b'GARDENING & OUTDOORWATERING & HOSESWATERING & HOSES GARDENING & OUTDOORSPRAYERS SPRINKLERSSilverline 630070 PressureSilverline 427579 SprayerHozelock 2332 RoundSilverline 675070 Heavy Duty Sprayer 10L 500ml Sprinkler Plus 20m3-Arm Sprinkler 100mmWATERING & HOSESPlastic hand sprayer. Colours may vary. There are 5 jets which gives a max area coverage of approx 314m2 orDie cast aluminium base with wheels. Compact medium-range sprayer,Code Size Unit 20m diameter. Perfect for lawns andThree revolving arms. 1/2 quick-useful in confined spaces. WideSIL427579 500ml Each established plants. release connector.funnel type opening for easy filling.Code Unit Code UnitLocking carry handle. Wesco Maxi Sprayer HOZ2332 Each SIL675070 EachCode UnitSIL630070 Each Hozelock 2335 RoundSilverline 718693 8-Pattern Sprinker Pro 20mDial SprinklerSilverline 633595 Backpack Sprayer 20LCode UnitWESMAXI Each Dial selector head. 8 spray patterns with 360 option. For precise SPRINKLERS There are two spray patterns and 5irrigation whatever size or shape of lawn. Strong, durable construction. jets which give a max area coverageFitted with 1/2 quick connector.Kingfisher 3 Arm Rotatingof approx 314m2 or 20m diameter. Sprinkler Perfect for lawns and establishedCode Unitplants . Also there is a fine spray forSIL718693 EachComfortably contoured backpacksmaller areas - perfect for watering sprayer with harness and stronglawn seed, seedlings, or damping integrated carry handle. Large fillerdown a greenhouse. Silverline 868552 Impulse with integrated filter to minimiseGarden Spike Sprinkler 300mmCode Unitblockages. Complete with extra nozzles and spares kit. Trigger lockHOZ2335 Eachfor continuous spraying. Pressure relief safety valve. Ideal for sprayingHozelock 2972 Oscillating water and diluted herbicides,Sprinklerpesticides, insecticides, fungicides.Code Unit 3 arm rotating sprinkler with snap on SIL633420 Each hose connector. Adjustable pattern angles. Covers up to 50 feet diameter. SIL633595 Each Packed on a full colour header card.Silverline Pressure Sprayer Code Unit The Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler BON613 Each Plus oscillating sprinklers are the ultimate lawn sprinklers. They are specially designed to give 100% Kingfisher Impulse Watereven water coverage regardless of Sprinkler the water pressure (1-10 bar).Code Unit Spiked impulse garden sprinkler with HOZ2972 Each 360 coverage. Adjustable full or half circle pattern. Quick-release 1/2 hose connector. Daisy chain facility.Kingfisher 610 Oscillating Sprinkler Code UnitSIL868552 EachFor accurate application of plant feeds. Features ergonomically designed carry handle, translucent container, long reach lance withImpulse water sprinkler. Snap on adjustable nozzle, safety valve and carrying strap. Colours may vary. hose connector and ground spike.Heavy duty four position sprinklerPROFESSIONAL Multiple settings. Packed with fullwith 18 holes. Covers up to 250aqm colour header card. with water pressure of 100 psi. 250sq. PRODUCTS AT Code Size Unit COMPETITIVE SIL675108 5L Each Code Unit Code UnitSIL868593 8L Each BON615X Each BON610 Each PRICESOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 191'