b'GARDENING & OUTDOORGARDEN TROWELSGARDENING & OUTDOORGARDEN TROWELSBulldog 1031 Garden Trowel Hilka Stainless Steel HandSilverline 589073 HandSpear & Jackson 4054NB Transplanter Trowel 300mm Elements Carbon Transplant Trowel 5Tough garden hand trowel made from Designed for weeding and plantingHand transplanter with a hardwoodheavy gauge steel with polypropylene Ideal for safely carving root balls bulbs and seedlings withouthandle and hanging hole.disturbing surrounding plants. It hashandle and leather strap. Mirrorout of garden beds and planting at a 6 shaped wood handle which fitspolished stainless steel head forCode Unit proper depthsnicely in your hand and makes forincreased strength, durability,SIL589073 EachHammer finish epoxy coated headGARDEN TROWELS & HAND SHOVELS comfortable use. rust resistance and minimal soilfor improved resistance to rust, adhesion. Depth measurments onscratches, humidity and alkalines in Code Unit blade. Suitable for working inside ofSilverline (951486) Carbonthe soilBUL1031 Each planting pots or with plants that areSteel Long Handle Bulb Weatherproofed (clear lacquered) close to one another. Planter 1000mmAsh wood shaft for greater durabilityBulldog 7112 Evergreen Trowel Code Unit Code UnitHIL92088050 Each NEI4054NB/09 EachHilka Stainless Steel HandHAND SHOVELSTrowelSilverline (529620) Hollander Hardened and tempered epoxy- Shovel Head 350 x 219mm (1kg)coated carbon steel head and Made with the best quality carbonweatherproofed premium ash steel. The heavy duty tang that isT-handle. For easy, upright planting welded to the blade makes the toolof bulbs. Double rivet connection to incredibly durable. A soft touchsocket for strength. Blade length x handle is fitted for comfort whenwidth: 260 x 160mm.gardening. Hand trowel with a hardwood handleCode Unitand leather strap. Mirror polished Code Unit stainless steel head for increasedSIL951486 Each Powder-coated, hardened and BUL7112 Each strength, durability, rust resistancetempered steel. Suitable for and minimal soil adhesion. SuitableSilverline 229270 Bulbagricultural, construction and Bulldog 7124 Evergreenfor planting bulbs and beddingPlanter 235mm gardening work. Overlapping socket Transplant Trowel plants. with 40mm inner dimension and slot Code Unit for handle attachment. Weight 1kg.HIL92088020 Each Code UnitSIL529620 EachSilverline 235775 Premium Hand Trowel Ash HandleSilverline (804790) Holsteiner 340mm Shovel Head 320 x 245mm (1kg)Made with the best quality carbon steel. The heavy duty tang that is welded to the blade makes the tool incredibly durable. A soft touchZinc-plated metal planter with easy-handle is fitted for comfort whengrip plastic handle. Serrated digging gardening. teeth allow for easy insertion into soil. Spring-release action. Metric Code Unit Hardened and tempered epoxy- and imperial graduation to measurePowder-coated, hardened and BUL7124 Each coated carbon steel head anddepth of insertion. Corrosion- tempered steel. Suitable for weatherproofed premium ashresistant finish. agricultural, construction and Hilka Carbon Steel Handprofiled handle. For digging, soilCode Unit gardening work. Overlapping socket Trowel preparation and planting. CrimpedSIL229270 Each with 40mm inner dimension and slot ferrule for secure handle fitment.for handle attachment. Weight 1kg.Blade length x width: 150 x 90mm.Spear & Jackson 4058NBCode UnitCode Unit Elements Carbon Hand TrowelSIL804790 EachSIL235775 Each 5Silverline 675197 Dust Pan Silverline 251211 Stainless230mmSteel Hand Trowel 270mmHand trowel with an hardwood handle and leather strap. Heattreated carbon steel head for Hammer finish epoxy coated head increased strength and longevity.for improved resistance to rust, Powder coating provides greaterscratches, humidity and alkalines in protection against rust andComfortable, hardwood handle andthe soil Dust pan with raised shoulders to scratches. Suitable for planting bulbs1.4mm thick stainless steel blade Weatherproofed (clear lacquered)eliminate spillage. Durable hardwoodand bedding plants. reduces soil adhesion. Ash wood shaft for greater durability handle.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitHIL92068080 Each SIL251211 Each NEI4058NB/09 Each SIL675197 Each166 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'