b'HAND TOOLSBLOW TORCHES & REFILLSHAND TOOLSBLOW TORCHES & REFILLSBLOW TORCHES GAS FITTINGSVortex VG1 Map-X GasDickie Dyer (971808) GasSilverline 545081 Butane ClipSilverline 853229 Low Canister 400g Yellow Cartridge Adaptor CGA600 -On Regulator 20mm Pressure Butane Gas EN417 Adaptor Regulator 30mbarBLOW TORCHES & REFILLSChrome-plated brass construction. Converts CGA600 (MAP) to EN417 fitting and allows MAP torches to be used on EN417 canisters. AddsAttaches to butane gas tanks with flexibility to existing tools. 20mm clip-on valve. Hose nozzle forAttaches to butane gas tanks with standard 8mm gas hose. Ideal for21mm screw fitting. Hose nozzle for Map-X burns hotter than VortexCode Unit camping, gas cookers, barbecues andstandard 8mm gas hose. Ideal for Propane, which makes it ideal forSIL971808 Each patio heaters. Operating pressurecamping, gas cookers, barbecues and high-temperature applications. Sold29mbar. Max flow rate 1.5kg/h. patio heaters. Operating pressure in 400g non-refillable canister. Silverline 196559 GasCode Unit 30mbar. Max flow rate 1.5kg/h. Use Regulator 0.5-4 Bar SIL545081 Each with Silverline Gas Bottle Spanner Code Size Unit (753123) or other 30mm AF spanner.ARCVG1 400g Each Silverline 730191 Propane Clip Code UnitVortex VG2 Propane/ButaneOn Regulator 27mm SIL853229 EachGas Canister 400gSilverline 940053 Butane Clip On Regulator 21mmFor use with propane gas. Use with Silverline torch kits. Max pressure 16bar. Max flow 6kg/h.Code Unit Attaches to propane gas tanks with SIL196559 Each 27mm clip-on valve. Hose nozzle for standard 8mm gas hose. Ideal for Silverline 633926 Gas Hosecamping, gas cookers, barbecues and 2m patio heaters. Operating pressure Vortex propane gas is cooler than37mbar. Max flow rate 1.5kg/h. Attaches to butane gas tanks with Vortex Map-X, which makes itCode Unit 21mm clip-on valve. Hose nozzle for ideal for everyday plumbing work.standard 8mm gas hose. Ideal for Suitable for all general soldering andSIL730191 Each camping, gas cookers, barbecues brazing applications. Sold in 400gand patio heaters. Operating non-refillable canister. Vortex uniqueSilverline 772190 Lowpressure 29mbar. Max flow rate non-hazardous formulations arePressure Propane Gas1.5kg/h.accepted by all major couriers. Regulator 37mbarCode UnitCode Size Unit SIL940053 EachARCVG2 400g EachFor use with gas torches andSilverline 997865 Propane GAS FITTINGS regulators. Available with or without fitted brass 10mm (3/8) female left- Gas Regulator 37mbar High Dickie Dyer (344564) Rubberhand threads. Hose to EN 3821:2010Capacity(20bar) 8mm.Hose 2m x 1/4 Attaches to propane gas tanks with Code Unit 5/8W POL-type valve. Hose nozzle SIL633926 Each for standard 8mm gas hose. Ideal for camping, gas cookers, barbecues and patio heaters. Operating pressure 37mbar. Max flow rate 1.5kg/h. Use with Silverline Gas Bottle Spanner (753123) or other 30mm AF spanner.Code UnitSIL772190 Each High capacity propane gas regulator Silverline Gas Bottle Spanner featuring G3/8LH female output UNABLE TO FINDconnection with operating pressure 37mbar and max. flow rate 4kg/h. High quality, no-kink natural rubberWHAT YOU AREIdeal for catering cookers, larger hose. For use with manometers,LOOKING FOR? grills and barbecues, powerful stand-up U-gauges and 3-wayheaters and other high-flow devices. pressure test tees. Ideal for testing heating systems or transporting gasAttaches to all propane gas tanks from canisters/bottles. CompatibleHeavy-duty forged spanner forwith 5/8 POL-type valve. Use with with natural gas. Do not use withconnecting regulators to gas bottles. Silverline Gas Bottle Spanner or Call our sales teamother 30mm AF spanner.LPG. Length x bore: 2m x 1/4. today on Code Size UnitCode Unit SIL665275 27mm Each Code UnitSIL344564 Each 0151 647 4255 SIL665721 25mm Each SIL997865 Each220 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'