b'CLEANING & HOUSEWARESPEST CONTROLPEST CONTROL CLEANING & HOUSEWARESRAT & MOUSE KILLERRentokil Advanced Mouse Trap Rentokil FM98 Beacon MouseRentokil FQ30 Quick Set RatRentokil PSE07 Enclosed Repeller Traps Mouse TrapAdvanced mouse trap. Easy to bait and set. Highly powerful. Long lasting alternative or supplement toEasy to set mouse trap in a box, bait. Contains one reusable trap. Battery Operated Quick set rat trap. Powerful, easytamper-resistant, children and pet to bait trap.One click to set, onefriendly, re-usable trap and key Code Unit Code Unit click to dispose without touching PEST CONTROLRENFM101 Each the rat. Long lasting alternativeincluded.RENFM98 Each or supplement to baits. Contains 1 RENFM106 PK 2 Code Unitreusable trap.Rentokil Mouse & Rat KillerRENPSE07 EachRentokil FM49 Seal & KillPasta Bait Code UnitMouse Trap RENFQ30 Each Rentokil PSE10 Enclosed Rat TrapRentokil Advanced Rat TrapA sealed unit designed to trap andEasy to set rat trap in a box, tamper-kill mice in a system safe for useReady to use bait to be used inresistant, children and pet friendly, around children and pets. Kills mice,tamper resistant bait stations forre-usable trap and key included.seals in unwanted ticks, fleas, fluidsthe control of rats and mice in andAdvanced rat traps are easy-to-use, and odours, easy to use, disposablearound buildings. easy-to-set and very effective. TrapsCode Unittamperproof trap. Code Size Unit are of sturdy construction and offerRENPSE10 EachCode Unit a long lasting alternative to baits.RENFMR51 5 Sachet EachRENFM49 Each RENFMR52 10 Sachet Each Code Unit Rentokil PSF135 Fast Action RENFR27 Each Mouse KillerRentokil FM86 Beacon Mouse/ Rentokil FMS01 Mouse & RatRENFR60 PK 2Rat Repeller Gap SealantRentokil FR28 Rat Cage TrapRepel and prevent mice and ratsPre-baited boxes kills up to 100 mice with ultrasonic frequencies. 24-HourStrong, sturdy wire cage trap no bait handling required kills mice protection. Safe near children, cats,Easy to bait and set within 24 hours children and pet dogs, humans. Ideal alternative to baitPoison free - safer around childrenfriendly.and traps. Simply plug into any socket. Non toxic sealant to prevent accessand petsto mice and rats in and around theFor indoor and outdoor use Code UnitCode Unit home. Ideal for cracks, joints, holesRENPSF135 Pk 2RENFM86 Each and seams. Code UnitRENFM87 Pk 3 Code Unit RENFR28 Each Rentokil Mouse Killer Grain RENFMS01 Each BaitRentokil FM89 Beacon Mouse/ Rentokil FTB01 Mouse & Rat Rat Repeller Dual Action Rentokil FQ26 Quick SetTrap Bait 8 ApplicationsMouse TrapsCombines the dual action of ultrasonic Highly effective, non toxic bait.Ready to use rodenticide bait to and electromagnetic technology to drive mice and rats from your home.Quick set mouse traps are easy-to- Increases catch rate be used in tamper resistant bait Simply plug into an unobstructed wallset and allows you to dispose of theReady to use, no mess & no fuss stations for the control of mice in socket. A high frequency sound repelsmouse without touching it with justFor use with ALL Rentokil traps and around buildings.the mice and rats. one click. Contains 8 applications Code Size UnitCode Unit Code Unit Code Qty. Unit RENPSM21 5 sachets EachRENFM89 Each RENFQ26 Pk 2 RENFTB01 8 applications Each RENPSM22 10 sachets EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 63'