b'ELECTRICAL & LIGHTINGFUSESFUSES HEAD LIGHTS ELECTRICAL & LIGHTINGHilka 79552112 Car Fuse SetSilverline 633909 BatteryBrennenstuhl Toshiba-LEDEnergizer S9180 LP09271 120pc Bulb & Fuse Tester 1.5V - 9V Headlight 100lm Vision HD + Focus Torch + 3x AAA Batteries 315 LumenWith extra bright CREE-LED for powerful lightIdeal for any application leaving both hands freeFUSES, HEAD LIGHTS & SECURPAKHand-held tester checks power level of Switch with 3 different settingsThe Energizer Vision HD+ Focus most 1.5V and 9V batteries, plus most(100 %, 20 %, SOS)120 assorted commonly replacedfuses and bulbs. Easy to read meter.headlight is another innovative fuses. Packed in handy dividedRequires 9V battery (not included). Focus angle can be adjusted headlight solution within the carrying case and contains 20 each Back of head battery pack forEnergizer premium headlight line. of: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 amp fuses. Code Unit balanced and comfortable wearing With the latest LED technology, Code Unit SIL633909 Each Code Unit users get extraordinarily bright, lightweight hand-free solution with HIL79552112 Each Status Fuses Pack-4 BRE1178760 Each ample run time. Custom optics offer exceptional direct and peripheral Silverline (298083) Mini FuseBrennenstuhl Cree-LEDvision, making the Energizer Vision Set 120pce ATN Headlight 200lm HD+ Focus a perfect light for home, work and outdoor activities.Code UnitENES9180 EachHIL82011120 - Hilka Headlamp 120 Lumens 3W COBATN pattern mini blade fuses. ZincCode Size Unit With extra bright CREE-LED for alloy. Blade fuses are generally usedpowerful lightup to 24V and serve as a protectorSTA3ASF 3 Amp Pk 4for the vehicle wiring system and Infinitely focus from laminary light STA5ASF 5 Amp Pk 4electrical components. Includes sizesnearby to high beam focused lightfrom 5 - 30A. Compatible with mostSTA13ASF 13 Amp Pk 4 Front and rear lightscars and commercial vehicles.Back of head battery pack for SecurPak Fuses balanced and comfortable wearingCode Unit Switch with 4 different settings (40Powerful 3w COB 120 lumens SIL298083 Each %, 100 %, 100 % and red-blinkingheadlamp with chip on board light at back, SOS) (COB) technology offering superior illumination over conventional PowerMaster (595539) Fuses F ocus angle can be adjusted LEDs. Ideal for walking, cycling, 10pk 3A camping, mechanics and workshop Code Unit use. Adjustable headband holds the BRE1178780 Each light secure in addition to it being weatherproof and shockproof with Sold in outer of 10 bags. Energizer S9177 LP08771rubber protective coating. 3 x AAA Vision Headlight Torch 3xbatteries included.Code Desc. Unit AAA Batteries 100 Lumen Code UnitMPSSP10672 3A Fuses Bag 3 HIL82011120 EachReplacement safety device toMPSSP10673 5A Fuses Bag 3protect electrical circuits. LengthMPSSP10674 13A Fuses Bag 3 Silverline 140079 12-LED 25.4mm. Diameter 6.3mm. ASTAMPSSP10676 Mixed 3A/5A/13A Bag 3 Headlamp & Strapapproved. Complies with BS1362.Fuse WireCode Desc. Unit MPSSP10678 5A/15A/30A Bag 3SIL374103 13A Pk.10SIL595539 3A Pk.10 HEAD LIGHTSSIL952591 3A, 5A & 13A Pk.10Active A52095 3-LED Status Fuse Wire 5/15/30Headtorch 80 LumensAmp The Energizer Vision Headlight is one of the innovative headlight solutions within the Energizer premium headlight line. With thePractical, multi-mode headlamp latest LED technology, users get awith 4 modes: 4 LED (powersaver), bright, lightweight hand-free solution8 LED, 12 LED, and 12 LED flashing. with ample run time capability.Anti-slip headband keeps the lamp Energizer vision is a perfect light forfirmly in place whilst the beam angle home, work and outdoor activities.is adjustable so the light can be80 Lumens. With an adjustable strap, anddirected exactly where its needed. 3 x AAA Batteries Included. pivoting head to direct light exactlyWater-resistant. Requires 3 x AAA 8 Hour Battery Life. as needed. batteries (not included). Code Colour Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSTASFW5A15A30AX20 Yellow Card ACTA52095 Each ENES9177 Each SIL140079 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 117'