b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSAUGER BITS BLACKSMITH DRILLS COBALT DRILL BITS DUST COLLECTORSSilverline SDS Plus Auger Bit Silverline Blacksmiths DrillSilverline Cobalt Drill Bits Rockler (359055) Lathe Dust Bit Collection System D x L: 76 x 229mm (3 x 9)Precision ground, hardened highHSS precision ground from M35 high carbon steel. speed steel bars with 5% cobalt. For Code Size Unit Large dia, high speed steel twist drillalloys, hardened steels, cast irons, with reduced 12.5mm dia shanks. Usetitanium and other hard-to-drill SIL371739 6 x 235mm Each on aluminium, steel, plastic, woodmaterials such as stainless steel. SIL733230 8 x 235mm Each and non-ferrous metals. Always use cooling agent.DRILL BITS SIL486933 10 x 235mm Each Code Size Unit Code Size UnitSIL947595 19 x 235mm Each SIL726039 14mm Each SIL675058 2mm Pk 2 Adjustable steel boom arm with SIL581684 22 x 235mm Each SIL801701 16mm Each SIL282396 2.5mm Pk 2 228mm (9) polymer dust scoop. SIL941855 25 x 235mm Each SIL427545 3mm Pk 2 380mm (15) vertical mounting SIL633526 18mm Each post and 380mm (15) adjustable SIL675064 20mm Each SIL456921 3.5mm Pk 2 connection plate. Collects shavings Wood Auger Bit SIL196502 4mm Pk 2 and dust from spindle turning SIL282402 22mm Each projects. Flexible hose attaches to SIL427549 25mm Each SIL598434 4.5mm Pk 2 dust port without clamps. Scoop size SIL783088 5mm Pk 2 228 x 70mm (9 x 2-3/4) dia.COBALT DRILL BITS SIL763554 5.5mm Pk 2Code UnitSIL580421 6mm Pk 2Makita HSS Cobalt Drill SIL359055 EachDRILL SAWS Rockler (394723) Dust Right Auxiliary Hose Port Set 2pce Specially designed, ground and sharpened cutting edges Silverline 199872 Drill SawSpecialist screw-in point, providingSet 3pc 3, 6 & 8mm faster, cleaner out holes Particularly suitable for drilling hard and soft wood, plywood and particle board including MDF and chipboard Code Size Unit Hexagon shank for use in mostMAKD-17295 2.0 x 49mm Each rotary drill machines and bracers,MAKD-17304 2.5 x 57mm Eachreducing slippingMAKD-17310 3.0 x 61mm EachCode Size Unit MAKD-17332 3.5 x 70mm Each Flexible rubber port adapters easily FORFMAUG6230 6 x 230mm Each MAKD-17348 4.0 x 75mm Each Drill, ream, file, rout and cut wood,conform to irregular-shaped ports. FORFMAUG8230 8 x 230mm Each plasterboard, plastic and aluminiumSmaller inside diameters fit the dust MAKD-17354 4.5 x 80mm Each with this 2-stage saw bit. hose onto an even wider variety of FORFMAUG10230 10 x 230mm Each MAKD-17360 5.0 x 86mm Each tools and the opposite end of each FORFMAUG12230 12 x 230mm Each MAKD-17376 5.5 x 93mm Each Code Unit port threads securely into the stretch FORFMAUG14230 14 x 230mm Each SIL199872 Each house. Compatible with Universal MAKD-17382 6.0 x 93mm Each Small Port Hose Kit (sold separately). FORFMAUG16230 16 x 230mm Each MAKD-17398 6.5 x 101mm Each Silverline 763560 Tile &Flexible rubber stretches slightly and FORFMAUG18230 18 x 230mm Each MAKD-17407 7.0 x 109mm Each Cement Spiral Bit 1/4 conforms easily to oddly-shaped ports. FORFMAUG20230 20 x 230mm Each The other end of each port threads MAKD-17429 8.0 x 117mm Each securely into the stretch hose included FORFMAUG22230 22 x 230mm Each MAKD-17441 9.0 x 125mm Each with the Universal Small Port Hose Kit. FORFMAUG25230 25 x 230mm Each MAKD-17463 10.0 x 133mm Each Hose Port 19mm (3/4) ID x 31.8mm (1-FORAUG30230 30 x 230mm Each 1/4) OD. Hose Port: 31.8mm (1-1/4) ID.MAKD-17500 12.0 x 151mm EachFORFMAUG32230 32 x 230mm Each MAKD-17522 13.0 x 151mm Each Code UnitSIL394723 EachBLACKSMITH DRILLS Silverline Cobalt Drill Bit For spiral saws. Use on ceramic tiles and cement board. Solid carbide.Rockler (533478) Universal Dormer A170 HSSOverall length 50mm. Small Port Hose Kit 4pceBlacksmiths Drill Code UnitSIL763560 EachSilverline 793754 Tile Cutting HSS precision ground from M35 highSpiral Bit 1/8speed steel bars with 5% cobalt.Code Size UnitA170 Reduced Parallel Shank DrillSIL656576 6.5mm Each Expanding hose with flexible ports allows use of dust collection with (Blacksmiths). A General purposeSIL719768 7mm Each most hand-held power tools. Includes drill ideal for a wide range ofSIL589663 8mm Each expandable 38mm (1-1/2) ID dust materials where chuck holdingFor spiral saws. Use on ceramic tiles,hose. 57mm (2-1/4) OD swivelling capacity is limited. Suitable for bothSIL228523 9mm Each cement board, marble, plaster andport, 25.4mm (1-1/8) ID swivelling hand and machine use. SIL918517 10mm Each stucco. Solid carbide. Overall lengthrubber dust port and 38mm (1-1/2) Code Size Unit SIL277845 11mm Each 50mm. swivelling rubber dust port.DORA1709/16 14mm Each SIL794316 12mm Each Code Unit Code UnitDORA1707/8 22mm Each SIL398995 13mm Each SIL793754 Each SIL533478 Each460 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'