b'DECORATINGDECORATORS FILLERSDECORATORS FILLERS DECORATINGREADY MIXED FILLER WOOD FILLERRonseal Super FlexibleBartoline Wood Filler Everbuild Multi Purpose WoodRonseal Multi Purpose Wood Smooth Finish Filler White Filler FillerDECORATORS FILLERSFormulated for both interior and exterior applications, suitable for all types of repairs including window frames, skirtings and doors, where Fill the gaps between two surfacesan element of flexibility is required. Multi-Purpose Wood Filler fills Quickly and easily fill holes in wood with our Super Flexible Filler.Code Size Unit nail holes, cracks, gaps and minorand leave a tough, weatherproof Suitable for door frames, skirting,Brown imperfections in wood. It is easy tofinish that wont shrink or crack. Our coving as well as any area that couldsand and can be stained, varnishedMulti Purpose Wood Filler flexes and move or shift. BAR52720220 330g Each and painted and is solvent free. Lightbends with the wood so whether you BAR52720240 500g Each 250ml. use it indoors or out, it will leave a Code Size Unit perfect finish for longer.RON36559 330g tube Each White Code Colour UnitRON36560 300ml cartridge Each BAR52720210 330g Each EVEMPWOODEASILT1 Light 100ml Code Colour UnitBAR52720230 500g Each EVEMPWOODDKOAK2 Dark Oak 250ml 100g tubeRonseal Exterior MultiEVEMPWOODLT2 Light 250ml RON33635 Natural EachPurpose Smooth Finish FillerEverbuild 2 Part Wood Filler EVEMPWOODLTOAK2 Light Oak 250ml RON33636 Light Brown EachGrey EVEMPWOODMAH2 Mahogany 250ml RON33637 Medium Brown EachEVEMPWOODMED2 Medium 250ml RON33638 Dark Brown EachEVEMPWOODPINE2 Pine 250ml RON33639 White EachEVEMPWOODWE2 White 250ml RON37531 Medium Oak Each250g tubRonseal High PerformanceRON34735 Natural EachWood Filler RON34736 Light Brown EachFast drying, exterior and interior wood filler. The 2 Part Wood FillerRON34737 Medium Brown Eachis easy to mix and apply and isRON34738 Dark Brown Eachcompletely weatherproof.RON34739 White EachCode Colour Unit RON37529 Medium Oak EachIdeal for fixing holes and gaps in1.4kg 310ml cartidgemasonry, concrete and brick. ItsEVE2PLITE14 Light Each RON33365 Natural Eachwater and frost resistant and can beEVE2PMAH14 Mahogany Each RON33366 Light Brown Eachapplied on days when the weatherEVE2PMED14 Medium Eachisnt quite perfect. Its tough, durableRON33367 Medium Brown Eachand you can drill into it once its dry. EVE2POAK14 Oak Each RON33368 Dark Brown EachCode Size Unit EVE2PPINE14 Pine Each RON33369 White EachRON36561 330g tube Each EVE2PRED14 Redwood Each RON37533 Medium Oak EachRON36562 1.2kg Each EVE2PWHITE14 White Each A high performance wood filler that325g tube500g lasts for years even when exposedRON34740 Natural EachRonseal 5 Minute MultiEVE2PLITE05 Light Each to harsh weather conditions. It canRON34741 Light Brown EachPurpose Smooth Finish FillerEVE2PMAH05 Mahogany Each fill to any depth and dries in just 30RON34742 Medium Brown Eachminutes. Its tough formula means it White EVE2PMED05 Medium Each wont shrink or crack. RON34743 Dark Brown EachEVE2POAK05 Oak Each Code Colour Unit RON34744 White EachEVE2PPINE05 Pine Each 1kg RON37532 Medium Oak EachEVE2PRED05 Red Each RON32287 Natural Each 465g tubEVE2PWHITE05 White Each RON36660 White Each RON34745 Natural EachEverbuild 2 Part Wood Filler275g RON34746 Light Brown Each40g RON35302 Natural Each RON34747 Medium Brown EachRON35303 White Each RON34748 Dark Brown EachRON36383 Dark Brown Each RON34749 White Each3.7kg RON37530 Medium Oak EachRON36058 Natural Each 930g tubFill cracks and holes up to 70mmRON38239 White Each RON32039 Natural Eachwith this super-fast drying filler. Its special formula makes it lightweight30g catalystso it wont sag, making it perfect forSpare catalyst/hardener tubes forRON36104 Eachfixing holes and cracks in ceilings. use with all 2 part wood fillers.550gCode Size Unit Hardener/Catalyst. RON35304 Natural EachRON36563 290ml Each Code Unit RON35305 White EachRON36564 600ml Each EVEWFCATALYST Each RON36384 Dark Brown EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 73'