b'GARDENING & OUTDOORLOPPERS & SHEARSGARDENING & OUTDOORLOPPERS & SHEARSKingfisher LO200 BypassSilverline 231368 MiniSilverline 467430 BypassSilverline 948380 Anvil Lopper 21 Carbon Steel Handle Lopping Shears 360mm Lopping Shears 533mm Lopping Shears 720mm21 inch Bypass lopper with non-stickCarbon steel loppers with soft, coated cutting blades and soft gripHigh carbon steel blades with PTFE- cushion-grip handles and carbonSolid zinc alloy upper blade and handles. coated SK5 upper blade. Strongsteel blades. Handle length 400mm. heat-treated, carbon steel lower oval-shaped steel handles with non- blade. 70mm cutting capacity. Code Unit slip 2-tone grip. For cutting toughCode Unit 600mm steel handles with rubber BONLO200 Each plant stems and branches. Blade sizeSIL467430 Each grips provide firm control and LOPPERS & SHEARS 50mm. Blade width 25mm. Doubleexcellent leverage. Blade thickness Kingfisher S310 Lawn Edgingdipped vinyl grip handle. Silverline 637457 Lawn5mm.Shear 36 Code Unit Shears Long Handled 800mm. Code UnitSIL231368 Each SIL948380 EachSilverline 231405 HedgeSilverline 988844 Topiary Shears 500mm Shears 345mmAnti-rust, solid steel blade and long steel handles with foam grip. Blade 36in (93cm) Lawn Edging Shearslength 254mm, thickness 3.8mm. with soft grip handles and non stickHandle length 800mm.coated blades.Code UnitCode Unit SIL637457 EachBONS310 Each Heat-treated, carbon steel blades Strong steel blades with naturalfor precise cut. Polished handle with finish. Oval steel tubing and non-slip,Silverline 690457 Telescopic Anvilspring function. Lightweight and Kingfisher S320B Hedgerubber-coated plastic handles withLopping Shears 645 - 970mm comfortable to use. Handle loop for Shears 21 bumpers. Blade size 180mm. Bladeconvenient storage.width 35mm.Code UnitCode Unit SIL988844 EachSIL231405 EachSpear & Jackson 4870 Silverline 231774 RatchetingRazorsharp Edging Shears21 Hedge shears with soft gripAnvil Lopper 735mmhandles. Telescopic, heavy duty, anvil pattern Code Unit lopping shears with hardened and tempered steel blades. Handles BONS320B Each extend from 645 - 970mm. One blade coated with PTFE, and Kingfisher WHSHEAR Woodenone chrome-plated for corrosion Handle Hedge Shear resistance. Handles operate with a simple twist and lock mechanism.Code UnitHeavy duty shears with non-stickSIL690457 EachC50 carbon steel blades, hardenedblade coating. Oval steel tubing.and tempered for durabilityNon-slip, rubber-coated plasticSilverline 801290 BorderPTFE coated blade for rust 18in Wooden handle hedge shears. handles. Shears 800mm resistance and smooth cuttingCode Unit Code UnitLonger handles to enable a more BONWHSHEAR Each SIL231774 Each comfortable, upright position Non-slip comfort grips Silverline 227550 TelescopicSilverline 427627 ExtendingCode UnitRatchet Anvil Lopping ShearsTree Pruning Saw & LopperNEISJT4870RS Each618mm 2m Border shears with finely ground, hardened and tempered PTFE-coated blades. Soft-grip handles. Spear & Jackson 4901 County Lawn ShearsCode UnitSIL801290 EachSilverline 918537 Hedge Shears 600mmHigh carbon steel shears with PTFE- Tree pruner and removable saw with coated upper blade. Extendabletelescopic handle which extends handles with quick-release telescopicto 2m (excluding the removable locking system. Strong oval-shapedpruning saw blade). Bypass pruner steel handles with ergonomic 2-toneis spring-loaded and rope-operated.A super tough range the Razorsharp grip. For cutting hard-to-reach plantThe tubular handle has a simpleSteel collection has tubular steel stems and branches. Thermo plastictwist lock, telescopic action andHedge shears with PTFE-coated blades.handles for extra strength and resin grip handle. Blade Lengthis vinyl-coated for corrosionContoured heavy duty rubber handlesdurability designed to meet the most 60mm. Blade width 30mm. protection. with hanging holes for storage. demanding needs.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL227550 Each SIL427627 Each SIL918537 Each NEISJT4901CR Each172 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'