b'IRONMONGERYDOOR FITTINGSIRONMONGERYDOOR FITTINGS DOOR HARDWARE DRAUGHT EXCLUDERSNUMBERS & LETTERS DOOR MATS Fixman 792439 Self AdhesiveFixman Self Adhesive E-Profile EVA Gap Seal 3-8mm x 10.5mGap Seal 3-5mm x 15mSecurit Chrome NumeralFixman (700526) HerringboneWhite50mm Boot Wiper 300 x 350mmDOOR FITTINGS, DOOR HARDWARE & DRAUGHT EXCLUDERSSeals gaps around doors and windows, saving energy and money by reducing heat loss and preventing draughts. Heavy duty coir boot wiper. RemovesSeals gaps around doors andPrevents spread of odours and debris. Code Size Unit stubborn dirt, mud and snow fromwindows, saving energy and moneyCan be fitted to most doors and 50mm footwear. Indoor or outdoor use.by reducing heat loss and preventingwindows. 15m roll. Cut to size.MPSS3800 No 0. Each Vacuum, shake or brush to clean. draughts. Can be fitted to mostCode Colour Unitdoors and windows.MPSS3801 No 1. Each Code Unit Code Unit SIL651610 Brown EachMPSS3802 No 2. Each SIL700526 Each SIL792439 Each SIL678898 White EachMPSS3803 No 3. EachMPSS3804 No 4. Each Fixman (775954) WireFixman Brush Door StripFixman Self Adhesive EVA MPSS3805 No 5. Each Scraper Mat 600 x 400mm Aluminium Gap SealMPSS3806 No 6. EachMPSS3807 No 7. EachMPSS3808 No 8. EachMPSS3809 No 9. EachMPSS3810 Letter A EachMPSS3811 Letter B Each Seals gaps at the bottom of doors, 75mm preventing draughts, dust and noise. Heavy duty coir wire scraper mat.Fits to most doors and can be used3-8mm x 10.5m.MPSS2960 No 0. Each Removes stubborn dirt, mud andover carpets. Can help in reducing MPSS2961 No 1. Each snow from footwear. Indoor orenergy bills. Polypropylene bristles. Code Colour UnitMPSS2962 No 2. Each outdoor use. Vacuum, shake orSIL294315 Black Eachbrush to clean. Code UnitMPSS2963 No 3. Each SIL968352 914 x 25mm Each SIL388856 Brown EachMPSS2964 No 4. Each Code Unit SIL941510 2134 x 25mm EachMPSS2965 No 5. Each SIL775954 Each Fixman Self Adhesive P-Profile SIL447234 2134 x 50mm Each Gap Seal 3-5mm x 15mMPSS2966 No 6. EachMPSS2967 No 7. Each Fixman (783442) PVCFixman Brush Door Strip MPSS2968 No 8. Each Back-Tufted Coir Mat 350 xWhite600mmMPSS2969 No 9. EachMPSS2958 Letter A EachMPSS2959 Letter B EachSeals gaps at the bottom of doors,Seals gaps of 3-5mm around doors preventing draughts, dust and noise.and windows, saving energy and Fits to most doors and can be usedmoney by reducing heat loss and Heavy duty PVC mat protectspreventing draughts. Self-adhesive flooring and minimises dirt enteringover carpets. Can help in reducingand stretch resistant.indoors. Indoor or outdoor use. Easyenergy bills. Polypropylene bristles.to clean - vacuum, shake or brush. Code Size Unit Code Colour UnitCode Unit SIL412463 914 x 25mm Each SIL531740 White EachPROFESSIONALSIL783442 Each SIL456532 2134 x 25mm Each Stormguard Adhesive Foam PRODUCTS ATFixman Letter Box Seal & Flap15m x 4mmFixman (808267) PVC Back-LOW TRADETufted Plain Natural Mat 450338 x 78mmPRICES x 750mmPlastic letterbox seal prevents draughts and can help in reducingSeals gaps 1-5mm. Self adhesive.energy bills. Provides barrier against Excellent memory, returnsHeavy duty PVC mat protectsdust and prevents people fromback to its original shape after flooring and minimises dirt enteringlooking through the letterbox. Easycompression.indoors. Indoor or outdoor use. Easyto fit.Ideal for variable gaps aroundto clean - vacuum, shake or brush. Code Colour Unit doors and windows.Code Unit SIL916133 White Each Code UnitSIL808267 Each SIL964360 Brown Each STO05SR022015MW Each394 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'