b'GARDENING & OUTDOORTARPAULINSTARPAULINS THERMOMETERS GARDENING & OUTDOORBlue Tarpaulin 80gsm Silverline (280111) LenoSilverline Tarpaulin Silverline 490745 Wooden Tarpaulin 3 x 4m ThermometerWaterproof tarpaulin with aluminiumHardwood thermometer with eyelets at one metre intervals inStrong water-resistant tarpaulin formercury-free kerosene liquid display roped reinforced hems. Supplied asmultiple uses including coveringTear-proof laminated tarpaulins,glass tube. Celsius and Fahrenheit a Single Tarpaulin. Cut Size : 4.5mand protecting loads on trailers.waterproof and treated with UV filtertemperature scale. Suitable for x 6.0m (approx 15 x 20). ApproxAlso ideal for use on constructionfor durability and extended serviceindoor and outdoor use. Hanging Weight : 2.2kgs. Coverage : 27m2.sites, roofing, fencing, greenhouseslife. Mould and mildew resistant.hook. Size 250 x 60 x 10mm.Colour : Blue. and market stalls. UV treated.Rust resistant metal grommets at 1mCode UnitTARPAULINS & THERMOMETERSTransparent with rope reinforcedintervals. Sizes are cut sizes. SIL490745 EachCode Size Unit heat-sealed hem and reinforced TAR456 4.5 x 6m Each plastic corner covers. Code Size UnitTAR711 7 x 11m Each Code Unit SIL456936 1.8 x 2.4m Each Silverline 573268 Min & Max SIL244987 2.4 x 3m Each Dial ThermometerTAR79 7 x 9m Each SIL280111 EachSIL427565 3 x 3.6m EachHilka Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Silverline (488443)SIL282423 3.6 x 4.8m EachCamouflage Tarpaulin 2.4 x 3m SIL675091 4.8 x 6.1m EachSIL868542 6.1 x 3.6m EachSIL633522 6.1 x 9m EachSilverline Heavy Duty TarpaulinPlastic thermometer with colour-coded dial showing minimum and maximum temperatures as well Laminated basket weave, UV Heavy duty waterproof polytheneas current temperature. Celsius filter-treated for extended servicetemperature scale. Suitable for tarpaulins. Fitted with sturdy eyeletslife. Ideal for outdoor activities andindoor and outdoor use. Hanging around the edges. Made from heavycamping. Waterproof and tearproof.hole. Size 158 x 75 x 30mm.duty 100 gram per metre sheeting. Resistant to mould and mildew. Rust-Code Size Unit resistant metal grommets. Code UnitHIL84900128 12 x 8ft (3.6 x 2.4m) Each Code Unit SIL573268 EachHIL84901812 18 x 12ft (5.5 x 3.6m) Each SIL488443 Each Heavy duty waterproof and tear-proof laminated tarpaulins. TreatedSilverline 985719 Self Adhesive HIL84902418 24 x 18ft (7.2 x 5.4m) Each with UV filter for durability andWindow ThermometerSilverline 237045 Tarpaulinextended service life. Mould and Hilka Tarpaulin Ball Bungees 175mm Pack-10 mildew resistant. Rust-resistant metal grommets at 1m intervals. 140g/m material. Sizes are cut sizes.Code Size UnitSIL237193 4 x 5m EachSIL238580 2 x 3m EachKeeps tarpaulin in fixed position.SIL238829 3 x 4m Each Clear plastic square thermometer Can also be used with trampolinewith colour-coded dial and easy-to-surrounds, or for securing tarpaulinSIL238942 4 x 10m Each read Celsius temperature scale. For over market stalls, vehicles andindoor and outdoor use. Attaches Heavy duty waterproof polytheneboats. Stretches to 300mm. Ball diaTarpaflex Blue 80gsmwith 4 self-adhesive pads to windows tarpaulins. Fitted with sturdy eyelets29mm. Overall length 175mm.around the edges. Made from heavyEconomy Tarpaulin so outdoor temperature can be duty 90 gram per metre sheeting. Code Unit read from indoors and vice versa. Ideal for the home, conservatory or Code Size Unit SIL237045 Each greenhouse. Size 75 x 75 x 25mm.HIL84900086 8 x 6ft (2.4 x 1.8m) Each Silverline 633784 GroundCode UnitHIL84900096 9 x 6ft (2.75 x 1.8m) Each Sheet 2 x 2m SIL985719 EachSilverline 231639 TarpaulinWall Thermometer 200mmClips Pack-4A lightweight and easy to handle range, widely used as temporary waterproof covers for many applications including groundsheets, log store covers, building site covers and winter grit and salt stack covers. Plastic rectangular thermometer with colour-coded graduations and Ideal for collecting garden waste or asCode Size Unit easy-to-read Celsius and Fahrenheit Durable plastic clips. Attach rope anda general purpose ground sheet andBlue temperature scale. Suitable for indoor elastic straps to tarpaulins withoutprotective cover. Double laminatedTAR18X12 18 x 12 Each and outdoor use. Wall mounted, damaging the material. Non-piercing110gsm woven material. 4 strong carryideal for the home, conservatory application keeps plastic sheetshandles. Tear resistant, waterproof,TAR24X18 24 x 18 Each or greenhouse. Height x width x waterproof. Reusable. UV, mould and mildew resistant. Green thickness: 200 x 44 x 8mm.Code Unit Code Unit TAR18X12GREEN 18 x 12 Each Code UnitSIL231639 Each SIL633784 Each TAR24X18GREEN 24 x 18 Each SIL279605 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 185'