b'HAND TOOLSCARPET FITTING TOOLSHAND TOOLSCARPET FITTINGCHALK & LINETOOLSHilka Braided Nylon BuildersKent Orange Chalk Line PackMarshalltown M86 Wooden Silverline 446296 UniversalLine 100m 12 No 3 Line Blocks Pack-2Carpet Cutter 50 Blade AngleCARPET FITTING TOOLS & CHALK & LINE 100 metres line on winding handle for easy storage. Suitable for marking between two points to giveFor running a line when laying straight line. Braided nylon line isbricks or blocks. Shaped from poplar used to resist against moisture,hardwood. 1 pair supplied.dryness, mildew and fraying. Code UnitCutting tool for carpet, vinyl andCode Unit Code Size Unit MARM86 Pack Of 2heavy duty fabrics. Length 230mm. HIL66900100 Each KEN3-18M Size 3 Pk 12Code Unit Marshalltown M620 TwistedMarshalltown M86P Plastic SIL446296 Each Hilka Line Block & 18m Line Line Blocks and Twigs SetNylon Masons Line 285ft (87m) WhiteSilverline 558861 Carpet Tool Set 3pcL shape block for easy line adjustmentTwisted nylon masons line for F or running a line when laying and storage. 18 metres of brick line. staking out sites before concrete,bricks or blockslandscaping or laying bricks and Bright yellow plastic, impervious toCode Unit blocks. Heat set after winding towaterCarpet seam roller, stair press toolHIL66900018 Each stabilise. Not affected by mortar, Includes four plastic line twigs with and fixed blade knife.oil or mildew. Will not absorb water.2 pairs of blocks. Twigs are used to Code Unit Kent Braided Nylon Line Core 4 (100mm). 285ft (87m) inkeep the masons line from sagging SIL558861 Each length. White. between blocksCode Unit Block size is 5 x 2 1/4CHALK & LINE MARM620 Each Code UnitMARM86P Pack Of 4Hilka 66900002 2pc Line PinCode Length Unit Marshalltown Masons Line Set & Line KENB 18m Pk 12 250ft Medium Size Ball Cotton KENA 18m Pk 24 StringKent Cotton Chalk Line Heat set after winding to stabilizeNot affected by mortar, oil orCode Size Unit Made from forged steel withmildew, will not absorb water KEN85GM Medium Ballapproximately 8m of line blisterCode Length UnitF or staking out sites before packed. KEN30M 30m Each concreting, landscaping or layingMonument 381D Steel Plumb KEN54M 54m Each bricks and blocks Bob 16ozCode UnitCore 4 (100mm)HIL66900002 EachFluorescentKent Cotton Chalk Line Pack Hilka 75900015 15m Chalk12 Code Colour UnitLine With Chalk MARM631 Pink EachMARM632 Yellow Each Steel bodied plumb bob with facility for attaching to line.Code Size Unit Marshalltown M634 MasonsCode Size UnitKEN1 Size 1 Pk 12 Line and Winder Orange 250ft MON381D 16oz EachKEN2 Size 2 Pk 12KEN3 Size 3 Pk 12 Orange Poly Road Line 30mKent Nylon Chalk Line No 3 Pack of 12Plastic chalk line. Has 15 metres ofPlastic winder, complete with orange line supplied with chalk. Masons line: 250ft (76m).Code Unit Code Size Unit Code Unit Code Length UnitHIL75900015 Each KEN3P18M Size 3 Pk 12 MARM634 Each KENP30M 30m Each224 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'