poll and ball peinWide Eye Sledge Handle 36 prevents chipping.High quality hammers with polished Graphite core shaft for maximumfaces and fibre glass shaft. Fittedstrength.with comfortable rubber grip.Patented head to handle assembly Code Size Unit for improved safety.HIL56202108 1/2lb Each Code Size Unit Solid forged with heavy duty rubber Wide Eye Sledge Handle 36 HIL56202316 1lb Each STA154716 16oz Each handle.Code Size Unit HIL56202532 2lb Each STA154724 24oz Each Code Size UnitHNH530H36 36 (900mm) Each HIL56502640 2.1/2lb Each STA154732 32oz Each SIL675165 20oz EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 239'