b'HAND TOOLSHAMMERSHAND TOOLSHAMMERSBRICK HAMMERS CLAW HAMMERSSilverline HA65B TubularEstwing Curved Claw HammerEstwing Straight ClawEstwing EMRW20C Surestrike Shaft Brick Hammer 16oz Leather Handle Hammer Vinyl Handle Curved Claw Hammer 20oz Wooden HandleHAMMERSSolid one-piece forged steel Smooth Face constructionF ull Polished Handle grip made from sole leatherPart of the Estwing Surestrike range, Tubular steel shaft, polished head Shock-Reduction Nylon-Vinyl Grip these hammers have a top quality washers pressed on and rivetedand face. Heavy duty rubber handle.Excellent balance Code Size Unit Hickory handle. Code Size UnitGrip is polished and doubleESTE3/16S 16oz Each Code Unit SILHA65B 16oz Each lacquered ESTE3/20S 20oz Each ESTEMRW20C EachSmooth faceStanley 1-54-022 AntivibeCode Size Unit Estwing Straight ClawEstwing Surestrike Straight Brick Hammer 20oz ESTE16C 16oz Each Framing Hammer Vinyl Handle Claw Framing Hammer FibreglassESTE20C 20oz EachESTE24C 24oz EachEstwing E19SM 19oz Ultra Series Straight Claw Framing Hammer Milled Fully polished with straight claw and Smooth FaceCutting hammer for cutting brick,shock-reduction nylon vinyl grip.Injection Moulded Gripmasonry tile, and concrete block Blade has a hardened cutting edgeCode Size Unit Code Size Unitdesigned to score materials beforeMilled Face ESTEMRF20S 20oz Eachstriking for an even cut One piece, forged steel head andESTE3/22SR 22oz Each ESTEMRF22S 22oz EachSolid forged in one piecehandle for superior durability Smooth Face F ull polished head ESTE3/22S 22oz Each Estwing Vinyl Grip Ultra Code Unit Blue nylon vinyl deep cushionHammer BlackSTA154022 Each safety grip RSTE324S 24oz EachRSTE328S 28oz EachCode UnitCHIPPING HAMMERS ESTE19SM EachEstwing Surestrike Curved Silverline 515858 WeldersClaw Nail Hammer FibreglassChipping Hammer 250mm Estwing Curved Claw Hammer Vinyl Handle Extra nail notch built into headF orged in one piece of steel Shock Resistant Nylon Vinyl Grip Code Size Unit Curved Claw RSTEB15SR 15oz Each Smooth FaceSmooth face RSTEB19S 19oz EachOne pointed end and one chiselSteel Shaftend with sprung handle to prevent F ull PolishedInjection Moulded Grip Shock-Reduction Nylon-Vinyl Grip Globemaster Claw Hammer kickback.Code Size Unit 16oz Steel ShaftCode Unit Code Size Unit RSTEMR16C 16oz EachSIL515858 Each ESTE3/16C 16oz Each RSTEMR20C 20oz EachESTE3/20C 20oz EachSilverline HA65 BrickEstwing Surestrike Curved Chipping Hammer 24oz Estwing Curved Claw FramingClaw Nail Hammer FibreglassHammer Vinyl HandleGlobemaster16oz Steel Shaft Claw Hammer.Code UnitWOR5000 Each Curved ClawForged steel, black with polishedFraming hammer, fully polished with Smooth Face face and hardwood shaft. Lengthcurved claw and shock-reductionSteel Shaft LARGE RANGE 325mm. nylon vinyl grip.Injection Moulded GripOF FIXINGS & Code Size Unit Code Size Unit Code Size Unit FASTENERS SILHA65 24oz Each ESTE3/22C 22oz Each RSTEMRF16C 16oz Each AVAILABLE RSTE328C 24oz Each ESTEMRF20C 20oz Each See pages 127-153240 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'