b'HAND TOOLSCLAMPS & VICESHAND TOOLSCLAMPS & VICESHAND CLAMPSRockler (814797) EllipseRockler (998289) Quick- Silverline 581903 LoggersSilverline Quick Clamp Pack-2/ Circle Router Jig 235 -Release Pock-it Hole ClampFilling Vice 12mm1320mm (9-1/4 - 52) 76mm (3)CLAMPS & VICESStrong, lightweight construction allows easy clamping and surface alignment of pocket hole jointsFor use with chainsaws. Dual points while the streamlined, ergonomicfor driving into wood. Tightening Durable 6mm (1/4) phenolicdesign enables efficient, comfortablewing nut locks onto chainsaw bar.material. Single pivot can be lockedhandling. Adjusts quickly for to make circles up to 1.32m (52)clamping and unclamping.Large, heavy duty quick clamp. Adjustable handle allows joints toCode Unit Single-handed operation and quick-diameter. Creates wide range ofbe clamped on bench, not off theSIL581903 Each release button. Can be used as a bar circles and ellipses. Comes with jigedge of the bench. When used withclamp or spreader. Capacity depth arm, jig base, two dovetail keys and2 pocket hole joinery, the clamp34mm. Nylon fibre jaws. Pack-2.two locking pivots.Minimum circlejoins the workpieces as they are diameter 235mm (9-1/4). Can bescrewed together. Clearance in the used with vast majority of plungeclamp body enables clamping andCode Size Unitrouters. fastening of double joints in oneSIL250108 4 (100mm) EachCode Unit easy step. Ratcheting handle allowsSIL250115 6 (150mm) EachSIL814797 Each clamping of face frames flat on the workbench. The adjustable pin fits in a 10mm (3/8) x 15 pocketSilverline Spring Clamps Rockler (871151) Drawer Fronthole and on 19mm (3/4) thick face Clamp 2pk frames and casework. Pack-5Code UnitSIL998289 EachSilverline Quick ClampSilverline 633536 One Handed Clamp 150mmDual clamp heads and micro-adjustable stops allow perfectIdeal for model making or general alignment. Thin frame profile allowscraft, the serrated jaws give a firm easy closing of drawer while thegrip to a wide range of different clamp is still attached, so alignmentHigh tech, lightweight clamp for allsurfaces. Durable, plastic, contoured can be checked.Max drawer sideuses. Single-handed operation allowsgrip. Pack-5.thickness: 25.4mm (1-1/8). Maxinfinite adjustment and a tight hold. drawer front thickness 25.4mmCan be easily converted for use as (1-1/8). Max side overlay 44.4mmCode Size Unita spreader. Tough nylon jaws areSimple, single-handed operation with (1-3/4). Required clearance betweenstrong and lightweight. 150mm jaw opening capacity. Soft,SIL250136 60mm Eachdrawer box and cabinet framenon-marking plastic jaws will protectSIL435082 100mm Pk 54.7mm (3/16). Code Size Unit the workpiece.SILVC100 6 (150mm) Each SIL250143 115mm EachCode Unit SIL250150 160mm EachSIL871151 Each SILVC101 12 (300mm) Each Code UnitSIL250122 18 (450mm) Each SIL633536 Each SIL250157 210mm EachSILVC102 24 (600mm) EachSilverline Heavy Duty QuickTriton (378772) Pocket-Hole Silverline 620284 SpringClamp Jig Clamp TWPHCClamp Set 19 & 25mm 22pcNEED HELP?Cannot find whatHeavy duty version of the quickNickel-plated steel. Creates a clamp. Single-handed operation andperfectly flush joint when screws you are looking forquick-release button. Can also beare driven. Compatible with Triton or perhaps just needused for spreading. pocket-hole jigs. Aids in high-speed Impact-resistant nylon and fibrepanel drilling. Capacity: 83mm.some advice? construction. Tempered steel spring. Flexible pads hold objects in correctCode Size Unitalignment. Includes 25mm clamps xSIL324779 6 (150mm) Each Code Unit4 and 19mm clamps x 18. SIL238095 12 (300mm) Each SIL378772 EachCode Unit SIL633458 18 (450mm) EachCall 0151 647 4255SIL620284 Each SIL868498 24 (600mm) Each230 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'