b'IRONMONGERYREBATE SETSREBATE SETS SAFES IRONMONGERYUnion Y2242 2 Lever RebatedSmiths SMT104 Small 4 DigitHilka Wall Mounted Key SafeSterling KM4 KeyMinder 4 - Sash Lock (Pre-Packed)Key Safe 115 x 95mm Combination Lock Combination Lockable Key BoxPolished BrassLOCKS, REBATE SETS & SAFESAllows secure access to keys withDesigned for the secure storage of code. External: H115mm, W95mm.keys whilst enabling shared access Internal H90mm, W65mm. D5- for occupants. Controls access for 28mm. Weight 460g. Securely fixesCombination key safe is ideal forcombined holders only without For timber doors hinged on the leftto a wall or other surface to securesecuring keys, building access cardsduplicate keys. Bigger design with large or right up to 54mm thick. the spare keys for example yourand other small items. Durableeasy to use dials. Heavy zinc die cast front door, garage or shed. Durable Code Size Unit construction. 4 Digit Code. 10,000weather resistant aluminium bodybody for maximum protection against Polished Brass resettable combinations. Weatherwith shutter cover protectingattack. 10,000 resettable combinations resistant. Suitable indoor or outdoor.dials from weather, dirt and grime.with 0-0-0-0 auto stop aids opening in UPPDY2242EB64 66mm Each Fixings included. Resettable 4-digit combinationpoor light. Weather resistant - suitable UPPDY2242EB76 79mm Each lock for increased security and wallfor outdoor use. Magnetic key holder. Code Unit mounted for strong and secureStorage for door, padlock and car Satin Chrome keys - maximum key length 12cm. Can SMISMT104 Each protection (mounting kit included). UPPDY2242SE64 66mm Each External size: 120 x 88 x 40mm. be used indoors as a small safe for UPPDY2242SE76 79mm Each valuables and credit cards.Smiths SMT106 Medium 4Code UnitDigit Key Safe 120 x 90mm Code UnitUnion Y2650 Rebated MorticeHIL70104050 Each STEKM4 EachLatch Brass(Pre-Packed)Silverline (309218) Key SafeSilverline (534361) 3-Digit Wall-Mounted 121 x 83 xCombination Book Safe Box 40mm 180 x 115 x 55mm Latch bolt withdrawn by sprunglever handle from either side Allows secure access to keys with Two way action code. External: H120mm, W90mm. 2650 - rebated mortice latchInternal H95mm, W65mm. D5-(suitable for 13mm rebate) 32mm. Weight 485g. Securely fixes to a wall or other surface to secureAvailable with square forend and the spare keys for example your striking plate front door, garage or shed. Durable Code Size Unit construction. 4 Digit Code. 10,000Sturdy metal locking security box, resettable combinations. Weathercunningly disguised as a book to foil UPPY2650EB25 64mm Each resistant. Suitable indoor or outdoor.Heavy duty die-cast aluminium alloypotential theft. Realistic cardboard UPPY2650EB3 75mm Each Fixings included. safe with easily resettable 4-digitcover and easily settable, 3-digit combination. Weather-resistantlocking combination. For storing cash, Code UnitSAFES and wall-mountable both internallydocuments and small valuables.SMISMT106 Each and externally. Ideal to store keys, Code UnitSmiths SMT102 Mini 4 Digitcash and small valuables securely. SIL534361 EachKey Safe 95 x 75mm Smiths SMT108 Large 4 DigitStorage area dimensions: 70 x 65 x Key Safe 145 x 105mm 28mm.Silverline (732370) 3-Digit Code Unit Combination Cash & Valuables SIL309218 Each Safe Box 200 x 160 x 90mmSterling KM1 Key Minder CombiAllows secure access to keys withAllows secure access to keys with code. External: H95mm, W75mm.code. External: H145mm, W105mm. Internal H80mm, W65mm. D10- Internal H115mm, W80mm. D15-28mm. Weight 260g. Securely fixes45mm. Weight 725g. Securely fixes to a wall or other surface to secureto a wall or other surface to secureDurable, powder-coated steel the spare keys for example yourthe spare keys for example yoursecurity box with 3-digit combination front door, garage or shed. Durablefront door, garage or shed. Durableto prevent unwanted access. Includes construction. 4 Digit Code. 10,000construction. 4 Digit Code. 10,000multi-compartment removable coin resettable combinations. Weatherresettable combinations. Weathertray. Ideal for safekeeping of cash, resistant. Suitable indoor or outdoor.resistant. Suitable indoor or outdoor.Secure storage for door and padlockdocuments and small valuables.Fixings included. Fixings included. keys, for home and office. Folding handle allows neat storage.Code Unit Code Unit Code Colour Unit Code UnitSMISMT102 Each SMISMT108 Each STEKM1 Black Each SIL732370 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 435'