b'HAND TOOLSSAWS & BLADESHAND TOOLSSAWS & BLADESJUNIOR HACKSAWS MASONRY SAWS PAD SAWSSilverline 79431 Heavy DutyJack XP3080-700 XPERTEclipse 71-230R Assorted PadSilverline SW17 Pad Saw Junior Hacksaw 150mm Light Concrete Saw HardpointSaw Blades 200mmTeeth 28SAWS & BLADESLarge, comfortable, soft-grip handle A selection of small saw blades toand extra-sharp teeth. For cutting Die-cast aluminium frame, multi- Code Unit suit most applications. Pack 2 circles and shapes in timber and board.positional blade, with cushion-gripNEW10505548 Eachhandle. Includes blade. Code Unit Code UnitCode Unit Silverline 675119 TCT MasonryNEI71-230R Pk 2 SILSW17 EachSIL79431 Each Saw 700mm Hilka 45700006 Jab SawSilverline 991309 Keyhole Soft Grip Saw 310mm 7tpiSilverline SW33 Junior Hacksaw 150mmHeavy duty 700mm TCT masonry saw with 17 tungsten carbide tips and 35 teeth. Bonded rust-resistant coating.Hard point 8 teeth per inch blade. Use to cut common brick, aeratedWith two component soft grip concrete blocks, slate and cement. handle. With display sleeve. Tri-cut saw with hardened and Thick, powder coated 6mm wiretempered steel blade and triple-frame. Carbon steel extra flex blade.Code Unit Code Unit ground teeth for fast, clean cuts Includes 1 x flexible, fine tooth blade. SIL675119 Each HIL45700006 Each through hard, soft and man-made wood. Cuts on forward and reverse Code Unit Silverline 196581 Doublestrokes. Ideal for cutting curves and SILSW33 Each MITRE SAWS Sided Drywall Saw 150mm circles in wood and plastic.Stanley 0-15-218 JuniorSilverline Precision Mitre SawCode UnitHacksaw 550mm 14tpi SIL991309 EachStanley 0-20-556 Fatmax Jab SawDouble-sided, hardened steel blade, extra-sharp teeth and pointed end for piercing plasterboard. Ideal Featuring a 400mm solid pressure,for fitting sockets and downlights. cast saw table. Large, comfortable, soft-grip handle.Rapid hardened steel blade forCode Size Unit Code Unit 7 teeth per inch, ideal for punching improved cutting efficiency. SILSW05 550mm Each SIL196581 Each through plasterboard Code Unit Blade Anti-slip ergonomic bi-material Silverline 598533 Soft Griphandle for optimum user comfort STA015218 Each SILSW06W 550mm Each Drywall Saw 150mm Excellent for wood, plastic and drywall Stanley 3-15-905 Junior SawPAD SAWS Sharp ToothTM Technology cuts on Blades push and pull strokes and is up to Jack 10505705 Jab Saw Pro50% faster than traditional tooth designs Grip Handle Sharpened tip punches through Tri-cut hardened steel blades,drywall with ease extra-sharp teeth and pointed endTriple bevelled toothing for 50% for piercing plasterboard. Ideal forquicker easier cuttingfitting sockets and down lights.Code UnitCode Unit Code Unit Large, comfortable, soft-grip handle.STA020556 EachSTA315905 Pk 5 NEW10505705 Each Code UnitBahco 244 Saws Triple PackEclipse 70-130R Pad Saw SIL598533 Each Stanley 0-20-559 Fatmax 2x 22, 1x 14 Toolbox Saw Folding Jabsaw 6Silverline SW16 Drywall Saw 150mmPadsaw for sawing in confined places, e.g. when cutting out keyholes or Consists of 2 x 244-22-U7/8-HPletter boxes. Diecast handle suppliedHardened steel blade, extra-sharp which is the best selling hardpointwith 2 blades, one for wood cuttingteeth and pointed end for piercing saw in the UK. Also 1 x 300-14-F15/16- and one for metal. The handle canplasterboard. Large, soft-grip handle.3 locking positions -90, 135, 180 HP PrizeCut Toolbox Saw, hardpointhold the blade in one of two positionsIdeal for fitting socket boxes anddegrees - ideal for corner or ceiling fleam toothed. for maximum flexibility in use. downlights. cuts / better leverage.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitBAH244-22-2P-300 Each NEI70-130R Each SILSW16 Each STAFMHT020559 Each294 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'